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Sign A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment
Who we are

Paganism is a family of spiritual paths rooted in ancestral religions throughout the world and predating recorded history. As explained by the Pagan Federation, Paganism includes polytheistic and pantheistic nature-worshipping religions, and often includes deities of all genders, ancestor veneration, and celebrations in tune with our Earth. A full discussion of the many varieties of Paganism is beyond the scope of this statement, but we, the signatories, value life and the natural world as sacred. Thus, Pagan thought leads us to live in harmony with the rhythms of our great Earth.

Nature is sacred

We receive, acknowledge and embrace the sacred in and as nature, though our individual relationships with the natural world are diverse. We recognize that nature encompasses humanity and the planet, and that we are neither above nor separate from the rest of nature. We recognize the ancient wisdom that closeness to nature brings closeness among humanity and all living things; and when we live as if we are separate from nature, we diminish our compassion for ourselves and for others. Therefore, we affirm the necessity of living sustainably as part of nature.

We are part of the web of life

In recent decades, many contemporary Pagan religious traditions have stressed humanity’s interconnectivity with the rest of the natural world. Many of our ancestors realized what has now been supported by the scientific method and our expanding knowledge of the universe — that Earth’s biosphere may be understood as a single ecosystem and that all life on Earth is interconnected.

The very atoms of which we are composed connect us to the entire universe. Our hydrogen was produced in the Big Bang, and the other atoms essential for life were forged in the scorching furnaces of ancient stars. Beyond atoms, the molecules of life connect us to Earth, showing that we don’t live “on Earth” like some alien visitor, but rather that we are part of Earth, just as a volcano or river is part of Earth and its cycles.

We are earth, with carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus making up our bodies one day, and incorporated into mountains the next. We are air, giving food to the trees and grasses when we exhale, and breathing in their gift of free oxygen with each breath. We are fire, burning the energy of the Sun, captured and given to us by plants. We are water, with the oceans flowing in our veins and the same water that nourished the dinosaurs within our cells.

We are connected to our families, through links of love, to their relatives, and so on to the entire human species. Our family tree goes back further than the rise of humans, including all mammals, all animals, and all life on Earth. The entire Earth is our immense and joyous family reunion.

We feel these connections in a spiritual way. The web of life includes strands that tug on our hearts, thread through our essential nature, and weave us into a spiritual whole. As part of the body of life on Earth, we care about the health of all parts of the body. Many human activities destroy parts of the body, and we recoil at them. Cutting down a rainforest is no different from cutting off a healthy leg or arm. In fact, these are even more vital than our arms and legs, because these forests are part of our planetary lungs. Similarly, we care about our waters, our land, our air, and our diverse biosphere. We do so out of respect for our ancestors, out of care for all life today, and out of love for future generations. Anything that harms the body of life on Earth, including global warming, pollution and extinction, is thus a spiritual and moral issue.

We are part of Earth, and Earth is part of us.

How we are damaging the ecosystem

Humanity’s actions are radically altering the web of life of which we are a component, threatening the lives of many species, Homo sapiens included. This harm takes many forms. Habitat loss continues as consumption increases. Deforestation alone destroys some 150 thousand square kilometers each year, the size of Japan — equivalent to 24 football fields every minute.

Global warming caused by our emission of greenhouse gases has already contributed to sea level rise, ocean acidification, and increased floods and droughts, with more severe effects expected within this century. Additional damage can be seen from ozone depletion. Our actions also have resulted in an ongoing and unsustainable depletion of resources, including minerals, food sources and usable water, generating increasing amounts of pollution. Other harm in addition to these is likely to be found in the future as we continue to learn about the impact of human activities on our world.

What we can do

Since Earth is able to heal itself, we need to stop doing harm, and let the healing begin. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Our global systems of exploitation are not easily dismantled.

There are certain actions we can take now. It is important for each individual, community, and nation to take stock of what that means for the betterment of the whole. Technical solutions can never move forward without political will, and the necessary political will requires a shift in our most deeply held values, in our very definitions of what it means to be human, and in how humanity relates to the world. We recognize this shift as a spiritual imperative.

It is a collective challenge, and individual actions are necessary but not sufficient. Therefore we must build a culture of true sustainability. This does not mean trying to find ways to “sustain” our current levels of consumption or trying to “sustain” economic and political systems which have failed us. Rather, building a truly sustainable culture means transforming the systems of domination and exploitation that threaten our future into systems of symbiotic partnership that support our ecosystem. We must be clear about our agenda, which includes promoting sustainable, local economies, reforming our food systems, distributing resources in a more just and humane fashion, and ensuring that our human populations are below the carrying capacity of our planet through access to voluntary birth control, and equal access to education and work for women.

Any economic or political system which encourages the exploitation of Earth and people must be dismantled or substantially reformed. This includes any system based on endless growth. We should be operating in a closed loop system, not a linear one. This means moving away from disposable development and culture, and moving toward renewable development and culture wherein all products are intended for longevity, repairability, and easy recycling or composting at the end of their use. The sustainable economy of the future will be one with the shortest distances between production, consumption and recycling of byproducts.

In addition, there is a deeper and more profound change that is needed. Fundamentally, we believe that a change in spirit is required, one that fosters a new relationship between humanity and other species and Earth as a whole. As Pagans, we believe we are well situated to help imagine and create a future in which humanity lives in greater harmony with the rest of our planet. We strive in our worship, work, play, and daily lives to connect to this greater harmony. We believe that recognizing our connection as part of Earth itself is a unique facet of what defines us. Pagans can aid in the repair of our environment by teaching how we are part of life on Earth, sharing rituals and ceremonies that foster bonds between ourselves and the rest of the web of life, and instilling a sense of responsibility for how we interact with the ecosystem — all this creating cultures that can sustain our human society today and for generations to come.

As signatories, we commit to use our abilities and resources to promote policies and practices that foster the changes that our world so urgently needs. We will continue to educate members of our community to foster intelligent and focused sustainable living, and help the world recognize that everyone, whether Pagan or not, is part of our precious Earth. We hold that living a fulfilling and meaningful life, and allowing the same for future generations, is only possible if the entire Earth is healthy. We will therefore strive as individuals, as groups, and as members of a global society to promote the current and future health of our entire Earth, including the water, air, land, and the web of life.

Earth Day 2015

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9,443 Cynthia Talbot United States Polytheism
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9,441 Shelly Ferland United States
9,440 Carol Smith United States Eclectic Pagan Polytheist
9,439 Shani Saville United Kingdom pagan witch and druid
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9,437 Linda Van Welden USA
9,436 Maitreyi Nachuri ?? Arya Samaj
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9,434 Tamara Keller USA
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9,420 Eve Merrick-Williams Wales Eclectic witch
9,419 Mike Hatch United Kingdom Pagan/Wiccan
9,418 Tricia Neville United Kingdom eclectic pagan
9,417 Celia Davies United Kingdom
9,416 Tonya Beall US atheism
9,415 Karen Crayk United States Cheyenne
9,414 Dayan Martinez United States Eclectic/Shamanic
9,413 Betsy Papka ??
9,412 Sean Scullion UK
9,411 Arturo Carranza United States san francisco
9,410 Brandy Henderson USA Pagan
9,409 Regina Thompson United States Unaffiliated
9,408 Jenelle Campion Usa
9,407 Laura Warden-Camp United States Wicca
9,406 Keith Gilbert United Kingdom Dharm a Pagan
9,405 Wendy Van Allen United States 10463
9,404 Karen Camp United States Charlestown
9,403 Carrie Ferrier USA
9,402 Alexander Sizikov-Telin Denmark
9,401 Jace Bracelin United States Wiccan
9,400 Miranda Zhang ??
9,399 Royce Truex USA Presbyterian
9,398 Wayne Haythorn United States Portland
9,397 Frank Cruz United States Miami
9,396 Angela Harris United States eclectic pagan witch
9,395 pedro franceschetti Argentina
9,394 Michaela Istok Slovakia Pantheism
9,393 Heather Raney United States FORT COLLINS
9,392 John Huculiak Canada Rromani
9,391 Lori Ellwood United States Allendale
9,390 Reuben Poole Australia
9,389 Ceyda Gençsoy Turkey
9,388 Jamie Hume Canada
9,387 Sarah Sirios ?? Lone Druid
9,386 Diane Van Pelt USA
9,385 Christopher Cook United States Asatru
9,384 Michelle Garcia United States Pagan
9,383 Annika Godura USA
9,382 Monica Galvan United States
9,381 Nicki Ara Scotland
9,380 Linda Johnson-Bell United Kingdom pagan
9,379 Shona Bradford United Kingdom Live as one with the Earth
9,378 Simon Bradford United Kingdom
9,377 Brittany Weigle United States Druid
9,376 Chris Fells Uk Norse Pagan
9,375 Nicholas Richmond USA Spiritual Pagan and Asatru Heathen
9,374 Brad Smith United States Taoist/Buddhist Rocky Mountain Hiker
9,373 William Lee Ross III United States Hellenic Paganism (Hellenismos)
9,372 Julie Michele United States
9,371 Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton United States Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca
9,370 Anne-Sophie Hoffmoen Scotland
9,369 Cricket Summerhill United States Hedge Pagan
9,368 Isaque Amaral Brazil Unaffiliated / I'm Polytheist but I don't have a religious practice!!
9,367 Sarah Mellon USA Dirt Witch/Congregational Wicca
9,366 Jez Stein United Kingdom
9,365 Kathryn Mays United States
9,364 Alyssa Ferguson United States
9,363 Carey Edwards America Cernunnos
9,362 Fayth West United States
9,361 MD Talyn Ray USA Dianic & Keltic
9,360 Monica Esteban Arance Spain
9,359 John Auletta United States ATD Wicca Tradition
9,358 Zhosaj Dju Mexico initiated
9,357 Wil Cushman United States
9,356 Donna Oleksiuk Canada
9,355 Kayleene Wopershall United States
9,354 Victoria Simms United States Pagan
9,353 Karen Mandeville USA Witch
9,352 Arlene Domkowski United States Wiccan
9,351 Dawn Sotir USA Pagan
9,350 Karina Abu Eshe United Kingdom
9,349 Adriane Whitfield United States Montgomery
9,348 Jennifer Boren Ulrich United States
9,347 Matilda Koli ??
9,346 Kirsty Sloman United Kingdom Naturalistic pantheism
9,345 Fox Douglas United States
9,344 christina Burkhardt United States
9,343 Celtic Druidry Group Scotland Druidry
9,342 Anthony Curtis Britain Druidry
9,341 Renee McKean United States Norse Pagan
9,340 Courtney Belyea Canada Hard polytheist, devotional polytheist, eclectic polytheist, pagan polytheist, Hellenic polytheist, modern polytheist. Devotee of the river God Achelous.
9,339 Alicia Harper United States Eclectic
9,338 Melly Tiel United States Celtic Pagan Witch
9,337 Christine Smith Canada
9,336 Cristina Fraser Canada Eclectic
9,335 Judith Gaudry Canada
9,334 Brenda-Lee Sedgewick Canada
9,333 Llywen H Canada Green witchcraft
9,332 Yma Corrales United States Christian 😀
9,331 Youanna N. Canada
9,330 Cat Toplensky Canada Eclectic
9,329 Joanne Giza Canada Pagan
9,328 Tyler Brools Canada
9,327 Terry Wyatt Canada NW Eclectic
9,326 Jane Jeffrey Canada
9,325 Janet McCallum United States
9,324 Todd Powelson United States Person
9,323 Ray Barton Australia Atheopagan & vegan
9,322 Marcella Wood Usa Eclectic
9,321 rob laet Netherlands AMSTERDAM
9,320 Stefy C. Romania Eclectic pagan
9,319 Crystal Kendrick United States traditional witchcraft
9,318 Gabor Horvath Hungary
9,317 Sarai Cervera Sáez Spain
9,316 Katharina Karin Zwing Germany druidry
9,315 Terra Leadley USA Love
9,314 Kansas Stanton United States Seattle
9,313 Louise Ecopagan South Africa CENTURION
9,312 Franceyne Pyre Australia Atheist Pagan
9,311 Todd Jordan USA Atheist
9,310 LaVada DelConte USA Wicca/heathenism
9,309 Drogo Empedocles United States Polytheist Pagan - Celtic / Eclectic
9,308 Isaac Campbell United Kingdom N/A
9,307 iveta Ermane United Kingdom vegan
9,306 ILARIA EMILIANI Italia bologna
9,305 Renee White United States
9,304 Julie Medina United States
9,303 Teresa Dyess USA Celtic wiccan
9,302 Silas Satyre ??
9,301 Rachel Hembree United States
9,300 Bran Burnette USA Texas Hoodoo
9,299 Nancy Fury USA
9,298 Andrea Decker USA
9,297 Linda MacIver Canada
9,296 Jaiimeeta Magandram Australia Healer
9,295 Thomas Ginn United States Druid
9,294 Richelle Gervais United States
9,293 Amanda Pyne United States
9,292 Kathleen Mendiola United States Lokean
9,291 Myha McGuire United States Ponca City
9,290 Katy Harrison Yugoslavia Wiccan
9,289 Nicole Lowden United States Northern pagan
9,288 Briana Benn-Mirandi USA Correllian Wicca, Unitarian Universalism
9,287 Nicola Bentley United Kingdom Pagan
9,286 Lindy Howard United States Paganism/Indigenous teachings
9,285 Lucius Stella USA Wicca
9,284 Robin Pope Canada Pagan
9,283 Elisa Gervasoni Italia San Felice del Benaco
9,282 Rowan Alexander USA Babalon Devotee /Apocalyptic Witch
9,281 Martine Klaver Netherlands
9,280 Sol Seeker USA Faery/Sea With
9,279 Eric Scott United States Wiccan/Heathen
9,278 Rev. William Ashton United States Devotional Polytheist
9,277 Chloédawn Lida United States of America Wicca
9,276 Azalea Bancroft United States of America Wicca
9,275 Brandy smith United States Wiccan
9,274 Joe Dellea U.S.A. Human
9,273 Tori Tyson United States Aurora
9,272 Sandler Waggoner USA Healer
9,271 Mary Kumbera United States Sylvan Tradition
9,270 Denise Agnew ?? Eclectic Wiccan/Witch
9,269 Susan Gilbert USA Hedge Witch
9,268 Madison Irvin USA Unsure/General Pagan
9,267 Jamie Boots United States Drui
9,266 Geri Meldrum Australia Pagan Witch
9,265 Claire Ward United Kingdom
9,264 Christopher Steevens United States Eclectic
9,263 Misty Vaughn United States
9,262 Abigail Villodas ??
9,261 Ellen Southern USA
9,260 Peter Koerner USA
9,259 Julie Huscusson USA
9,258 noud van dijk Nederland victim/potential anything/dreamweaver
9,257 Kirstie Kemp Australia pagan
9,256 Daniel Griffin United States Eclectic Witch
9,255 OWLL Order of Wisdom Learning & Light Group Australia Witch
9,254 Sarah Sikkema ??
9,253 Howard Burdett United States
9,252 Belinda Clark Australia Witch
9,251 Adele Wheatley Australia Pagan/Spiritualist
9,250 Tracy Atkinson Australia Eclectic Pagan
9,249 Lulu Raven Australia
9,248 fiona Harrison Australia solitary
9,247 Anne Knight Australia Wicca
9,246 Earth Waratah Australia Animist
9,245 WitchesWorkshop (Group) Australia Witchcraft
9,244 Eugene Kyle USA Anglo-Saxon Heathen
9,243 Jen Holmes Canada
9,242 Milena Pastore USA
9,241 Lezli Polm United States Pearce
9,240 Ann Loker United States CALIFORNIA
9,239 Michaela Colwell United States Sierra Vista
9,238 Mark Colwell United States
9,237 Trista Cook USA Vail
9,236 Sheila ROWE Canada
9,235 Tim Hawks-Malczynski USA
9,234 Brian McCormack United States Minoan Fellowship Wicca
9,233 BJOERN-ERIK HARTSFVANG USA Wiccan Order of the Northern Lights
9,232 Kristina McIntyre United States eclectic shamanic paganism
9,231 Thomas Torma United States Fortuna
9,230 Brendan Showen United States
9,229 Thomas Butler United States Los Gatos
9,228 Diana L. Paxson US Heathen & eclectic
9,227 Terri Jenkins USA Witch
9,226 Aaron Clifft New Zealand Christchurch
9,225 Elizabeth Anker USA geologist with pagan leanings
9,224 colleen stromer united states
9,223 Ann Mindnich Germany Ecclectic solitary witch
9,222 darcey zwicky United States Eclectic
9,221 Judy Echeandia United States Fremont
9,220 Jadae Fowler United States Pagan
9,219 Colette Faulkner England Witch
9,218 Shelli Warren United States Norse
9,217 Lantern Hill Coven Salem, MA USA Witch
9,216 Vivianne Lake Salem, MA USA Witch
9,215 chris alexander usa neo-pagan humanist/religious naturalist
9,214 Ihrian Brown United States Polytheist Druid
9,213 Lora Erasmus South Africa Eclectic
9,212 Theresa Coulter USA
9,211 Colleen Stephenson South Africa Pagan
9,210 Carol Phillips U.S.A. Shamanistic
9,209 Kesha Els Sa
9,208 Melloson Allen South Africa
9,207 Jean Stanton South Africa Pagan
9,206 Mariette Dreyer South Africa Egyptian Witch
9,205 Douglas Bellah United States
9,204 Hannah Bellah USA
9,203 Samantha Rainey United States Neopagan
9,202 Maddy Pilsner USA Atheist Saegoah
9,201 Deborah Hirsch United States
9,200 William Seward USA Reclaiming
9,199 Jack Webb United Kingdom attempting to change
9,198 Candace Kaptain United States
9,197 Jessie Maclaurin New Zealand
9,196 Grant Corso United States Discovering
9,195 Emily Smith United Kingdom
9,194 Kelsey malear United States
9,193 Sam Finoro Canada Irish Polytheistic
9,192 Pj Obermeier Usa
9,191 Brittany Terotta United States
9,190 Kathleen Shea United States
9,189 Michael McMannamy United States Toledo
9,188 Joan Booth USA
9,187 Nicolette Craig United States
9,186 Jeremiah Duimstra Usa Don't know
9,185 Deborah Hirsch United States
9,184 Aria Hernandez USA
9,183 Vivian Rossi Brasil
9,182 Nicholas Thompson United States Atheist
9,181 Lauren Leahey United States Wicca
9,180 Glenn Westrich USA
9,179 Victoria Pollard USA Mysticism, Buddhism, Paganism
9,178 Savannah Cox United States Pantheism
9,177 Alyxander Hanson United States Eclectic Druid
9,176 samantha shuttleworth canada
9,175 Michelle Donovan United States Island Park
9,174 Montaser Kurd Yemen
9,173 Sarah Manion USA
9,172 Gabriela Barrientos Australia Nature shaman
9,171 Derek N. United States
9,170 Bruce Catter United States Naturalistic Neo-Pagan
9,169 Charlie Candela United States
9,168 Demir Korkmaz Turkey Tengri
9,167 Chantelle Saunders United Kingdom General Paganism
9,166 Sue Runyon USA
9,165 Emily Stargardt United States Pagan
9,164 paula nielsen ?? Kosciusko
9,163 Elias Nicolaysen Morocco
9,162 James Pitt United Kingdom Wiccan
9,161 Sanduni Wijesinghe Sri Lanka Buddhism
9,160 Tom Sheeley United States Temple of the Old Gods
9,159 Johan De Vriendt Belgium Indo-European Tradition, Flemish wing
9,158 Jean Bernard Canada Pagan-sympathetic
9,157 Kathie Houston United States solitary
9,156 Cynthia Faux USA Goddess Worshipper
9,155 Helen Turner US Hedge
9,154 Jordan Tenney United States Wiccan
9,153 Jocelyn Ramos United States
9,152 Jeffrey Keefer USA Druid
9,151 Baxter Clare Trautman USA
9,150 Tim Boland United States Buddhism
9,149 Beth Owens United States Hanover
9,148 Cecilia Jones United States
9,147 Thorn Rose Coven (Group) USA Thorn Rose Tradition
9,146 James Mosher USA Gardnarian
9,145 Danielle Jones United Kingdom
9,144 Alice Thurman United Kingdom
9,143 Jackie Paoluccci Belgium Atheist
9,142 Rosemarie Farwell France
9,141 Selket egyptian United States celtic
9,140 Lydia Crabtree United States Progressive
9,139 Larry Metzenbauer USA Mystical follower of Jesus and Buddha
9,138 Layla Taylor United States
9,137 Molly Shanahan United States
9,136 erika piotrowski United States
9,135 Brian Scott United States Pagan
9,134 Sarah Miles United States Wicca
9,133 Gitana W United States Hellenismos
9,132 CJ McClellan United States Treehugger
9,131 Jill Brewer United States all one
9,130 Kalyn Harris US
9,129 Imma Denton Australia
9,128 Consuelo Badillo United States
9,127 Brian Smith United States
9,126 Willa Grant United States Eureka
9,125 Marina Glimtmoon Spain Wiccan
9,124 Victoria Bunting United Kingdom
9,123 Michelle Williams United States Chicago
9,122 Brenda Rosenthal United States
9,121 Dan Shelton USA Druidry with OBOD
9,120 Philippa Hearn United kingdom
9,119 Susan Hancsicsak Canada Christian
9,118 Saffron Nicholson Scotland Pagan
9,117 Bonnie Brook United States Witch
9,116 Kari Tornow United States Pine
9,115 Jacob Stec United States Eclectic Pagan
9,114 Joan B. Hunter-Brody United States Religious Naturalist
9,113 Rachel Spratt United States Eclectic Neo-Wiccan/Tibetan Buddhist
9,112 Dane Edwards United Kingdom hedgewitch
9,111 Teresa Sellos ??
9,110 Kaidan Alenko United Kingdom Wiccan
9,109 Brandi Hayes United States O'fallon
9,108 Anns SCHUESSLER USA Roman Catholic
9,107 Natalie Oleksyshyn United States Lexington
9,106 Kathy Kelley USA pantheist
9,105 Sandra Streifel Canada Christian feminist
9,104 Natalie Bassett-Bokic Australia Atheist
9,103 Angela Cusicanqui Engborg United States
9,102 Aisling Walsh Ireland
9,101 Avonelle Tomlinson United States Eclectic/Hedge Witch
9,100 Cheryl Echterling United Stateshu humility
9,099 Ivonne De León Mexico Wiccan
9,098 Mariel Vergara United States
9,097 Chris Valdes USA
9,096 Michael Bingaman United States
9,095 Elizabeth Spencer-Spreeuw Canada
9,094 Roger E Silva Jr USA
9,093 cody baxter United States Paganacht
9,092 Bailey Strom-Pillar ??
9,091 Autumn Detchon USA Reclaiming
9,090 Amethyst DeWilde Australia Witch
9,089 Rebecka Clement United States
9,088 Michael Davies United Kingdom Pagan
9,087 Shilo Greenwood United States Pop Culture Paganism- Gallifreyan Tradition
9,086 Cassandra Oakdown United States Pop Culture Paganism- Gallifreyan Tradition
9,085 John McQuaide United States Downey
9,084 Denise Mohr United States Dianic Wicca
9,083 Madeline Day Australia Unknown
9,082 Bernard Stöpler Netherlands Aetheist/Psychologist
9,081 Jarrah Stöpler Netherlands Unknown - Blend of Wiccan, Celtic, Pagan and Buddhist
9,080 Athdara Archer United States
9,079 J Henry Buckley USA
9,078 Tracy O'Gorman Australia
9,077 Susana Morse United States
9,076 Jake Elliott England
9,075 Pat Gon United States
9,074 Kristina Podobnik Croatia No-path
9,073 Sarah McClimon United States Greek Pagan
9,072 Patricia Barbieri USA Shaman/pagan
9,071 Pam Tise United States
9,070 Lisa Atkinson United States Wicca
9,069 Sarah Wilson United States
9,068 Lanna Diamond Canada Pagen
9,067 Marieta Swart South Africa Cape Town
9,066 Michael Norcutt United States San Diego
9,065 Mia Engelhardt Germany Wicca
9,064 Winter Ross United States Neo Shamanism/Red Road
9,063 Crystal Augustein United States
9,062 Nox Belenus Argentina Pagan
9,061 Andres Ranieri Italy Stregoneria Tradizionale
9,060 monica de vidi Italy catholic
9,059 Carmen Capriles Bolivia La Paz
9,058 Alan Saly United States
9,057 Johnny Walsh United States Pantheist
9,056 Anne Delvaux Belgium
9,055 Rebecca Palmer United States
9,054 Steven Espinoza United States
9,053 Maria Harbod United Kingdom
9,052 Julie Price England
9,051 juliette ashmoon United States dianic
9,050 Yasmin Nicolson US
9,049 yann petit us
9,048 Sandra Iv O Porras México nórdico anglosaxon
9,047 Aimee O'Connor U.S.
9,046 Curro Peich Jaremore Spain
9,044 James Booth Scotland Druidic Pagan
9,043 Martin Booth Scotland Druidic Pagan.
9,042 Samia Ouamrane Algeria-Belgium
9,041 sam rameaux ??
9,040 Rebecca Norman United Kingdom
9,039 Montserrat Orozco Mexico
9,038 Casey Stauber USA Pagan
9,037 Sabrina Cinis United States ADF
9,036 Finn Richmond Australia Wauchope
9,035 Marcela Medeiros Brazil Pagan
9,034 Kat Adams USA
9,033 Jennifer Johnson USA
9,032 Renata Cheeseman United States
9,031 Deron Decker United States Owens Cross Roads
9,030 James MacKay United States Green Witch
9,029 Silver Circle Foundation "Wicca" Netherlands Wicca
9,028 Carrie Boon Australia Wiccan
9,027 Maricel Alanis Uruguay
9,026 Sophie Emms United Kingdom Pagan
9,025 Nikki Guiles United States
9,024 Amy Greenwood United Kingdom
9,023 Samantha Madison Australia Druid
9,022 Michael Ross South Africa Pagan
9,021 Ourania Halamadaris South Africa Pagan
9,020 Angela DeFranco United States
9,019 Sonia Gomez España Barcelona
9,018 tania lumley United Kingdom
9,017 Lindsey Morgan USA
9,016 Karen Carter United Kingdom
9,015 Carmen Clipston Canada Goddess worship
9,014 Fred Ensor United Kingdom
9,013 sandra mayer us
9,012 Tom Bennett Wales Wiccan/Buddhist
9,011 Nikki Ouellette Canada Good 'ol Hippy
9,010 Marina Fridmanovich Usa
9,009 Frances Hawksworth United States Altoona
9,008 Daniella Camacho United States
9,007 Juan Manrique Colombia Pagan
9,006 adam blazzie Afghanistan wicca
9,005 Jaime Gironés México Wicca
9,004 Sophie Pope United Kingdom
9,003 Gemma Raintree Storm United States Wicca-Spiritualist, Eclectic
9,002 Kate Moore Britain Earth magic
9,001 Rene Borrero USA
9,000 Damian Crawford United States Neo-Pagan
8,999 Jessica Merriam United States Wiccan
8,998 Shirley Koger USA Heathen
8,997 Laura Ulrich United States Pagan
8,996 Chiltern Nemeton Grove (Group) United Kingdom
8,995 Nancy Hill UK
8,994 Maya Bohan Netherlands
8,993 Siobhan Fogarty Jersey
8,992 Sherry Hollister United States Pantheist/Pagan
8,991 Fran Adams UK Spitritual/witchcraft
8,990 Lisa Ottebratt Sweden Eclectic Pagan
8,989 Audrey Moon United States The Goddess Movement/Gray Witchcraft
8,988 Demitria Tenney USA Wicca
8,987 Rowan Nightshade United States Witch of the North American Tradition
8,986 Still Going Somewhere (Religious Group) United States Orthodox Druid
8,985 Caytlin Vilbrandt United States Aquarian Wicca
8,984 Lee Kielblock United States Celtic
8,983 susie yates United States wicca
8,982 Xxx Diarmid UK
8,981 Vicki Garner United Kingdom
8,980 Neil Cruickshank United Kingdom
8,979 Sandi Brackeen United States Eclectic
8,978 Yaxley Black México Wicca Correlliana Nativista
8,977 Moon and stars Group United Kingdom Pagan
8,976 Els De Bruycker Belgium
8,975 lynn holmes USA Pagan
8,974 Rev. M. L. Rosenblad United States
8,973 Stefan Backas Finland
8,972 Martyna Ciapaite Lithuania Pagan
8,971 Ilinca Fage Romania Archaic Revivalist
8,970 Rosario Carnés spain Universal
8,969 Heather Mattison United States Pagan
8,968 Thomas Kanski United States Asatru
8,967 Celia Burke ??
8,966 Anna Bassano Belgium
8,965 Laura Rocha Portugal
8,964 Voicu Albu Romania Orthodox
8,963 Ernamary Dunne USA Cabot Witch
8,962 Antonio Valle Spain Wicca
8,961 Jere Alexander Usa Feraferia
8,960 Sheena Gingrich United States Animist, Non-Wiccan Witch
8,959 Joanna Thomas United Kingdom Eclectic
8,958 Kitty Myers United States
8,957 Jay Monk United States
8,956 Rayna Philbrick United States wiccan
8,955 Christine Jumet United States
8,954 M M Tyus United States Human
8,953 Cheryl Sonter Australia Pagan
8,952 Stefana Cret Romania Pagan pantheist atheist
8,951 Tanya Roebuck United States
8,950 Andrew J. Luk USA Atheist
8,949 Gail Xandy USA Wiccan
8,948 Tamara McArthur-West United States Tree hugging dirt worshipper
8,947 James Plagmann USA Born Again Pagan
8,946 Kimberly Walker United States Wiccan
8,945 Rhea Bloomfield USA Witch of the Old Religion
8,944 Deborah Fletcher United States
8,943 jennifer dunlap United States eclectic
8,942 RJ Onyx Moonshadow United States Wiccan
8,941 Gael Muirgen Brazil Druidist, ADF
8,940 Kimberly Walko United States Pagan
8,939 Sam Hall United Kingdom
8,938 Amy Bartlett United Kingdom Pagan
8,937 Ebony Redhead United Kingdom
8,936 Paula Roscoe United Kingdom Wiccan, Pagan
8,935 Galen Jones Canada Celtic Polytheist / Druid
8,934 Alicia Millington United States Eclectic
8,933 John Opsopaus United States Hellenic Pagan
8,932 Regina DeVries United States Hellenic Pagan
8,931 David Conner United States Pagan
8,930 Peter Krones United States
8,929 Angi Heindl United States HedgeWitch
8,928 Alison Barr ??
8,927 Seneca DeMello USA Discovering Now
8,926 Nicole Barnes United States Ecletic
8,925 Bob Cat Hyperborea Warshal Angakut
8,924 Michael Spalding United States human
8,923 Loretta McComas United States
8,922 Beth-anne Thomas United States
8,921 Jessica Waltrip United States witch
8,920 Greg John United Kingdom
8,919 Amy Mozingo USA Pythian
8,918 Rev. Steven Wilson USA Unitiarian Universalist Clergy
8,917 Byron Ballard United States Dianic Wicca
8,916 Marc Rhodes-Taylor United Kingdom Druid
8,915 Niyati Brown USA Druid
8,914 Alaura Pendragon United Stares, Florida Wiccan Celtic / Native American
8,913 Rebecca Oberstadt Usa Wiccan
8,912 Robert Beren Canada Druidry
8,911 Linea Stewart USA
8,910 Mercedes Belalcazar Colombia
8,909 Leonie Rose Australia Eclectic witch
8,908 Mary Jane Green USA Pagan
8,907 Clemency Martell-Turner New Zealand Norse/Celtic
8,906 Michala Masters United States
8,905 Zachery Hewitt ??
8,904 Kelly Barkhouse Canada
8,903 Ashley Yazdani United States Hedgewitch
8,902 Lillie Ellis USA
8,901 Steeve Girard Canada Celtic Norseman
8,900 phil brown United States
8,899 Laurie Rubin United States Reclaiming
8,898 Julia Stevens United States Eclectic
8,897 James Dryburgh USA
8,896 Sabrina Dengler ??
8,895 Lunasta Freehart USA
8,894 Zenobia Griffin United States Wiccan
8,893 Laura Lopez ?? atheist
8,892 Karen Liebenrood United States Minor Outlying Islands Christo Paganism
8,891 Ragen Morgenstern USA Pagan Naturalist
8,890 HPS Belle Evergreen of Shadowluz US Eclectic witchcraft
8,889 Melissa Green United States Wicca/Pagan
8,888 Tracy Wilson ??
8,887 Leslie Sass ?? Simply Pagan
8,886 Charles Winter USA Atheist/Pantheist
8,885 Diane Stewart United States
8,884 Reverend Maire Susan Sanford USA Witch
8,883 Dave McKee United States Druidic, Chaotic Green Mágico
8,882 Richard Dandridge US Transition
8,881 Amber Bowen United States
8,880 Lawrence Tracy United States
8,879 Lili Kapš Slovenia Witch
8,878 Amber Teem USA eclectic pagan
8,877 Tara Leigh McCaughin United States Dianic, kitchen and Green witch
8,876 Kicki Stenberg Denmark Wicca
8,875 Samantha Van Zetten Canada Heathen Witch
8,874 Claire Cumberland ??
8,873 Nelson Petrie United States
8,872 karen malloy United States Pagan
8,871 Luege Raquel Mexico
8,870 Johanna Björkell Finland
8,869 Sheila Bayes Canada Pagan
8,868 Fay Knight United Kingdom
8,867 Angel Robinson United States Pagan
8,866 Cynthia Walker-White United States Atheist
8,865 Megan Sanders United States Pagan
8,864 Cece Henderson Canada Wicca
8,863 Caden O'Connell United States Neopagan (Non-organized)
8,862 Teresa Bryant United Kingdom Hedgewitch
8,861 Cassandra Prager USA
8,860 Wil Mercure United States Druidic
8,859 Juleanne Weed United States Wiccan
8,858 Melanie Parent Canada Pagan
8,857 Brittany Eldred USA
8,856 Marcie Mercure United States
8,855 melissa wells usa
8,854 Lori Lang ?? USA
8,853 Heather Gee United States Celtic-Nordic Kitchen Witch
8,852 Jack Cain USA
8,851 Susan Wood ??
8,850 Matthew Keltner United States Shaman-Ecclectic
8,849 Robyn Chandlier United States Pagan
8,848 Karla Thomas United States Pagan
8,847 Amanda Steele United Kingdom Pagan
8,846 Kristie Stamford Australia
8,845 Shu Samuel United Kingdom
8,844 Stacy Jones USA Whatever i wish. Mostly pagan and nature based
8,843 Carlos Sanchez Garcia Spain Traditional witchcraft
8,842 Marie Bradley Scotland
8,841 Dominic Sowinski USA
8,840 POENARU BRINDUSA-KATALIN Romania Freethinker
8,839 Cliff Lapp United States Unitarian
8,838 D.C. Sturgis IV United States Omnist Shamanism
8,837 Allyson Cloyd USA
8,836 Nicole Holcomb USA Wiccan - AmTrad
8,835 Iris Bergholm Finland
8,834 Thomas J Walker United States Diest
8,833 Aloha Trotter United States A little this and a little that mostly Pagan
8,832 Tony Askins US
8,831 Michelle Lewis United States
8,830 Roberta Venedam Canada
8,829 kae done United States
8,828 Florencia París Argentina
8,827 Tim Emert usa neo-Pagan, Church of All Worlds
8,826 Margaret Hay USA
8,825 Marcia Soligo USA Wicca
8,824 Deborah Murphy United States
8,823 Wendy McConnell Canada Christian
8,822 David Dalton Canada individual/eclectic
8,821 Susannah Bales United States
8,820 M.R. Berntson USA
8,819 Candice Espada United States Unitarian Earth Worship
8,818 Tammy Ebner USA
8,817 Emma Holt Australia Hedge Witch
8,816 Nicole Paradon Canada Christopagan
8,815 Adrienne Talbot Canada Solitary Hedgewitch
8,814 Scott Needham United States Pagan Witch
8,813 Janet B Jacobsen United States Christian/ Buddhist
8,812 Larzarious VonBruner United States Witch
8,811 Lynda Renney New Zealand
8,810 Edward Morrow United States
8,809 Maren Kuether-Ulberg United States Sylvan Tradition, Heathen
8,808 Elise Wolf United States Gaian/Earth worship
8,807 LJ Henderson US Nature Lover
8,806 Kathy Frasher US Pagan
8,805 Carol Taylor Canada Eclectic
8,804 Gina Bylak USA
8,803 Kelly Watts Australia Celtic Old Ways
8,802 Dorothy Chaney USA
8,801 Margaret Rushton United States Wicca
8,800 Jesse Carlson United States
8,799 Elizabeth Rose-Marini USA Celtic - Irish
8,798 Soha Kneen Canada Solitary pagan but trained in Alexandrian/Gardnerian tradition
8,797 Sinead Anderson Australia Wiccan
8,796 Katherine Chenault Usa Pagan
8,795 Nichole Turner United States Earthy Eclectic
8,794 Melisa Clark United States Heathen
8,793 Joan Lasken United States
8,792 Dawn Brown United States of America Heathen
8,791 Zack Buggey United States
8,790 Aiden Novack United States Pagan
8,789 Judy Buckingham USA
8,788 Diana Pusca Spain Druidism
8,787 Jazmine Roberts United States Pagan
8,786 Mike Matesic United States My relationship with god is my own
8,785 Melissa Rak United States Pagan
8,784 Jean Napier United States
8,783 Arthur Goheen United States gaian
8,782 MC Abel USA Elemental English
8,781 Joela Bezzeg ??
8,780 Mike Ferguson United States Celtic
8,779 Cynthia Bailey USA Eclectic Unitarian-Universalist Pagan
8,778 Amands McCullough United States Pagan
8,777 Dianna Nova USA
8,776 Mariel Morison United States
8,775 Anne Marie Forrester USA Gardnerian
8,774 Sara Mastros United States
8,773 Ashley Kuppermith United States Solitary Practioner Druid/ Celtic traditon
8,772 shelly lepage United States
8,771 Cynthia Cousino United States Wiccan
8,770 Sherry Jones United States Witch Pagan
8,769 David Edwards United States Pantheism
8,768 Sally Pelliccia United States
8,767 Rosa Manriquez, IHM United States Roman Catholic
8,766 Christopher Wallace United States Druid
8,765 Yesenia Mendez United States
8,764 Skye McGuinn United States Pagan
8,763 Jessica Esplain United States Eclectic Celtic Jewitch
8,762 Lisl Krieger United States Eclectic Pagan
8,761 Paula Youmell USA Wiccan
8,760 Joanie Rogers United States
8,759 Maria Morrow United States
8,758 Joy Barkley United States
8,757 Ariella Moon ?? Shaman
8,756 Lizzy J United Kingdom Heathen
8,755 Matt Inman United States
8,754 Jessica Marquardt United States Pagan
8,753 Harry Laing USA
8,752 Leslie Plummer United States
8,751 Nora Edwards United States
8,750 Joseph Rielinger United States Druid
8,749 Emma Brown United Kingdom
8,748 John DeHaan Jr United States Pagan
8,747 Alex Guillotte United States Animist
8,746 Peg Parson United States Druid
8,745 Ian Mckerron United Kingdom Druid
8,744 Gabrielle Bailes United States Pagan, (Still Developing)
8,743 Ken Sosebee United States Wicca
8,742 Allan MacIntyre USA Nemophilist
8,741 Elizabeth Tucker USA
8,740 Kenneth LaFord USA
8,739 Corinne Rowe United States
8,738 Piet Ceanadach Scotland Pagan
8,737 Diana Lallo United States
8,736 Adina Darklight Romania Pagan
8,735 Eustacia Hulstine USA Solitary
8,734 Ann Hall United States Celtic Wicca
8,733 Leo Wilken South Africa earthling
8,732 Dawn Haskins United States
8,731 Matthew Margres United States Heathen Deist
8,730 Ashima Parker USA Wicca
8,729 Jessica Love United States Pagan
8,728 Dean Parris United States Quantum Zen Trickster
8,727 Carl Bordasch ??
8,726 Angela Rainey United Kingdom
8,725 Michael Mize United States
8,724 Charmaine Sonnex United Kingdom Eclectic
8,723 Ysamur Flores Pena USA Lucumí Religious Tradition
8,722 Circle of Ancient Sisters "Group" United States Multi Traditional
8,721 Debbie Dapson United States West Coast Eclectic Wicca
8,720 Jasmijn Hoxworth United States
8,719 Cassie Allen US Pagan/Hellenion
8,718 Mary Mize United States Wiccan
8,717 Robert Haycock United States
8,716 Eric Steinmetz USA Atheist
8,715 Hanusia Tkaczyk Canad eclectic
8,714 Viola McBride USA
8,713 Kim Talley United States
8,712 Siusaidh Ceanadach United Kingdom Wiccan/Druid
8,711 Richard Larraga USA
8,710 Samantha Guynes United States Eclectic
8,709 Carolynn Woodhead United Kingdom
8,708 Catherine Guay Canada Witch
8,707 Matt Zuchowski United States Pagan
8,706 Christina Yeakel USA
8,705 Megan Kanekoa Usa
8,704 Thomas Spencer United Kingdom Eclectic
8,703 Valerie Wolf US Pagan
8,702 Adrienne Merritt United States
8,701 Molly Teter United States Nature Worship
8,700 Aryn Kennedy USA Wiccan
8,699 Kevin DeSilva Canada One Law Priest & Druid.
8,698 Simon Foster United Kingdom Shamanism
8,697 Elizabeth Johnson USA
8,696 Anne Patterson United Kingdom Druidry
8,695 Adrian Rogerson United States
8,694 Chuck Chitwood United States
8,693 Michael Chase United States
8,692 PJ Graham USA Avalonian
8,691 Brenda Jingle Canada Witch
8,690 Ashley Fischer United States I am one with nature
8,689 Matthew King United Kingdom The Old Way
8,688 Edward Johnson United States
8,687 Shawn Stafford United States Eclectic
8,686 Amy Titus United States RDNA
8,685 Kristy Marquez USA Eclectic
8,684 Betty Rojas España
8,683 Molly Barnes USA Traditional Witch
8,682 Gina Martin Usa Celtic
8,681 Briana Taylor United States
8,680 william kimbrell United States Satanic Witch
8,679 Sara G United States Wiccan
8,678 Nancy Guthery United States Pagan
8,677 RICHARD CARDONE United States Sylvan Tradition of Witchcraft
8,676 Carissa Hayden United States Indopagan
8,675 t r United Kingdom pagan
8,674 Annette McDevitt Ireland Shaman
8,673 Monica Mackennitt Spain Wicca / Druidismo
8,672 Johanna Rahf Deutschland Ásatrú
8,671 Jalayla Dry South Africa Pagan Witch
8,670 Penny McMahon United States
8,669 Benjamin Mitchell Canada Agnostic Occultist
8,668 Ekaterina Ilieva Bulgaria Pagan
8,667 Paul McCreery United States
8,666 Taylor Wilson United States
8,665 Amber Nuetzel United States
8,664 Alex Stroh United States
8,663 Rheanna Henderson 53221
8,662 AlinA Pettersson Sweden Student of Western Daoism, Druidism & trad. Witchcraft
8,661 Jenni Gaffney United States
8,660 Isabella Rose United States
8,659 Karen Vought United States
8,658 Greta-Ann Co-Wallis United States
8,657 Rachel Turetzky United States Hermetic
8,656 Heather Friddle USA Wiccan
8,655 Melinda McDowell USA Unitarian Buddist
8,654 Michelle Silene United states Solitary, eclectic Wiccan
8,653 Bryan Richards United Kingdom I
8,652 Bronnie Connors usa Pagan witch
8,651 Siobhan Malashewski Canada
8,650 Shawne bunylips White usa Pagan/solitaire
8,649 Angel Morgan United States
8,648 Thora Dorn Canada Wicca
8,647 robert bair ??
8,646 Ivanna Stanfield United States
8,645 Jan Clancey England Solitary
8,644 Janet Morrissey ??
8,643 Sarah Huerta United States Wicca
8,642 Aimee Thomas ?? Pagan
8,641 Loralie Shupe Latour Canada Unitarian Universalist Pagan
8,640 Amanda Gordon USA Eclectic
8,639 Mathew Jimenez United States Witch
8,638 Ivy Ross USA Wicca/Witch
8,637 Viliyana Toteva Bulgaria
8,636 Pamela DeWitt United States
8,635 Fareedah McCann Australia
8,634 Elita Antanaityte United Kingdom Baltic blood, all love - pagan, witchcraft, etc.
8,633 Corey Bengisu United States
8,632 Holly Davis United States Heathen/Shamanism
8,631 Becky Dillon Germany Wicca
8,630 Samantha Craven United Kingdom
8,629 Everglades Moon Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess (Organization) United States Wicca
8,628 Cheryl Dziobkowski United States Eclectic
8,627 Sue Puhek United States
8,626 Aubrey Pugh Canada Pagan
8,625 Corinna Baker usa
8,624 Katja Kujanpää Finland Eclectic Pagan
8,623 Tara Verdugo-Arriaza united States Solitary Practitioner Wicca
8,622 Dora Lynn Mitchell United States Eclectic Kitchen Wiccan
8,621 Aragorn Vitali United States Eclectic
8,620 Donna Salmans ??
8,619 Birdeen Selzer Canada Solitary Eclectic Wiccan
8,618 Cecilia Carey United States Shamanic witchcraft
8,617 Samantha Craven U.K.
8,616 Dawn Stilwell United Kingdom
8,615 A'alyvyne Weaverwood USA Romano-Celtic Old Religion
8,614 Paula Parnacott United States of America Solitary Pagan
8,613 lisa longbottom United Kingdom
8,612 Trina Hutchinson USA Pagan
8,611 Irene Glasse United States Unitarian Universalist Pagan
8,610 Cecilie Lane United States Solitary Eclectic Witchcraft
8,609 Teresa Albert United States Eclectic
8,608 Daniel Shaw United Kingdom Heathen
8,607 Dina Hyvärinen Sweden asatru
8,606 Jessica Olsen United States Wicca
8,605 Margaret Banford Scotland hedgewitch
8,604 Kate Mahoney US
8,603 Mary Brennan Ireland
8,602 sandi richardson United States Pagan
8,601 Alexander Piltch United States Wicca
8,600 Patricia Kelly United Kingdom
8,599 mellissa buckley usa hedgewitch
8,598 Philip Hulse South Africa Druid
8,597 Jude Smith ??
8,596 Gretchen Auten United States Wicca
8,595 Wendy Luck United States
8,594 Carolina Santamaria Mexico
8,593 Sara McCann USA
8,592 Brandy Pejaszek United States Eclectic
8,591 Kelly Moonbeams Canada Wiccan
8,590 Lisa Fisher USA
8,589 Piper Danielle United States feminist witch/UU
8,588 Mists of Stone Forest (Organization) USA Druids
8,587 Brandi Binau United States
8,586 Greg Hansen United States
8,585 Teresa Goodison United States
8,584 beverley Tanner United Kingdom Daughter of Gaia
8,583 Holly Murrison Canada eclectic
8,582 Carol Fairbank United States
8,581 Lynn Sorel United States Wiccan
8,580 Valley High USA
8,579 Shannon Eaton United States Spiritual Sage
8,578 Jan Muth United States All Paths, All Traditions, All Life!
8,577 Freddie Williamson United States Druid
8,576 Brenda Bingham Canada
8,575 Ruth Halstead USA Christian-Pagan
8,574 Annette Brown United States
8,573 Silver Dragon Gaea Wizardry
8,572 Skye MacDonald Canada
8,571 Sara Tekula United States
8,570 JD "Hobbes" Hickey Canada Druid
8,569 Kerr Cuhulain Canada Wicca
8,568 Stacy Psaros USA Stregheria
8,567 Hanna Torp United States
8,566 Catness Felidae usa
8,565 Marjolein Schouten Nederland neo celtic pagan
8,564 Emily Gabbert United States Witch
8,563 Christina Ng USA multi
8,562 Patricia Quig United States
8,561 Lina Hegler United States An Envrionmetal Scientist....nature bound
8,560 Michele Vochosky USA Wiccan
8,559 MP Van Jaarsveld South Africa Celtic Druid
8,558 Patrick Power United States Eclectic
8,557 Amethyst Rayne United States Pagan, Solitary Witch
8,556 Misty Click United States Pagan
8,555 Heather McPeters United States Wicca, North Star Tradition
8,554 Zsuzsanna Nerada Hungary
8,553 Tess Bennett United States
8,552 Aimã Vogel Brazil Solitary Witch
8,551 Karen Birbeck United States
8,550 Poppy Reynolds ??
8,549 Laura Liles United States Wiccan
8,548 Matthew Dubois USA
8,547 Jesse Wilson USA BTW
8,546 Jan Lilley UK Shamanic
8,545 Karen Oakley Usa Pagan
8,544 J J ??
8,543 Pamela Backstrom United States Celtic
8,542 Steven Schwadron USA
8,541 Satpal Saini United States
8,540 Betsy Shoolbred United States Celtic Wicca
8,539 Cynthia Cheney USA Eclectic Gardener
8,538 Kelsey Mabon United States
8,537 Anita Beard United States Witch/Pagan
8,536 Daniela Georgieva Bulgaria
8,535 Cathy Hutson United States
8,534 Donald Wildgrube USA CAW, Wicca
8,533 Colleen Mollentze South Africa Secular Pagan
8,532 Oberon Zell USA Church of All Worlds
8,531 Richard Moore U.S.A. Celtic Elementalist
8,530 Margaret Wenson United States Pan-Spiritualism
8,529 Georgina Boalch United Kingdom Solitary Witch
8,528 Angel Andrews United States Druid
8,527 M Aasved US Atheist
8,526 Diana Nymand Germany Theistic Satanism
8,525 Loch Ness United States
8,524 Mark Smith United States Pagan
8,523 Gretchen Williams United States Wicca
8,522 Debra Kostick United States Solo Eclectic
8,521 Taryn Stoffs United States
8,520 C;aire Whitaker US Pagan
8,519 linda ruggeri Italia
8,518 Melissa Sowinski United States
8,517 Amber Hammond USA
8,516 Gayle Smith United States Pantheist
8,515 Robert Cassidy USA Atheist
8,514 Curtis Maurand USA Munay Ki/Starteachings
8,513 Andrew Lewis United States Earth Spirit
8,512 Gary Smith United States Ecopaganpanthiest
8,511 Debby Jones United States Traditional Wicca
8,510 Bailey Chamberlain United States Pagan
8,509 Ness Bosch Spain Sea Priestess and Shaman
8,508 Catharine Tipton USA Wiccan
8,507 Shelly Smith USA Pantheist
8,506 William Kerth USA Pagan (Guardinarian)
8,505 Nick Nickerson United States Witch (American Feminist Wiccan)
8,504 Tracy Nectoux United States Gaianism/Paganism
8,503 Amy M. USA Pagan Ally 🙂
8,502 Carole Richmond United States
8,501 Lisa Gough USA
8,500 Pamela Giovanelli United States Wiccan
8,499 Thomas Lux United States
8,498 Edith Brackin United States
8,497 Sandra Czarnecki United States pagan
8,496 Erica Reynolds ??
8,495 Star (Starwind Evensong) Aasved United States Pantheist
8,494 heliana gabba argentina
8,493 Marilyn Toone United States
8,492 Norma Todd United States
8,491 Judith Stueve United States
8,490 Sean Detra United States Pantheist
8,489 Pete L'Orange United States Norse
8,488 Stefanie Peeters Belgium
8,487 robert bourque usa
8,486 Michael Cavey United States
8,485 Bree Larkin United States
8,484 Patti Meehan USA
8,483 Chloe Lewis USA
8,482 Evelyn Bray United States of America
8,481 Oscar Presiga United States
8,480 Martina Georgieva Bulgaria
8,479 cindy cooperider ??
8,478 Craig Toone United States
8,477 Matt Weaver ?? Ubuntu Contributionism / Greenman
8,476 Linda Stewart United States Pantheistic Pagan
8,475 robert brownson USA
8,474 elizabeth conger United States
8,473 Andi Wall United States
8,472 Kristen Hayen United States
8,471 Joseph S. Thompson USA undefined
8,470 James Meek United States wanderer
8,469 Kei Tenou ??
8,468 Ginny Friend United States
8,467 Anthony Lanham USA
8,466 Lauren Cotton United States Witch
8,465 Michelle Barr United States
8,464 Meghan Pomeroy United States ecclectic
8,463 Rev Pam Magnuson United States hereditary witch
8,462 Julie Burton United Kingdom
8,461 Nancy Powell USA
8,460 Logan Cook USA Celtic
8,459 Daniel Tapanes United States
8,458 Daniel Vought USA
8,457 Dewain Delp United States RDNA
8,456 Dustin Bilhimer USA
8,455 Nardine Oneal USA
8,454 Jeff Moore United States
8,453 Elaine Magree Usa Reclaiming
8,452 Dennis Hellawell United States
8,451 Tina Palmer United States
8,450 John Sidor United States
8,449 Anja White USA Germanic
8,448 Patricia Robertson USA
8,447 Persis Newland United States Solitary Pagan Practitioner
8,446 K. Andrew Mortensen United States
8,445 Steven Buchan United States Wicca
8,444 ethan witt United States ancient, mental magic
8,443 Susan Appleton USA Eco spirituality
8,442 Cheo Codda USA
8,441 Marilyn Mullens USA
8,440 eleni martidi ??
8,439 Sandie Gardner USA Elemental
8,438 Karen Jones USA
8,437 Yan Mag Ryche USA Druid
8,436 Steven Hoffa United States atheistic pagan
8,435 Kristin Miller U.S.A.
8,434 Kai Findlay United Kingdom solitary practitioner
8,433 Rebecca Williams United States Still Exploring
8,432 Evelyn Sukosd-Oates United States citizen of the universe
8,431 Chris Haight USA Human
8,430 Amber Ramzy United States Eclectic Pagan
8,429 Sarah Schildknecht United States Solitary Eclectic/Native
8,428 Robert Samsel USA Eclectic
8,427 Amy Kinnin United Kingdom Pagan
8,426 Sheri Truitt United States Pagan/Wicca
8,425 Kelly White United States Great Mother, the Great Spirit and respect for all things.
8,424 Michael Poindexter USA
8,423 Swanson Craig USA
8,422 Mary Faith Colon U.S.A.
8,421 Jon Wolfe USA
8,420 Steve Kress United States Solitary
8,419 Michael Sichmeller ??
8,418 kath collom usa wiccan
8,417 Zoanne Leavy U.S. Eclectic Wiccan
8,416 Patricia Davis USA Celtic
8,415 Brinda Johnson United States pagan
8,414 Tom Collom United States
8,413 Heather Young United States Discoverer
8,412 Anna Sogliuzzo United States
8,411 Renee McHugh United States Druid
8,410 Jennifer Miller USA Wicca
8,409 Rebecca Miller USA
8,408 Linda Siska USA
8,407 Robin Trent United States Traditional Witchcraft
8,406 keith herndon usa atheist
8,405 J Bailey Us
8,404 Sharon Roll USA All
8,403 Kim Venable Usa
8,402 Susan Sanocki United States
8,401 Anne DeCroock Belgium
8,400 Gary Simmons USA undefinable
8,399 John Glenn Mexico
8,398 Ree Russell United States
8,397 Sean Cannon United Kingdom Pagan
8,396 Ellen Weeks USA Taoist/Toltec
8,395 Sorcha Sinclair United States Gnostic-Pagan
8,394 Harley Gould United States
8,393 Shaunda Davis USA
8,392 Arthur Fisher United States Celtic Reconstructionist
8,391 Jeffrey Eyth United States
8,390 Joanna Fram United States
8,389 GENENE GREENWELL United States
8,388 Deanna Williamson United States Reclaiming Tradition
8,387 Jan Beverly United States
8,386 Ian Cochran France
8,385 Faye Borquez USA pagan
8,384 Elizabeth Field United States Welsh Celtic Pantheistic
8,383 Jeff Frisch Jr United States
8,382 Luette Engelbreg South Africa Pagan
8,381 Chiara Comani Italy Druidry & Shamanism
8,380 Jess Davis United States Kitchen Witch
8,379 John McNally United States Wizard
8,378 David Marott USA Buddhist
8,377 Alexandra Studt US Nondenominational Pagan
8,376 Lisa D'Ambrogio USA
8,375 Lee Hiatt United States
8,374 Julie Logeman USA Buddhist Pagan
8,373 Rebekah Amato United States Wiccan nuetral
8,372 Cheree Peffer USA eclectic
8,371 Craig Salter South Africa Pagan
8,370 Traci Kingery United States
8,369 Irena Mandel Usa Druidism
8,368 john wright usa nature
8,367 Richard Kotoski United States
8,366 Adam Robertson United States
8,365 Stephanie Smith United States Kitchen Witch
8,364 Nancy Hart ??
8,363 Bambi West United States
8,362 Claire Smith United States Claire's College Corner
8,361 Robert DeLong Usa Non traditional diesm
8,360 Dan O'Leary USA
8,359 Nancy Ice United States tend towards established religion
8,358 Steven Hansen United States
8,357 Brinn Stuart United States
8,356 Learneus Doren USA Naturalism/Celtic/Asatru -non practicing
8,355 James Struthers United States
8,354 Mara Ihlenfeldt South Africa
8,353 Stephanie Cleek United States
8,352 Iliana Hidalgo United States
8,351 Joshua (Paul) Hayward USA Cosmic Oneness
8,350 Tom Holland United States
8,349 Don Smith II USA Agrarian Industrialist
8,348 Bice Wilson USA UU /Buddhist Pagan
8,347 Naomi King United States
8,346 Carol Jennings United States
8,345 Abby Rovner United States
8,344 Ramona Black ??
8,343 Ginger Chance United States
8,342 G. W. Tenery United States
8,341 Karen Laing ??
8,340 Barbara Stelmach USA Wiccan
8,339 Neil Rotter United States Atheist
8,338 Chris Carpenter United States None
8,337 Lisa Schaefer USA
8,336 Amanda Stotelmyer United States Wiccan
8,335 Connie Collins Us
8,334 Alison Lees U.K.
8,333 Cassandra Matten Australian Pagan
8,332 John Schwoebel MX Spiritualist
8,331 Wade Sikorski United States
8,330 Lean van der merwe South Africa Still finding my path
8,329 Ashleigh Board South Wales, UK Hedgewitchery
8,328 Kevin Murtagh United States mindfully spiritual
8,327 Linda Odum U.S.A. self determined
8,326 Frank Billeter United States
8,325 Janet Martz USA
8,324 Emily Weatherill ?? Still finding my path
8,323 Lisa ward USA
8,322 Gill Beddow United Kingdom Pagan
8,321 Joel P (Jody) Dietz Jr United States
8,320 Natalie Sluzar USA
8,319 Mitch Ross United Kingdom Source is Truth
8,318 Gary Trosino Canada
8,317 Cynthia Hollin USA Worship the Great Goddess
8,316 Keith Brofsky USA Humanist
8,315 Sophie Tucker England Wiccan
8,314 Peter Steadman United States Natural atheism
8,313 Jon Reynolds Us Agnostic
8,312 Kerrie shaw USA pagan patheist
8,311 Carlos Paladino Argentina
8,310 Cat Koehn Usa
8,309 Christina Hannan ??
8,308 Jennifer Hamad United Kingdom Dragons Gate
8,307 Michael Loos United States
8,306 Jennifer Balsham United Kingdom Academy of Magic
8,305 Timothy Michael USA woodchuck
8,304 Katarzyna Blicharska Poland
8,303 John C Octigan United States of America
8,302 Melanie Burnett USA
8,301 Brian Halley United States My own
8,300 aaron hughes usa
8,299 Matthew Trumble United States Druidry
8,298 Robin King Us Wiccan/eclectic
8,297 Kelly Trumble United States Druid Buddhist
8,296 Edurne castro Spain eclectic
8,295 Deborah Baker United Kingdom
8,294 Kelsie Dickerson United States Eclectic
8,293 Kim Trulsen USA
8,292 Blagovest Lefterov Bulgaria
8,291 Caron White United States Progressive Witchcraft
8,290 kathy zimmerman United States Pantheist / Druid
8,289 Bjarne Mathiesen Danmark atheist
8,288 Uusitalo Mervi ??
8,287 Karla Knowles New Zealand Witch
8,286 AxA Sauri Paituvi España Now
8,284 Tiina Miettinen Finland devotee of Magna Mater Cybele
8,283 sue watling UK
8,282 Tasha Montero USA Witch
8,281 Scott Gould US
8,280 Daniel Carvajal Spain
8,279 Verònica Sala Roma Spain Witch
8,278 F S usa
8,277 Clyde Smith United States
8,276 Mary Richter United States Native American
8,275 Rev Dian Firebearer United States Community Chaplain / Shamanic Neo-Faery
8,274 Jennifer Fox United States Witch
8,273 Kathryn Plunkett USA
8,272 Debra Curry United States solitary hedge witch/pagan
8,271 Montse Segarres gisbert Spain
8,270 Angie Birkett ??
8,269 Joan Ryssin-Anthony USA
8,268 Faith Wisenberg United States
8,267 John Minagro United States Temple of Witchcraft
8,266 Holly Simonson United States Pagan
8,265 Maayan Segman ??
8,264 Debra Straten United States Witch
8,263 Gary Behrens usa Norse / Native American
8,262 Joe Blaszczak USA
8,261 Anaïs Estrems Garcia Spain Hedgewitch
8,260 Harriet Stewart United States Celt
8,259 Irma Hernandez United States
8,258 Shelley Scott ??
8,257 Ian Brokaw United States Pagan
8,256 Rhema Neas United States Heathenism
8,255 Nichole Killian United States Celtic/Norse Witchcraft
8,254 Kim Tournat Canada Reclaiming
8,253 Kris Reeves United States Pagan
8,252 Beth Zimmerman USA French Tribal, pagan priestess
8,251 Amanda Levesque USA Mother Nature
8,250 Brittany Miller United States Wiccan
8,249 Jeremy Yachimowski United States Christian Panentheist Theocosmocentrist Christo-Pagan
8,248 Novices of the Old Ways - IN Group USA Wicca
8,247 Joyce Worrells United States Green Witch
8,246 Rachel Molnar United States
8,245 Tamrha Richardson United States Wicca
8,244 Angela Nolan USA Solitary eclectic witch
8,243 Princess Of Metal Spain Wicca
8,242 Christina Cucunato United States Pagan
8,241 Stacey Erickson United States Druid/Native American
8,240 Raven Darkwind USA Shaman
8,239 Danielle Gilleland USA Pagan Druid
8,238 Norma Silva martinez Mexico Wicca
8,237 Noemy Guzmán El Salvador Bruja
8,236 Joni Bowers United States open mind and heart
8,235 Frances Cody US
8,234 Tim Johnston United States Temple of Witchcraft
8,233 Justin Harrell USA Celtic Neopaganism
8,232 Shannon Grimes United States
8,231 adriana rojas México wicca
8,230 Violet Villard United States Wicca/Native American
8,229 Mary Davidson ??
8,228 Jimmy Malecki Australia I study many
8,227 Marty Grantham USA
8,226 fred goulden United States
8,225 kristy wiland United States
8,224 Ellen Nill United States
8,223 Sylwia Bustos Paraguay
8,222 Dr. David Oringderff United States Greencraft Traditional Craft Wicca
8,221 Valerie Yoshino United States Eclectic Stars Wicce
8,220 Elizabeth Lewis United States Wiccan
8,219 Neal Lawson United States Pagan
8,218 Sacred Well Congregation International (Wiccan Church and Fellowship) United States Earth-Centered Spiritualities
8,217 Willow Oringderff USA Wicca
8,216 marjorie ordoñez Chile
8,215 Morgaine Swann USA Wicce
8,214 Faith Howe United States
8,213 Maria de los Angeles Flores Rodriguez Chile Wiccan
8,212 Kayla Turner ??
8,211 Alicia Foster ?? Eclectic Wiccan
8,210 Fico Ferrer United States The Force
8,209 Elsie K México Wicca Celta
8,208 Claudia Rivera Puerto Rico Pagan
8,207 David Oliver Kling United States Sacred Well Congregation
8,206 James Marquard United States
8,205 Janeth Benavides Rondon Colombia
8,204 Mar Miralles Spain Pagan
8,203 Alba Garcia Nicaragua Wicca
8,202 Sati Brown United States pagan
8,201 ken priegel usa pantheist, humanist, free thinker
8,200 Stephen Fleitas United States
8,199 Donald Pelton ?? Deist
8,198 Jorge Gradilla Mexico Pagano
8,197 Mariana Soto Argentina
8,196 Julián Farías Argentina Humano
8,195 Alejandra Puentes Chile
8,194 David Bohn Argentina
8,193 Daniel Rueda Spain Wicca
8,192 Antonio Sequera Venezuela paganism
8,191 Lynda Azzopardi Canada
8,190 Quimerancia Group México
8,189 Alex Vega México Wiccan
8,188 Mary Teel USA Pagan
8,187 María Martínez Pisón Spain Basque tradition
8,186 Jose Martinez Spain
8,185 Heleia / Carmen Candelario Dominican Republic Templo Dragón /Santuario Hécate Triformis
8,184 Roble Tormenta Spain Correllian Nativist Wicca
8,183 Susana Sciscioli Paraguay Correllian
8,182 joan aureli gil ortega catalonia ateo
8,181 Chris Hedding United States Solitary witch
8,180 Kris Linça Catalonia path of Arcadia/ Gaian Spirituality
8,179 Victoria Hargrave USA Pantheist pagan
8,178 Bonnie Galvan United States
8,177 Mary Lanham United States
8,176 Reverend WildSerenity United States Wicca
8,175 Melissa Camoirano USA
8,174 Morgan Smith United States
8,173 Michael Arribas Spain
8,172 Joy Wroblewski United states Pagan
8,171 Eleanor Falkenstern United States Witch
8,170 Amanda Mills Canada
8,169 Denise Loslo Canada Wicca / pantheist
8,168 Jackie Dainty United Kingdom Pagan
8,167 Mary Weaver USA Wiccan
8,166 charleen Gonzalez Puerto Rico wicca
8,165 Carmen Perez Puerto Rico Pagan
8,164 Juana Martinez USA
8,163 SheM'kwa Shawnee United States Native American
8,162 Owen Knight usa
8,161 Jaclyn Duhe United States
8,160 Karla Camacho Costa Rica Wiccan
8,159 viviana nestrojil argentina
8,158 Camille Burgin United States
8,157 P. Rhiannon Snow United States Druid
8,156 Dawn Kellerhouse Usa Pagan
8,155 Aga Rekas Australia
8,154 Mimi Quintanilla Costa Rica Universal
8,153 Molly Pumfrey United States
8,152 Jessica Walker Australia
8,151 Antoni Garcia Spain Goddess Movement
8,150 Nuria Anami Spain Goddess Movement
8,149 Templo de la Diosa (Organization) Spain Goddess Movement
8,148 Samantha Godbold United States of America
8,147 belen perez Argentina de la tierra 🙂
8,146 Loreto Naranjo Chile
8,145 Stella Maris Peralta Argentina
8,144 Diana Padron Australia
8,143 Christine Simmons United Kingdom Pagan
8,142 Dawn Gardner USA Druid
8,141 Irene Molina Rodríguez Spain Pagan Wicca
8,140 Roy Bridgland England Wodenist
8,139 Roy McKean England Folkish Heathen
8,138 Snow Larsons Spain Wiccan
8,137 Yuki Onna Ragnarssons Spain Tribal Odinism ( Heathenry )
8,136 Eliabeth Pichardo Mexico WICCA
8,135 ANABEL PÉREZ España hedgewitch
8,134 Alejandra Medina Uruguay pagana
8,133 Fay Wicca Uruguay Uruguay
8,132 Virginia Loy USA
8,131 José Antonio Urquijo Flores Canada Wicca Celtic
8,130 Eva María Muñoz Cuevas España Reclaiming
8,129 Nikki McCarty United States Eclectic Witch
8,128 Mita Beach usa Druid
8,127 Lilliam Lozada Puerto Rico
8,126 Martha Alvarez Mexico
8,125 Olga Moscoso Colombia Pagan
8,124 Núria Queixalós Spain
8,123 Ron & Nancy Saeger USA Humanist
8,122 Yanarit Hernandez wicca celta Puerto Rico wicca celta
8,121 Dacny Segarra Puerto Rico Wicca Celta
8,120 Mayra Cordova Puerto Rico
8,119 Alban Heruin Spain Pagan
8,118 Corrina Dolso UK Pantheist Witch Unitarian
8,117 Sarah Watling United Kingdom Wicca
8,116 Lou Mason United Kingdom Pagan
8,115 Sharron Hooton United Kingdom
8,114 Cassandra Lee Australia Eclectic solitary Wiccan Neo-pagan with Christian leanings
8,113 Katherine Dedman United Kingdom
8,112 Ez Kruyze the netherlands
8,111 Paul Michael UK Druid
8,110 Kirran Lochhead Strang United Kingdom Advaitist Hindu
8,109 Jan Watson United Kingdom Eclectic
8,108 sally surcouf United Kingdom Wicca
8,107 Katrina Keshishian Australia Witch
8,106 Richard Fogelberg United Kingdom Hedgecraft
8,105 A.K. Vincent USA
8,104 Ani (Annie Finch) USA poet, Green Witch
8,103 Peggy Koch US Pagan
8,102 Sue Stone United Kingdom
8,101 Johanna Bialostosky United States spiritual,period...
8,100 Elizabeth García Guatemala Pagana
8,099 Daren Tenney United States
8,098 Frater Runicus Australia Heathen / Masonic / LHP
8,097 Lisa Robichaud United States
8,096 Tammy Gieseke USA
8,095 Melissa McNair United States
8,094 claire huckle United Kingdom Neo Pagan
8,093 David Nelson USA
8,092 Eleanor Hughes UK Wiccan
8,091 Stacey Lawless United States
8,090 Saundra Lambert United States My Own Path
8,089 eva Sennesvik Norway asatro
8,088 Peter van Doorn Netherlands Druid
8,087 Charlotte Koerni-Lagendijk Netherlands eclectisch
8,086 Eline Oskam Netherlands
8,085 Kellye Houck United States Neo Shamanism
8,084 Zel Ronan United States Wicca
8,083 Organization USA Gaianist
8,082 Marissa Bowman ??
8,081 Isaac Alejandre Torres Guardián del bosque Spain
8,080 Shelly Ferland United States Druid
8,079 Robert Granger United States Christian
8,078 Thia Vawter United States Wicca
8,077 Lindsey Tolhurst United States
8,076 carel van rosmalen Netherlands
8,075 marianne van der mast Netherlands pagan
8,074 Gloria Devendorf United States Wiccan
8,073 Bette Ruting Netherlands witch
8,072 Elles Van Swinderen ??
8,071 leo van velzen Netherlands solitairy
8,070 Christine Verbraeken Belgium Witch
8,069 Darlene Teixeira United States Pagan/Wiccan
8,068 winny hooghuis Spain eclectic
8,067 Wilmy Schattevoet Netherlands
8,066 Nancy Reynoso USA
8,065 Michelle Cartaya USA Pantheistic
8,064 kim van der heiden The Netherlands pagan
8,063 karin konings Netherlands pagan
8,062 Zahide Saglam Netherlands Eclectic witch
8,061 Romy Kroon Netherlands Pagan
8,060 Isabelle Oostendorp Nederland Witch, priestess and druide
8,059 Betsy Reed USA
8,058 Friedel Alexandra Guerra Ortiz Germany
8,057 Christopher Gordin United States Eclectic Wicca
8,056 Ann Gould Massoubre USA Buddhist
8,055 Marijke Tetteroo Netherlands
8,054 Marieke Treebusch Nederland celtic wicca
8,053 Alaine Lebacq Netherlands Stregherian witchcraft
8,052 jose buursma Nederland
8,051 Cynthia Volkering Netherlands Eclectic witch
8,050 Yentl Schattevoet The Netherlands
8,049 Vera Mónica Marques Ferreira Portugal Wiccan
8,048 petra potters Nederland
8,047 MC Leenen Nederland
8,046 Debbie Teunissen Netherlands Eclectic witch
8,045 Margot Van t Hof ??
8,044 Kris Stomphorst Nederland Humanistic Archetype Barbarian
8,043 Mirjam Van Donselaar Netherlands Heathenism
8,042 Nanouk Groenestein jankiewicz Netherlands mother earth
8,041 linda van rosmalen Netherlands druide and witch
8,040 Thea Stoeten Netherlands
8,039 willemien weerstra Netherlands
8,038 Elles Piets ??
8,037 Laura Wals-Gosman Netherlands Traditional Witchcraft
8,036 Maudy Van der Toorn Netherlands Solitairy witch
8,035 Monique Den Boer Netherlands Wicca/pagan
8,034 José Struijk-Bolleboom Netherlands Witch
8,033 Iris Lerou Netherlands Pagan
8,032 Vera Kok Netherlands Witch
8,031 Charlene Hagenaars The Netherlands Witch
8,030 mira Leiendecker Nederland pagan
8,029 Athena Pallas Germany
8,028 Erin van Atten ?? solitary witch
8,027 Joyce Senden Netherlands Pagan wicca
8,026 Cat Gor Canada Wicca
8,025 Marjolein Jongmans Nederland Nature/Spiritual
8,024 Sylvia Palstra Netherlands Pagan
8,023 natasja vink Netherlands pagan
8,022 Saskia Van den Ingh Netherlands Pagan
8,021 Agnes Jonkman ??
8,020 Elisabeth Wuring Nederland
8,019 marieke hal Nederland traditional witchcraft
8,018 kim possible Netherlands pegan
8,017 Evelyn Loiste ?? Gaelic Polytheism
8,016 mandy molenaar Holland
8,015 Rebecca Vanderstoel United States
8,014 Diane Brown Usa Asatru
8,013 nicol steenbergen Netherlands
8,012 L vH Netherlands
8,011 Ruben Albasa Jelgersma Netherlands Pagan
8,010 martine Klaver ??
8,009 Lunadea Ruthy Jankiewicz Netherlands Traditional witchcraft
8,008 Rev. Christine Porter United States
8,007 Brian Porter United States Humanist UU
8,006 Barbara Dove United States Wicca - Blue Star Tradition
8,005 Ted Thibodeau Jr USA Glainn Sidhr / EarthSpirit Community
8,004 Monique Fredline United States
8,003 Dawn Coker United States Celtic
8,002 Rev. Alicia Folberth USA Odyssean Wicca
8,001 April Walus United States Pagan
8,000 Andrew Self canada OBOD
7,999 Andy Green Mann UK Eclectic witch and philosopher
7,998 Martin Kok Netherlands Druicca
7,997 Henk Meerman Netherlands Traditional
7,996 João Silva Portugal Pagan
7,995 Dylan Henley United States Witch
7,994 Sandy Caywood United States American Eclectic Pagan
7,993 Brian Whitehead United Kingdom
7,992 Courtney Bateman United States
7,991 Brenin Magpie United Kingdom Ecclectic
7,990 David Burwasser United States Unitarian Universalist Pagan
7,989 Megan Schiller United States
7,988 Melissa Cobb United States Eclectic Pagan
7,987 Jennifer Pripakis Germany Eclectic Pagan / Wiccan
7,986 Laurie Schneppmueller United States
7,985 Ciara Fraser Canada Druidic/Celtic
7,984 Jacob Solomon United States Druidry
7,983 Megan Nelson USA Celtic
7,982 Si la Nu silanu ?? love worker
7,981 Reya Laing United States
7,980 Joyce Henry UK
7,979 K. Milner UK
7,978 Pamela Ceallaigh Uk
7,977 lesley Allder United Kingdom Pagan
7,976 Heather Dawson USA Eclectic Witch
7,975 Jennifer Whiting USA WICCAN PEGAN
7,974 D. Horrell United States
7,973 Catherine LeFevre USA
7,972 Lisa O'Brien United States Eclectic Pagan
7,971 Brooke Pinson United States
7,970 Vanessa Diegek USA Many
7,969 angela lambert United States Eclectic..
7,968 cynthia lefevre United States Wiccan
7,967 John Holden UK Pagan
7,966 Lisa Durler United States Pagan
7,965 Kim Crowdis United States wicca and pagan
7,964 Tanya Lelo USA New Thought (Pagan Ally)
7,963 Margie Sue Brogdon United States of America eclectic
7,962 Mayra Farias brazil
7,961 Michelle Asher United States Druid
7,960 Kat Breitsprecher United Kingdom Wiccan/pagan
7,959 Samantha Jane Hunter America Pegan
7,958 Mel Dyster U.K.
7,957 Adonis Christofi United Kingdom Pagan
7,956 Tyler Goodman United States Heathen
7,955 Donna Read USA Reclaiming
7,954 Angie Valdes United States universal
7,953 Debora Auge' USA Wicca/Nature
7,952 Katy Ravensong USA green witch
7,951 Deolinda Blathorsarn Brazil Pagan
7,950 Kathryn Fidati USA
7,949 Berto Segura Spain Pagan
7,948 Lauren Launce United Kingdom pagan
7,947 Martha Thew United States Ecclectic Pagan
7,946 Karen Marsh US Druid and Eclectic
7,945 Meg Beeler United States Earth Caretakers, shamanism
7,944 Cassandra Wade United Kingdom
7,943 Willow Aelfwine Canada Agnostic Pantheist Witch Grandmother
7,942 Yannie Leonti UK Pagan
7,941 Virginia Anderson USA feminist spirituality
7,940 Susan Albert United States Buddhism
7,939 Meg Bowden United Kingdom
7,938 Melanie Butler United Kingdom
7,937 Keira McCormack UK
7,936 Kristine Hancock USA Hedgewitch
7,935 Carolyne Finley United Kingdom
7,934 Teri Brown United States Pagan
7,933 ana martins Portugal
7,932 Emily Deacon United Kingdom
7,931 Alysha-Jane Connors Australia
7,930 Indiana Womack United States
7,929 Erin Foster Canada Wicca
7,928 Litha Knott USA Eclectic
7,927 cheri Christiansen United States
7,926 Veronica Heitman Australia
7,925 Lawrence Tansey USA
7,924 jenelle wood Australia
7,923 Freia Titland ??
7,922 Charlie Perrone USA Eclectic
7,921 Nicole Rain Sellers Australia
7,920 Pascale Titley USA OBOD Druid/Bön
7,919 angela lunsford US WICCA
7,918 Mary Ernsberger United States Pagan
7,917 cheryl sonter Australia pagan
7,916 Samantha Spurway Australia
7,915 Fran Jackson USA
7,914 Dennis Stevens USA
7,913 Nyia Weidenbohm Australia
7,912 Ion Griffis United Kingdom British Druid Order
7,911 Bob Stephens United States
7,910 Beverly Medley United States
7,909 Samantha Balash USA
7,908 Lauren Josenhans United States
7,907 Martha Storm United States Gardnerian
7,906 Tom Goddard United Kingdom Pagan/Humanist
7,905 Ruairí Weiner Ireland Irish Pagan
7,904 Lisa White United States
7,903 Joe Bounds United States Nightside
7,902 Anna Wolf ??
7,901 Tammy Eves United States
7,900 Cineraria Alces United States Pantheistic witch, morthwyrtha
7,899 Emily Wire USA eclectic
7,898 Gemma Gabler Uk
7,897 Karla Thomas United States
7,896 rowan haley uk hedgewitch
7,895 Rev. Rob Henderson United States ADF Druid
7,894 Ward McCreery USA Eclectic
7,893 Shannon Joyce United States Solitary
7,892 Jacque Russell USA
7,891 Catarina de Almeida Portugal Pagan
7,890 Richard Sprigg Canada Thelemite
7,889 Rachael Blareau United Kingdom Eclectic witch
7,888 Peter LaRochelle United States American Druid
7,887 Ruth Prins Netherlands
7,886 Lucian-Robert Negut Romania
7,885 Heather King krall United States Wiccan
7,884 Connor Payne United States
7,883 Angela Webb England Druidry/Wicca
7,882 Jennifer Wommack United States
7,881 Song Of Avalon (Group) United States Pagan
7,880 Samantha desuze USA Eclectic
7,879 Evelina Rønneseth Norge Eclectic
7,878 Pauline Edwards United Kingdom Pagan
7,877 Sue Demeter Canada
7,876 Cllare O'Brien United Kingdom
7,875 srn hrmn ??
7,874 Kathryn Colling UK
7,873 Mike Nelson ?? Unitarian
7,872 Cat Nelson United States
7,871 Erynn Rowan Laurie Italy Celtic polytheist
7,870 Teresa Carvalho Portugal
7,869 Sonya Muller Luxembourg Druid
7,868 Barbara Wright United States Druid
7,867 David Alexander United States Eclectic Wiccan
7,866 Dylan Johndrow United States Pagan
7,865 Malcolm Steele United Kingdom Wiccan
7,864 Paula Covill United Kingdom Wiccan
7,863 Roland Bishop United Kingdom Druid
7,862 Vicky Johnson United States
7,861 Elizabete Santos Portugal
7,860 Barbara Potter United States
7,859 Earthseed (Organization) ?? Earthseed (
7,858 Marc Godfrey U.K. Pagan
7,857 Terra Deusa Terra Deusa Brasil Earth Goddess - the Eternal Living Being
7,856 Raquel Rose Heart Portugal Love
7,855 Denice Lange US Pagan
7,854 Celia Paulo Portugal
7,853 Dominique Lussenburg Sweden Wicca
7,852 Kevin Tate Canada
7,851 Sofia Mercer Australia
7,850 Marina Aesop Slovakia
7,849 Allison Needles United States
7,848 Rainbow star Group Aotearoa
7,847 Audrey Elicerio United States
7,846 Owen Moynihan ?? Gaelic Polytheist
7,845 Patricia Thurman USA solitary eclectic
7,844 Leah McCreery USA Ecclasian Tradition
7,843 Joseph Jones United States wiccan
7,842 Shari Lewis US Eclectic Witch
7,841 Douglas Helvie United States Eternal Harvest Wicca
7,840 Maia Ruggiero United States Eclectic
7,839 shelley magill Australia Dianic solitary
7,838 Leslie Lowdermilk United States
7,837 Lynne Hoover United States Pagan
7,836 Shara Lamont Canada West Coast Eclectic
7,835 Geoffrey Accursi USA Realist
7,834 debra smith united states solitary
7,833 DeBorah Hill United States
7,832 Geoffrey Denton United Kingdom Pagan
7,831 Sharron Denton United Kingdom Pagan
7,830 Amy Kate New Zealand Eclectic Pagan
7,829 Jennifer Schuler United States Druid
7,828 Rodd Gibbs New Zealand hedge druid
7,827 Rhonda Danielson United States
7,826 Susan Curry United Kingdom Greenwitchery
7,825 Kay Drache United States
7,824 Regina McClung United States Druid - ADF
7,823 Gail Gilbert USA Wiccan
7,822 Deneece Lacy USA Kemetic Orthodox
7,821 Hugh Hampton United States
7,820 Olena Kukuruza United States Slav Pagan Traditions
7,819 Jo Aelfwine United States Elven
7,818 Calla Crockett United Kingdom Wicca
7,817 Charlette Spicer united states eclectic shamanism
7,816 Randall Weiser USA Georgian Traditional Witchcraft
7,815 Carlynne Toomey United States Druid
7,814 Robert Schmid USA druidic
7,813 Shevon Propst United States Witch
7,812 Kay Webster United States Wicca
7,811 William Pierson United States Wiccan
7,810 Angelika Krüger Germany Reclaiming
7,809 Sharon O'Brien United States Pagan - Druid/Witch
7,808 Ronda Kisner United States
7,807 Robin Graves United States Pagan
7,806 Emma Rayne UK
7,805 Phil Hutchens USA Druid
7,804 Patti Bock United States
7,803 Dawn Voice-Cooper United Kingdom Pagan/early Christian
7,802 Andrew Magnone US
7,801 Chris Lewis Denmark
7,800 Lisa Soucy United States
7,799 Elizabeth McDonald ?? ADF
7,798 Bear Jason Nied United States
7,797 Annabelle Beauchamp Canada
7,796 Amelia Wayne United States Pagan - Druid
7,795 Sky Brown United States
7,794 David Binder Slovenia
7,793 Four Dragons Clann (coven group) USA 1734 Witchcraft
7,792 Avril Dannenbaum United States
7,791 Cindie Ambar United States Oneness
7,790 George Marshall United States The Brotherhood of the Phoenix
7,789 Mary Wilson USA Pagan
7,788 Mary Wilson USA
7,787 Deborah Einbender United States wiccan
7,786 Murphy Pizza, Ph.D United States Eclectic Pagan
7,785 Melissa Whitney United States Hedgewitch
7,784 Michelle Cassella USA Wiccan
7,783 Margie Adams United States
7,782 Faith Titus United States
7,781 bryan rawls United States Eclectic/Faeri
7,780 Susannah Faith United States
7,779 kay soto United States
7,778 Helen Dimond South Africa
7,777 Syn Birch United States Heathen
7,776 Fran Rosen US ADF
7,775 Ashley Parker United States Pagan
7,774 Mark Burnham USA
7,773 Michael Straker Canada
7,772 Jan Avende USA ADF Druid
7,771 Steph Gooch USA Druid
7,770 Ruth Robinson United Kingdom Pagan
7,769 Dennis Ford United States Heathen/Asatru
7,768 Olwen Lachowicz United Kingdom Goddess
7,767 Dale Frampton United States Polytheist
7,766 Julie Scott Australia Druid
7,765 Maxine Alexander United Kingdom
7,764 Erin Jaffe-Wright US Hermetic/Ceremonial Magician
7,763 Sarah Burrows TR5 0NT Traditional Witch
7,762 Elizabeth Layton United Kingdom Goddess
7,761 Tim Workman United States Druidic/CelticWitchcraft
7,760 Jeffrey Altergott USA Druidic
7,759 Monay Waters United States agnostic pagan
7,758 Danielle Boschert USA
7,757 R. Hansen United States
7,756 Michael Golden United States Druid
7,755 Tom Griffin USA Pagan
7,754 Maggie MacNeill United States Pagan
7,753 Ed Taub USA Jewish
7,752 Gerri Graham United States Pagan
7,751 Amy Cannon USA Atheist, Humanist, Pagan Ally
7,750 Blair MacLean Canada
7,749 Gabriel Garza USA
7,748 Geoff Mccafferty Canada
7,747 Brian P United States
7,746 Daniel Palmer United States
7,745 elizabeth stansfield United States Upwards
7,744 Matthew House ??
7,743 Christine Hunt United States
7,742 Traci Ardren USA Witch
7,741 Jill Henson ??
7,740 Rodney Cox United States ADF Druid
7,739 Joy Carroll-King USA ADF
7,738 Angela Oakes United Kingdom Many!
7,737 Samantha Pack Texas
7,736 Jessica Bundy United States
7,735 Jeffrey Smart United States
7,734 Domhnall Irvine United States Celtic Polytheist/Druid
7,733 Michael Jameson United States Wiccan
7,732 Birgit Reinartz Germany Druid
7,731 Thomas Curtis United States Ancestral Folkway
7,730 Ashley Price United States ADF
7,729 Justin Bowen United States Baptist
7,728 Katie Velazquez United States Pagan
7,727 Tina Velazquez United States Pagan
7,726 Marnie Wylie Canada Wicca
7,725 Eira L'osee-Fukuda United States Druidry
7,724 Bart Servaes Belgium
7,723 Dawn Thorp USA Solitary - Egyptian deities
7,722 Christi Rigby United States ADF
7,721 Samantha Carroll United States
7,720 Rev. David Crawford United States Ár nDraíocht Féin Druidry: ADF
7,719 Michael Oakes England Man of the earth,wind and fire
7,718 Randi Leigh USA
7,717 William Thomas USA Gnostic Druid
7,716 abby layton USA Jew/Boo
7,715 Melinda Thomas USA Druid
7,714 Kat Posell United States ADF Druidism
7,713 Philip Rutledge United States Druid
7,712 jimi cottrell United States ADF
7,711 Jennifer Cootware United States RDG Druid
7,710 Chelly Couvrette Canada Druidic
7,709 Michael Talvola ?? ADF Druid
7,708 candace Kant USA Goddess
7,707 Mariah Higgins United States Druid
7,706 Ken Henrie United States
7,705 Dennis Nock USA Tribal Geal Polytheism
7,704 Ro Bove United States Celtic/Eclectic
7,703 Ruth Morgan United Kingdom Pagan
7,702 phyllis b usa
7,701 Tamara McKenna USA Shamanic
7,700 Trina Williams United States pagan
7,699 John Deslatte United States Druid
7,698 Tammy Reynolds United States Pagan
7,697 Susie Atterbury United Kingdom Pagan
7,696 Adam Chertoff United States
7,695 John Lee ??
7,694 Myrddin Emrys United States Druid (ADF)
7,693 Frank Huber United States Celtic/Germanic
7,692 Francesca Hedrick United States Druid, Polytheistic
7,691 Karen Clark United States ADF Druid
7,690 Rebecca Sheehan United States Heathen
7,689 Verena Suner USA Celtic Druid
7,688 Asrik Tashlin United States Polytheistic pagan with strong animist tendencies
7,687 Erin Mullin United States ADF Druid
7,686 Caryn MacLuan USA Druid & Heathen
7,685 Kristen McKinlay United States Eclectic Pagan, Celtic, Druid
7,684 Janet McCandlas United Kingdom Druidry
7,683 Joseph Nicol USA Pagan
7,682 Adrian Moran United States Brotherhood of the Phoenix
7,681 Crystal Phillips USA pagan
7,680 House Imhotep (House Imhotep) United States
7,679 Clare Key South Africa Seeress
7,678 Joseph Benefield United States Fyrnsidu (Anglo-Saxon Heathenry)
7,677 Kristen Skelton United States Witch
7,676 Bruce Mullins United States Druid
7,675 Barbara Colegrove United States Spiritual
7,674 Valal du Pon Netherlands Open Path
7,673 Lenard Braude South Africa
7,672 Kenneth Carlson United States
7,671 Maria Ramis Palma de Mallorca
7,670 Kantha Pillay South Africa
7,669 Leonie Hensby South Africa
7,668 R. B. United States
7,667 Caroline Foldes Australia
7,666 Brenda Wolf United States
7,665 Natasha Andaz USA Pagan
7,664 Dannie Karabin United States Wicca
7,663 Danielle Mitchell United States Wicca
7,662 Ronald Poh USA
7,661 Elinor Smith Greece
7,660 Kyle Wilkins USA
7,659 CarlaJean Benejam usa solitary eclectic
7,658 Arielle Finberg USA Druid Animist
7,657 D Prentice Australia Pagan
7,656 Johnnie Keating United States Witch
7,655 Brandon Lucio United States
7,654 Zachary Wajerski United States
7,653 Mathew Willoughby United States of America
7,652 nancy wink Australia
7,651 Jane Di Lieto-Danes United Kingdom
7,650 Frederike Peters The Netherlands Pagan
7,649 Carole Renard United Kingdom Mother nature is all powerful
7,648 Laura Hodgson Emgland
7,647 Mary Oliva United States
7,646 Lori Eubanks United States Pagan
7,645 Diana Gebczyk United States Eclectic Pagan Witch
7,644 Rafa Partida Spain Celtic Reconstructionism
7,643 Claire Stone United Kingdom Wiccan
7,642 Michelle Brown UK
7,641 AMber Dawn USA Witch/African Dispora
7,640 Kali Miller United States
7,639 Elizabeth Salgado México Celtic Reconstructionism
7,638 Judith Pey Fernández Spain
7,637 Anthony Rego United States Mesopaganism/Trinitarian Wicca
7,636 Emma Burrows United Kingdom
7,635 Mariam Castellanos Venezuela
7,634 Glendon Allen United States Pagan
7,633 Silvia Gonzalez Spain Correllian Tradition
7,632 Silvia Bedregal Guatemala Correllian Tradition
7,631 Debra Willis United States
7,630 Enrique Viedma Spain
7,629 Dana Owlwoman USA
7,628 Carlos Carmona España Tradicion Nativista Correlliana
7,627 Nimué Del Mar Spain Correllian Tradition
7,626 Lucía Gómez Spain
7,625 Catqu Ko ??
7,624 Jonathan Paul United States
7,623 Ashley Abbott United States
7,622 ROCIO BRAVO SANCHEZ España Wiccan
7,621 Adina Raceanu Spain Pagan
7,620 alfonso luege marvan mexico The Force
7,619 Margarita Martinez Vicente España Druídica
7,618 Ginette Durán Costa Rica
7,617 Irene Barroso Rodríguez Spain Correllian
7,616 Daniel lasobras España Traditional Witchcraft
7,615 Maximiliano Eduardo Frick Garcia España spiritual
7,614 Walgio Audatto El Salvador
7,613 Macarena Álvarez Spain solitaire wiccan
7,612 Luzmaria Delatorre Mexico Pagan
7,611 Alfonso Sánchez España Correllian
7,610 Nasly Garcia Colombia
7,609 Melis R. Chile Wicca
7,608 Rita de Cassia Sant'Anna Brazil solitária
7,607 carmen candelari Dominican Republic Correllian
7,606 Narda Yagai Mexico Wicca
7,605 Marwin Carvallo Venezuela Eclectic Wicca
7,604 julia ortega Spain
7,603 Hazel Marquez Venezuela Correlliana
7,602 Patricia Jarrett United States Wiccan
7,601 fleur oakes United Kingdom
7,600 Sybil Holiday United States eclectic witch
7,599 gail lewis United Kingdom pagan
7,598 Anne Bradley scotland
7,597 Karrie Dashwood United Kingdom Pagan Shaman
7,596 Toby Doyle United Kingdom Earth centred paganism
7,595 Amanda Ling United States Wicca
7,594 Philip Craig United Kingdom Druidic Caretaker
7,593 fernanda sosa switzerland
7,592 Helen Sparshott United Kingdom Druid
7,591 faith fhain United Kingdom
7,590 Manuel Guerrero Uría Spain Celtiberian Reconstructionist Polytheism
7,589 Ian Neville England witch
7,588 Wes Isley USA
7,587 Judy Conrad USA Earth-centered
7,586 James Bradley United States
7,585 Danielle Bradley United States
7,584 Kaleb Lund United States
7,583 Elaine Evans United Kingdom
7,582 Rowen Stillwater United Kingdom Hellenismos
7,581 Paddy Butcher United Kingdom
7,580 Susan Chandler United States Wicca
7,579 Jacqueline Malkin United Kingdom
7,578 Lady Klea Roe ?? Shamaness
7,577 Circle of the SacredFeathers Circle Group United States Wiccan
7,576 Manny Tejeda United States
7,575 Nadia Malowana Poland Druid
7,574 Jillian Simon UK
7,573 Karen Blackburn ??
7,572 Lorraine Beresford United Kingdom Pagan Druid
7,571 Samantha Venning United Kingdom
7,570 lisa smith Scotland pagan hedgewitch
7,569 Jan Grant England
7,568 Mark Gustard UK
7,567 Jon Barker Scotland Pagan
7,566 Steve Wills United Kingdom Wiccan
7,565 Richeldis Messam UK
7,564 Jeff Harper United States Druid
7,563 Roxane Connor United States
7,562 sue thorne UK Wiccan
7,561 Bella-Scarlet Sanchez United States Pagan / Wiccan
7,560 Veritee Reed Hall United Kingdom
7,559 Martin Reed ?? Jungian
7,558 Brenda Evie C U.S
7,557 Audrey van Rooij Netherlands Eclectic witchcraft
7,556 Rónán Ua Deaghaidh Éire/Ireland Págántacht na hÉireann/Irish Paganism
7,555 Francesca Bocconcino Italy Hellenismos
7,554 Dylan Nash United States Hellenismos
7,553 Karen Carter United Kingdom Eclectic pagan
7,552 Michaela Zube Austria Druid
7,551 Elke Fiebiger Germany Goddess-worship
7,550 Steven Coppard United Kingdom Heathen
7,549 Evija Lapiņa Latvia Pagan, Witch
7,548 Jennifer Smith Uk Pagan
7,547 Kayla Cunningham United States Eclectic Wicca
7,546 Danielle Riley United States of America Eclectic Wiccan
7,545 Haley Mary Canada
7,544 Mitchell Pluto United States Artist
7,543 Philip Hilton USA
7,542 Rita Kochensparger United States
7,541 Teri Vermillion USA Evletic Correllian
7,540 Karla Ismay USA
7,539 Heather Vandegrift United States Eclectic paganism
7,538 Claudina Massey USA
7,537 Jade Garcia Australia Pagan
7,536 Rutger Lovers Netherlands Druidic
7,535 Melissa Anderson United States Kemetic Reconstruction
7,534 ana valentim arctica
7,533 Lisa Lewis Britain Pagan
7,532 Renee Millar New Zealand Pagan
7,531 janet joosten United Kingdom pagan
7,530 Sandra Field New Zealand pagan
7,529 lien van camp Belgium bardic druid
7,528 Zachary Crain United States Traditional Witchcraft & Neo Wicca
7,527 susan bergeron ??
7,526 Diana Waldron United States Dianic/eclectic witch
7,525 Arleen Stader United States Celto-Alexandrian
7,524 Elizabeth Johnston United States Pantheist High Priestess
7,523 Mags Butcher England
7,522 David Barker United Kingdom Pagan
7,521 Nicole Avila United States Pagan (new)
7,520 Deborah Morris Uk Hedgewitch
7,519 pati thomas canada
7,518 Ondrea Wade United Kingdom Pagan
7,517 Freda Harris United Kingdom Witch
7,516 Paz Rojas ??
7,515 Lynda Ryder United Kingdom Druid
7,514 jennifer hogan United States
7,513 Ross Lacey ??
7,512 Kelly Preeper Canada
7,511 Andrew Dall United States
7,510 debra hall england pagan
7,509 Jasmin Flower United Kingdom Pagan
7,508 Sarah Beavins United Kingdom Pagan Path
7,507 erica sanderson United Kingdom own path
7,506 Sarah Bassam England Pagan
7,505 Craig Lawrence United Kingdom Druid/wiccan
7,504 Lisa Toft South Africa Eclectic Heathen
7,503 Heather Dewhurst United Kingdom
7,502 Henk and Janet Joosten United Kingdom Members Druid Grove
7,501 Morton Harper United Kingdom Pagan
7,500 Michael Taylor United Kingdom Witch
7,499 Claire Holland United Kingdom Pagan
7,498 Dawn Doyle UK Pagan
7,497 Gemma Thody Uk Wicca
7,496 Di Stirling-Chow ??
7,495 Annie Watkins UK Pagan
7,494 Dee Rutty United Kingdom Solitary Eclectic
7,493 Paula Jones United States Electic
7,492 Adrian Bryn-Evans United Kingdom Traditional
7,491 Sandra Cole United Kingdom Wicca
7,490 William Gates United States Wiccan
7,489 Sonia Stacey United Kingdom Druid
7,488 Edgar Carlos United States Eclectic
7,487 Nicki Lancaster United Kingdom Pagan
7,486 Patience Keet Harris UK
7,485 Dr Sweetpea Smart England Pagan
7,484 Toni Simmons United States Eclectic Pagan Witch
7,483 Darrell Smith United States
7,482 tina lawlor mottram uk
7,481 Steven Lee United States
7,480 Shelley Fraser United States Celtic
7,479 Ashley Pendorf United States Wiccan
7,478 Taysha Diaz United States
7,477 Callista Lee United States Goddess focused Wicca
7,476 Alexis Banks United States
7,475 Alex Upton United States Norse Pagan
7,474 Phil Weiland England Shagan. Shamanic/Pagan
7,473 Mani Navasothy United Kingdom Hindu-Wiccan
7,472 karen teulon United Kingdom
7,471 Carline Schluter Suriname Winti-pagan
7,470 Lindsey Eade United Kingdom
7,469 Kerry McGill United States Witch
7,468 Phil D'Arcy United Kingdom
7,467 Jamie Lantz United States Feri/Shamanic
7,466 Cora Fraser USA
7,465 Sarah Potter United Kingdom
7,464 Andrew Goldsmith England pagan
7,463 Zoe Hobbs United Kingdom Pagan Witch
7,462 Amanda Yates United Kingdom Hedgewitch
7,461 Kelly Perkins UK
7,460 Katelynn Wagner United States wicca
7,459 Tara McMurray United States Eclectic Pagan Witch
7,458 Paul Sandford United Kingdom Druidry
7,457 Julie Stanley England Eclectic Pagan
7,456 simon law ??
7,455 Janet Matthews ?? Eclectic Pagan
7,454 James Sullivan United Kingdom
7,453 Sue Mawby England Pagan
7,452 Cece Buehner Usa Druidic Witch
7,451 Allan Wood United Kingdom Druid
7,450 Maria-Dolores Lefcovitch United Kingdom Pagan
7,449 Rupert Jones United Kingdom Wicca
7,448 Arlene Davis United States
7,447 michelle skidmore United Kingdom
7,446 Brandon Cook United Kingdom
7,445 Harri Carmichael Wales
7,444 Mona Vrey South-Africa Pagan
7,443 colin loveless United Kingdom druid
7,442 Mel Beasley Spain Druid
7,441 April Claridge-Elstob United Kingdom Druidic
7,440 Sophie Tyler United Kingdom Druid/druidcraft
7,439 amy graham United States
7,438 Sarah Nash United Kingdom Post-modern Pagan
7,437 Sandra Collins Canada Pagan
7,436 Louise Lisse UK eclectic
7,435 Beth Wesley United States
7,434 Harlan White USA Unitarian Universalist Humanist Pagan
7,433 Melanie Johnson United States Pagan
7,432 Madiline Bauer United States pagan
7,431 Anne Soffe United Kingdom Wicca
7,430 Jude McDermott United Kingdom Wicca/Druid
7,429 Neil Wright United States
7,428 Golda Wolf United States
7,427 Jan Whitby United Kingdom Druid
7,426 emily monteith usa
7,425 Michelle Ramieri Canada student of all
7,424 Christine Powell United States
7,423 Bonny Being South Africa traditional healers association
7,422 Suzanne Jacques Canada Witch
7,421 ERICK KREMS United States Druid/Cristian
7,420 cristina gutierrez United States pagan
7,419 Stephanie Barnard United States Eclectic Pantheism
7,418 tiffany enegren United States pagan
7,417 Jen Cardo United States
7,416 paula mcwhirter-buck United States pagan with buddhist and quaker for added colour (solitary)
7,415 Robin Rapagna United States Eclectic
7,414 Matt Lovick Canada Shamanic mesa carrier
7,413 Christopher Glosson United States Eclectic
7,412 Csilla Taylor United States Cabot Tradition
7,411 Rose Luckman United Kingdom Pagan
7,410 Mark Folse United States Asatru
7,409 Cheryle Mauthe Canada
7,408 Tracy Smith United States
7,407 Bekka Schellenberg USA natural humanism
7,406 Ophidia Kalendae England
7,405 Samuel Callow UK Animist, Druid
7,404 Dorthea Torell Canada Shamanic and Druidic
7,403 Laura Freeman United States
7,402 Leah Taylor United Kingdom Pagan Witch
7,401 Nancee Madio United States
7,400 Franco Cavaliere Brazil
7,399 Tamela Farrand Canada Hereditary Witchcraft
7,398 P. strobus United States Shaman
7,397 geoff hall uk shaman
7,396 Jennifer Bailor United States Wiccan/Pagan
7,395 Deborah Billett England Druid
7,394 Roy Gill United Kingdom
7,393 Gloria Tupper United States Pagan
7,392 Manda Scott UK shamanic dreamer
7,391 Nicole Ford Canada Solitary practitioner Druidic path
7,390 Cassandra Fabian ??
7,389 Jan Athole Botha Mozambique Sharman
7,388 carolyn peddie Australia Reclaiming Witch
7,387 richard whytsell usa shaman
7,386 Debra Gibson United States
7,385 john warner United Kingdom
7,384 Samantha Haslope England Asatru
7,383 amanda Joudrey canada wiccan/pagan
7,382 Aphrodite Rose Australia
7,381 Stephany Carroll Australia
7,380 Kim Clarkin South Africa Celtic Wiccan Buddhist
7,379 Susan Brown Australia
7,378 Jessica Simmons Australia
7,377 Rhonda King Australia RECLAIMING Witchcraft
7,376 Elani Temperance Netherlands Hellenismos
7,375 CE RENNISON South Africa
7,374 Miriam Paschke ??
7,373 Sanet Claassen South Africa
7,372 Kimberly Davis USA Eclectic Grey Solitary
7,371 Joy Smith US reclaiming
7,370 Lauren Estes United States
7,369 Mariah Flood United States
7,368 Nicholas Gonzalez United States Werewolf
7,367 Andrea Kiss United States Witch
7,366 Vicky Lauterbach United States
7,365 Kim Maka USA
7,364 Christopher Boyer United States Druid
7,363 Blake Pugmire USA Pagan
7,362 Lucia Jameson USA Wicca
7,361 dale strough USA
7,360 Nicholas mulhearn England
7,359 Amber Sloane United States
7,358 Lori Merritt United States
7,357 Stuart Cullimore United Kingdom
7,356 Raven Madigan United States
7,355 sandy parker United Kingdom pagan/druid
7,354 Roy Hilbinger United States Pantheist
7,353 Jo Ellender United Kingdom Hedgewitch
7,352 Kevin Bennetts United Kingdom Spiritual
7,351 Lorraine Edwards uk pagan
7,350 Karin Steininger Australia Reclaiming
7,349 Heather Coleman England Pagan
7,348 Su Luffman United Kingdom Pagan Wicca
7,347 Adrian Sparkes UK Hedge Witch
7,346 Nigel Westrip UK
7,345 Natalie Winter UK Romani/Celtic Hereditary
7,344 Sarah Warren United Kingdom Hedgewitch
7,343 Verity Baxendale-Nichols England Tradition
7,342 Michele Baxendale-Nichols England Tradition
7,341 Sue Beedell England Pagan
7,340 Inmaculada García Serrano España Pagan
7,339 Tracy Kelly United States Wicca.
7,338 Lowena Taylor United Kingdom
7,337 Catherine Fletcher United Kingdom Pagan
7,336 Lauren Liebling Davis United Kingdom Reclaiming Tradition
7,335 Mac J Hawk United Kingdom Shamanic Witch
7,334 Gill King United Kingdom
7,333 Sue Harris United Kingdom
7,332 Mic Morgan United Kingdom sharmanic healer
7,331 Tyler Hamil US Pagan
7,330 Katie Gray United States Pagan Atheist
7,329 Sophia Burns United States Hellenic Polytheist
7,328 Layla Gordon United States Wicca
7,327 Karen Pepper United Kingdom Wiccan
7,326 Christina Groat United States Eclectic Pagan
7,325 Elisa Day United States Hellenism
7,324 Wesley Jolly United States Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship
7,323 Velina Clements United States Pagan
7,322 Jo Tracy USA Pagan
7,321 Pamela Lanides USA Pagan
7,320 Crystal Morgan Canada
7,319 shari dykeman Canada
7,318 Karen Harper ?? Unitarian Universalist Pagan
7,317 Donata Ahern United States
7,316 Paula Williams Canada EMPATH
7,315 Demetria Nemorensis New Zealand Witchcraft
7,314 Loleta Collins United States Druid
7,313 The Pagan Veil (Online Community) Australia Various
7,312 Rebecca Carman Australia Eclectic Domestic Hellenic Pagan
7,311 Donna Cosimano United States Human Being
7,310 Charley Benjamin United Kingdom Naturalistic Pagan
7,309 Charles Rogers Canada Native traditional
7,308 Jude Duenweg United States
7,307 Claire Stone United Kingdom
7,306 Grant Swanson United States
7,305 Deborah Norton USA
7,304 Lou Takacs United States
7,303 Sherrah Perez United States
7,302 Tricha Koenig Canada
7,301 Richard Carabajal U.S.A. Universal Law of One
7,300 Barbara Thompson USA Madrian
7,299 James Spisak-Finch United States Druidic
7,298 Tam Valencia Spain
7,297 Sierra Stucz United States of America Pagan
7,296 Misty Neuman usa
7,295 Tiffany Mysticstorm United States UNITY
7,294 Ryan Bowser USA Buddhism
7,293 Megan Bowser USA Pagan, Witch, non-Wiccan
7,292 Ana Simões Portugal Druidry
7,291 Travis Smith United States
7,290 Sonya Macfadzen United States
7,289 James Batty United Kingdom Anglo-Saxon Heathen
7,288 Lisa Mc Sherry United States Wicca
7,287 Stephen Kastner United States
7,286 Pauline Kent United States Druidry
7,285 Joy Purcell Usa Druif
7,284 Holistic School of Life (Organization) Austria educational
7,283 Constantin Ehrenstein Austria shamanic
7,282 Ruth Weaver United States
7,281 John Davis UK Druid
7,280 Zay Eleanor Watersong USA Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft
7,279 Angie Willis UK Druidry
7,278 John Horvath USA Heathen/Asatru
7,277 Sebastian Schmid Austria
7,276 Orden der Alten Pfade Group Germany celtic germanic
7,275 Brianne Woods United States Solitary
7,274 Suzana Martin Mexico Pagan
7,273 Egbert Brons Netherlands Druid
7,272 Bill Blank USA Druidry
7,271 Hermandad Druida Dun Ailline (Religious Organization) España native irish druidry
7,270 Ruby Duhamel Cook USA Pagan
7,269 Ruth Cogan UK Pagan
7,268 Maxine Warren UK Catholic Druidry
7,267 Ian Walker England Human Being
7,266 Linda Davis UK Druid
7,265 Bill Shield United States Wiccan
7,264 Ian Allsop Wales Druid
7,263 Andrea Scheutz Austria Druidry
7,262 M Sab UK Druid
7,261 Jeff Del Vecchio USA Wicca
7,260 Katherine Lonergan ??
7,259 Leeann Roxx United States Heathen
7,258 Deborah Jones United States wicca
7,257 George Maple USA Druid
7,256 Amanda Byron USA
7,255 Maggie Hubert United States Celtic reconstructionism
7,254 Michelle Lundgren United States
7,253 Catherine Skoby United States Pagan
7,252 AshLeigh Litteral United States Solitary eclectic
7,251 Joanne Elliott United States
7,250 Lee Ann Squiers United States
7,249 Adalia Shchurowsky United States
7,248 Dorothy Workman United States The Old Ways Tradition
7,247 David Nowak United States Eclectic Witch
7,246 Jane Weekes Australia
7,245 Eric Montgomery United States Witch
7,244 Serelle Peschong United States Spiritual
7,243 Michael (ravenwolf) Axford England pagan
7,242 Frithstead Heathen Fellowship "Organization" United States Anglo-Saxon Heathenry
7,241 Teresa Powell US Pagan Witch
7,240 Thomas Powell United States Secular Humanist (pagan tendencies)
7,239 Myles Capps United States
7,238 Lemoine Christophe France Hellenic
7,237 Tanya Baumgardner USA Eclectic Pagan
7,236 Stephanie Harper USA Druid/Shaman
7,235 Chase Hill Folk (Group) United States Heathen
7,234 Richard Ely United States Scientific Pantheist
7,233 Diane Gaw United States Unitarian-Universalist Pagan
7,232 Sandie Abel USA Pagan
7,231 Robert Patey-Downes Australia
7,230 Colette Baron Australia
7,229 Rebecca Stachowicz ??
7,228 Karine Froment France wicca eclectique
7,227 Kim Rogerson Australia Wiccan
7,226 H.P. Zephyr An Ki México Wicca
7,225 Nocte Caelorum (Liceo - coven) México Hermético - Wicca
7,224 Steven Baudoin United States Naturalist
7,223 Sherry Perkins United States
7,222 Layba Zaman United States
7,221 Graham Smith Australia Druid
7,220 Christel Szopieray United States
7,219 Nona Johnson USA
7,218 Sandi McDonald Australia Baltic Paganism
7,217 Patricia Bristow-Johnson United States Goddess-centered Wiccan
7,216 Megen Christopher USA
7,215 Rachel M. United States
7,214 Lucas Maltese USA, Florida
7,213 Debra Teerlinck United States solitary witch
7,212 Elkie White Australia
7,211 Norm Dudziak United States Unitarian Universalist Morris dancer
7,210 Maggie Sterba USA Eclectic, Wiccan & Heathen Elder
7,209 kelly ruggiero ??
7,208 Ayliah Cannon United States Druid
7,207 Abbie R United States Wiccan
7,206 Deb Sebastian-O'Brien USA Eclectic
7,205 Deana Brandt Canada
7,204 renee dinsmore United States wiccan
7,202 Elizabeth Crews USA
7,201 Trudy Richards Australia Druid
7,200 Jackson Scheerer United States Eclectic
7,199 kayla williams United States
7,198 Alexander Straub Germany Wicca
7,197 Kristen Korz USA Wiccan
7,196 Jay Craddock Canada
7,195 Christopher Kuleci United States
7,194 Cody Leath United States Draconian Grey Eclectic
7,193 Culto Ibero (Religion) Spain Culto Ibero, Ethnic religion from Iberian Peninsule
7,192 Amy Lutz USA Eclectic
7,191 Anita Stewart United States Womanspirit, Green, Reclaiming
7,190 Christine Fell United States
7,189 Joey Muttenthaler Canada Eclectic
7,188 charlotte hunt United Kingdom
7,187 Skylar-Aaren Richard Canada Eclectic pagan
7,186 William Rowan United States Heathen
7,185 E. Joy Auciello United States Heathen
7,184 Lynn Rowan United States Heathen, Polytheist, Pagan
7,183 Ginger Muenster United States
7,182 Debra Garls USA Pagan Witch
7,181 juanjo benitez españa
7,180 Peter Feitner USA
7,179 Ciaran Benson USA Shinto
7,178 Lucy Schmidt Usa
7,177 Rob Wolfert ??
7,176 Holly Holmes United States OTO
7,175 Elizabeth Wiley USA Eclectic
7,174 Bliss Reimann USA
7,173 Casie Garrett United States Eclectic pagan
7,172 Mara Seaforest USA NeoPagan
7,171 Jaleah Delphino United States Pagan / Spiritual
7,170 Tony C. Saladino U.S.A. Shaman Saladino 4 District 8
7,169 Susan Cane US Pagan
7,168 Eli Effinger-Weintraub United States Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, Atheopagan
7,167 Valerie Sumpter United States Eclectic/Norse
7,166 Margo Killoran United States Pagan/Eclectic Wiccan
7,165 Chris Jansen United States Witch
7,164 Teresa Galloway United States Wiccan
7,163 Darlene Valerio USA Pagan
7,162 Kristopher Lawrence United States Eclectic Witch
7,161 Sinister Sisters (group) United States Spiritual
7,160 Christopher BURLINGHAM United States Spiritual -we are all one-
7,159 Beverly Russell United Kingdom
7,158 Destiny Buck United States Eclectic Pagan
7,157 Elizabeth Baum United States Eclectic Pagan
7,156 Edward Smith United States
7,155 Eric Fry United States
7,154 Michele Littlefield United States Pagan
7,153 Jason Lavoie United States The unicorn tradition
7,152 Judith Clark United States
7,151 denyse shorrocks United Kingdom
7,150 Nathan Chester Australia
7,149 Samantha Kingsley United States
7,148 Cathy Craig United States
7,147 Gloria Bavetta United States
7,146 Joshua Seyler United States Pagan
7,145 Rebecca Harbert United States
7,144 Laura Bridgewater United States
7,143 Dana Gass USA eclectic
7,142 Kelly Teague ?? Wiccan
7,141 rowena lambert united States wicca
7,140 Yvonne Phillips Uk
7,139 Angie Buchanan USA Pagan - Animist
7,138 Lindy McMartin Canada
7,137 Brenda Wolf United States
7,136 Amanda Sabean Canada
7,135 Donald Wolf ?? Solitary Spiritual Wilding - finding his own way.
7,134 Bernie Mortensen USA
7,133 Patricia Hileman United States
7,132 Randy Henson United States Wicca
7,131 Kristin Pomykala USA
7,130 eaglestar martin United States Heathen (asatru)
7,129 Shannon Marquardt USA Druid, Asatru
7,128 John Magnuson United States
7,127 Christina Hicks Australia Kemetic Pagan
7,126 Helen Wilson United Kingdom Shamanic
7,125 Melissa Stouffer ??
7,124 Lisa DeVries United States
7,123 Cassandra Lone United States Eclectic Wicca
7,122 Opal Winters United States Eclectic
7,121 Elaine Perez USA Eclectic
7,120 Ashlyn Gagne United States Wicca
7,119 Jaime Otto USA
7,118 Heidi Bourbeau United States
7,117 Frank Follett USA
7,116 Alessandro Ananasso United kingdom
7,115 Nicole Kapise-Perkins United States Dianic/ Kitchen Wicca
7,114 Kassandra Eliseo U.S.A.
7,113 Andrea Stabler United States of America Eclectic
7,112 Kelly Daletto Usa Solitary
7,111 Laura Codd United States Witch
7,110 Laura Miller United States eclectic sort of Wiccan Druid
7,109 Anastacia Montgomery Canada
7,108 Kathleen Clay United States Dianic
7,107 Cerri Ravenwood USA Eclectic
7,106 Willy De Geest Belgium Wiccan
7,105 Caleb Exx United States Wicca
7,104 ingvill-Susann hansen Norway
7,103 Ana Parks United States Pagan
7,102 Lauren Carter United States Wicca
7,101 Lucas Masters Canada Hellenic Pagan
7,100 Maclin Vance ??
7,099 The Gwyddonic Order (Group) United States Gwyddon (Welsh-Celtic)
7,098 Hazel Rather United States Atheistic paganism
7,097 Veatriz Espinoza United States
7,096 Salvia le Fey USA Druid
7,095 Jenny Guilford United States
7,094 Celine Gorena United States Pagan witch
7,093 Jj Starwalker United States Northern Tradition Witch/Hexeri
7,092 Scott Ernest United States
7,091 Shari Hill Sweet United States
7,090 Theresa Zellner USA
7,089 Sarah Harrison USA Wicca
7,088 Shatonda Buckner United States
7,087 DEBORAH PORTER United States PAGAN
7,086 Angela Betters United States
7,085 Cynthia Enyart-Waskelis United States
7,084 Melinda Bearden United States Still finding my path
7,083 Brian De Grego USA Connection thru Love
7,082 William Lanter USA Witch
7,081 Karina Rosa Brasil
7,080 Alison Cordery New Zealand
7,079 Sandra Nelson United States
7,078 Nathan Neihardt-King USA Witchcraft
7,077 Mark Scanlon-Greene United States Earth-centered.
7,076 Aída Vicente Alicante
7,075 Colleen Lynch United States
7,074 Gabriel Kingsley United States Solitary Eclectic
7,073 Elizabeth Paredes USA Spiritual Eclectic Witch
7,072 Gail Johnson United States Pagan
7,071 Brent Carbino United States Eclectic Witch/ Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper
7,070 Thomas Rhea ??
7,069 Zoe Kunstenaar United States
7,068 Amber Chalk United States
7,067 JoAnn Kavanaugh United States Asatru/ Pagan
7,066 Tracey White United States
7,065 Mountain Ancestors Grove, ADF (501c3 Polytheist Church) United States NeoPagan Druidry
7,064 Michelle Delgado US Solitary witch
7,063 Mike Jansen United States Eclectic Solitary Mystic
7,062 Christina Mitchell United States
7,061 John Robertson United States pantheism
7,060 Steven Drake United States
7,059 Andrea Bishop United States SOLITARY WICCAN
7,058 Andrew Rudy United States Witchcraft
7,057 Kate Ashworth USA Shamanic Wicca
7,056 Lia Robb ??
7,055 Michelle moore England pagan
7,054 Suzanne Kessinger-Konkle United States Pagan
7,053 Cathy Bull United States pagan
7,052 Janine Marie Gorham United Kingdom Heathen, Polytheist
7,051 Karen Karlovich USA
7,050 Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe United States Wicca
7,049 Corvia Blackthorn United States
7,048 Gwenny Todd United States Apatheist Earth Lover
7,047 Aron Gamma USA Hebrew Earth spirituality
7,046 Alan Toubeaux United States Wicca
7,045 Anna Finkelstein USA Wicca
7,044 Emily Wallner USA
7,043 Trish Wallace United States Reclaiming Witch
7,042 Carter Stratton United States
7,041 Tony Wileman United Kingdom Wicca
7,040 Tara Waddle United States Pagan
7,039 Peter Jokinen USA intentional panentheist polytheist neopagan
7,038 Jan Boomhouwer Canada
7,037 Tanith McCloud United States
7,036 Fred Griffith USA Panentheist
7,035 Christine Mitchell United States Pagan
7,034 Anber DeWindt United States
7,033 Lynn Grate United States Hedge Witch
7,032 Teresa Mattes United States Solitary/Eclectic Wiccan
7,031 sallie tierney United States
7,030 Susan Greenwood United Kingdom
7,029 Samantha Herron USA Wicca
7,028 Toni Lawrence United States Spiritual
7,027 Nancy Dargan United States
7,026 Joni Loring United States Gaianist
7,025 Richard Wolfe USA Reclaiming
7,024 Cecil Harrod USA
7,023 donald shaw united states wiccan
7,022 Monica Smith United States
7,021 Tyler Clow United States Pantheist-Pagan
7,020 South Bay Pagan Kids Group United States Wicca, ecclectic
7,019 Susana Maiques Castro (ACN - HTL) Spain hermandad de la triple luna
7,018 Suzanne R. United States ecclectic
7,017 Hermandad de la triple luna (grupo) España
7,016 Pagan Group United States Eclectic Pagan
7,015 Pavel Horák Česká republika Druidry
7,014 Jacqueline Singleton US
7,013 Ashley Smith United States Druid/Celtic
7,012 Raquel Pons España
7,011 Barbara Rice USA Spirituslist
7,010 Rev. Gary C. Herron,MM USA Shamanic Witch
7,009 ROBYN L. JACOBIA United States
7,008 Alex Fearing United States
7,007 Lluís Juan Sebastià Catalonia
7,006 Wicca Tortosa Wicca Catalonia
7,005 Sulakshana Pandita India Pagan
7,004 Julian O'Neill United Kingdom Goddess feminist
7,003 Pamela Tiger USA Wiccan
7,002 Enrique Herranz García Spain Culto Ibero
7,001 Culto Ibero Organización religiosa España Culto Ibero
7,000 DJ WEED United States solitary
6,999 Asociacion Wicca España Organization / Religious spain Wiccan
6,998 Sheila Esteves Spain Pagana
6,997 Guillermo Pérez Mayo Spain Eclectic Animist
6,996 Oscar Purqueras Lopez Catalunya Iber
6,995 Sherry Dillow United States Eclectic
6,994 Asamblea de Cultos de la Naturaleza Organization / Religious Spain
6,993 Johnny Frazier United States Wicca
6,992 Emma Folkes England Solitary
6,991 Cheri Henderson United States
6,990 Julie Taitano USA Eclectic Wiccan
6,989 Calley Smith USA Hindu
6,988 Thomas Jacobs United Kingdom Wiccan
6,987 Sibylla Madlener-Döen ??
6,986 Lesley Butler UK
6,985 jessica mortimer United States
6,984 Beth Porch USA
6,983 Robin Bradbury United States
6,982 Karen Bloom United States
6,981 Carleen Robins