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Sign A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment
Who we are

Paganism is a family of spiritual paths rooted in ancestral religions throughout the world and predating recorded history. As explained by the Pagan Federation, Paganism includes polytheistic and pantheistic nature-worshipping religions, and often includes deities of all genders, ancestor veneration, and celebrations in tune with our Earth. A full discussion of the many varieties of Paganism is beyond the scope of this statement, but we, the signatories, value life and the natural world as sacred. Thus, Pagan thought leads us to live in harmony with the rhythms of our great Earth.

Nature is sacred

We receive, acknowledge and embrace the sacred in and as nature, though our individual relationships with the natural world are diverse. We recognize that nature encompasses humanity and the planet, and that we are neither above nor separate from the rest of nature. We recognize the ancient wisdom that closeness to nature brings closeness among humanity and all living things; and when we live as if we are separate from nature, we diminish our compassion for ourselves and for others. Therefore, we affirm the necessity of living sustainably as part of nature.

We are part of the web of life

In recent decades, many contemporary Pagan religious traditions have stressed humanity’s interconnectivity with the rest of the natural world. Many of our ancestors realized what has now been supported by the scientific method and our expanding knowledge of the universe — that Earth’s biosphere may be understood as a single ecosystem and that all life on Earth is interconnected.

The very atoms of which we are composed connect us to the entire universe. Our hydrogen was produced in the Big Bang, and the other atoms essential for life were forged in the scorching furnaces of ancient stars. Beyond atoms, the molecules of life connect us to Earth, showing that we don’t live “on Earth” like some alien visitor, but rather that we are part of Earth, just as a volcano or river is part of Earth and its cycles.

We are earth, with carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus making up our bodies one day, and incorporated into mountains the next. We are air, giving food to the trees and grasses when we exhale, and breathing in their gift of free oxygen with each breath. We are fire, burning the energy of the Sun, captured and given to us by plants. We are water, with the oceans flowing in our veins and the same water that nourished the dinosaurs within our cells.

We are connected to our families, through links of love, to their relatives, and so on to the entire human species. Our family tree goes back further than the rise of humans, including all mammals, all animals, and all life on Earth. The entire Earth is our immense and joyous family reunion.

We feel these connections in a spiritual way. The web of life includes strands that tug on our hearts, thread through our essential nature, and weave us into a spiritual whole. As part of the body of life on Earth, we care about the health of all parts of the body. Many human activities destroy parts of the body, and we recoil at them. Cutting down a rainforest is no different from cutting off a healthy leg or arm. In fact, these are even more vital than our arms and legs, because these forests are part of our planetary lungs. Similarly, we care about our waters, our land, our air, and our diverse biosphere. We do so out of respect for our ancestors, out of care for all life today, and out of love for future generations. Anything that harms the body of life on Earth, including global warming, pollution and extinction, is thus a spiritual and moral issue.

We are part of Earth, and Earth is part of us.

How we are damaging the ecosystem

Humanity’s actions are radically altering the web of life of which we are a component, threatening the lives of many species, Homo sapiens included. This harm takes many forms. Habitat loss continues as consumption increases. Deforestation alone destroys some 150 thousand square kilometers each year, the size of Japan — equivalent to 24 football fields every minute.

Global warming caused by our emission of greenhouse gases has already contributed to sea level rise, ocean acidification, and increased floods and droughts, with more severe effects expected within this century. Additional damage can be seen from ozone depletion. Our actions also have resulted in an ongoing and unsustainable depletion of resources, including minerals, food sources and usable water, generating increasing amounts of pollution. Other harm in addition to these is likely to be found in the future as we continue to learn about the impact of human activities on our world.

What we can do

Since Earth is able to heal itself, we need to stop doing harm, and let the healing begin. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. Our global systems of exploitation are not easily dismantled.

There are certain actions we can take now. It is important for each individual, community, and nation to take stock of what that means for the betterment of the whole. Technical solutions can never move forward without political will, and the necessary political will requires a shift in our most deeply held values, in our very definitions of what it means to be human, and in how humanity relates to the world. We recognize this shift as a spiritual imperative.

It is a collective challenge, and individual actions are necessary but not sufficient. Therefore we must build a culture of true sustainability. This does not mean trying to find ways to “sustain” our current levels of consumption or trying to “sustain” economic and political systems which have failed us. Rather, building a truly sustainable culture means transforming the systems of domination and exploitation that threaten our future into systems of symbiotic partnership that support our ecosystem. We must be clear about our agenda, which includes promoting sustainable, local economies, reforming our food systems, distributing resources in a more just and humane fashion, and ensuring that our human populations are below the carrying capacity of our planet through access to voluntary birth control, and equal access to education and work for women.

Any economic or political system which encourages the exploitation of Earth and people must be dismantled or substantially reformed. This includes any system based on endless growth. We should be operating in a closed loop system, not a linear one. This means moving away from disposable development and culture, and moving toward renewable development and culture wherein all products are intended for longevity, repairability, and easy recycling or composting at the end of their use. The sustainable economy of the future will be one with the shortest distances between production, consumption and recycling of byproducts.

In addition, there is a deeper and more profound change that is needed. Fundamentally, we believe that a change in spirit is required, one that fosters a new relationship between humanity and other species and Earth as a whole. As Pagans, we believe we are well situated to help imagine and create a future in which humanity lives in greater harmony with the rest of our planet. We strive in our worship, work, play, and daily lives to connect to this greater harmony. We believe that recognizing our connection as part of Earth itself is a unique facet of what defines us. Pagans can aid in the repair of our environment by teaching how we are part of life on Earth, sharing rituals and ceremonies that foster bonds between ourselves and the rest of the web of life, and instilling a sense of responsibility for how we interact with the ecosystem — all this creating cultures that can sustain our human society today and for generations to come.

As signatories, we commit to use our abilities and resources to promote policies and practices that foster the changes that our world so urgently needs. We will continue to educate members of our community to foster intelligent and focused sustainable living, and help the world recognize that everyone, whether Pagan or not, is part of our precious Earth. We hold that living a fulfilling and meaningful life, and allowing the same for future generations, is only possible if the entire Earth is healthy. We will therefore strive as individuals, as groups, and as members of a global society to promote the current and future health of our entire Earth, including the water, air, land, and the web of life.

Earth Day 2015


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9,023Samantha Madison Australia Druid
9,022Michael RossSouth AfricaPagan
9,021Ourania HalamadarisSouth Africa Pagan
9,020Angela DeFrancoUnited States
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9,018tania lumleyUnited Kingdom
9,017Lindsey MorganUSA
9,016Karen CarterUnited Kingdom
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9,014Fred EnsorUnited Kingdom
9,013sandra mayerus
9,012Tom BennettWalesWiccan/Buddhist
9,011Nikki OuelletteCanadaGood 'ol Hippy
9,010Marina FridmanovichUsa
9,009Frances HawksworthUnited StatesAltoona
9,008Daniella CamachoUnited States
9,007Juan ManriqueColombiaPagan
9,006adam blazzieAfghanistanwicca
9,005Jaime GironésMéxicoWicca
9,004Sophie PopeUnited Kingdom
9,003Gemma Raintree StormUnited StatesWicca-Spiritualist, Eclectic
9,002Kate Moore Britain Earth magic
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8,996Chiltern Nemeton Grove (Group)United Kingdom
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8,994Maya BohanNetherlands
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8,992Sherry HollisterUnited StatesPantheist/Pagan
8,991Fran AdamsUKSpitritual/witchcraft
8,990Lisa OttebrattSwedenEclectic Pagan
8,989Audrey MoonUnited StatesThe Goddess Movement/Gray Witchcraft
8,988Demitria TenneyUSAWicca
8,987Rowan NightshadeUnited StatesWitch of the North American Tradition
8,986Still Going Somewhere (Religious Group)United StatesOrthodox Druid
8,985Caytlin VilbrandtUnited StatesAquarian Wicca
8,984Lee KielblockUnited StatesCeltic
8,983susie yatesUnited Stateswicca
8,982Xxx DiarmidUK
8,981Vicki GarnerUnited Kingdom
8,980Neil CruickshankUnited Kingdom
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8,978Yaxley BlackMéxicoWicca Correlliana Nativista
8,977Moon and stars GroupUnited KingdomPagan
8,976Els De BruyckerBelgium
8,975lynn holmesUSAPagan
8,974Rev. M. L. RosenbladUnited States
8,973Stefan BackasFinland
8,972Martyna CiapaiteLithuaniaPagan
8,971Ilinca FageRomaniaArchaic Revivalist
8,970Rosario CarnésspainUniversal
8,969Heather Mattison United StatesPagan
8,968Thomas KanskiUnited StatesAsatru
8,967Celia Burke
8,966Anna BassanoBelgium
8,965Laura RochaPortugal
8,964Voicu AlbuRomaniaOrthodox
8,963Ernamary DunneUSACabot Witch
8,962Antonio ValleSpainWicca
8,961Jere AlexanderUsaFeraferia
8,960Sheena GingrichUnited StatesAnimist, Non-Wiccan Witch
8,959Joanna ThomasUnited Kingdom Eclectic
8,958Kitty MyersUnited States
8,957Jay MonkUnited States
8,956Rayna PhilbrickUnited Stateswiccan
8,955Christine JumetUnited States
8,954M M TyusUnited StatesHuman
8,953Cheryl SonterAustraliaPagan
8,952Stefana CretRomaniaPagan pantheist atheist
8,951Tanya RoebuckUnited States
8,950Andrew J. LukUSAAtheist
8,949Gail XandyUSAWiccan
8,948Tamara McArthur-WestUnited StatesTree hugging dirt worshipper
8,947James PlagmannUSABorn Again Pagan
8,946Kimberly WalkerUnited StatesWiccan
8,945Rhea BloomfieldUSA Witch of the Old Religion
8,944Deborah FletcherUnited States
8,943jennifer dunlapUnited Stateseclectic
8,942RJ Onyx MoonshadowUnited StatesWiccan
8,941Gael MuirgenBrazilDruidist, ADF
8,940Kimberly WalkoUnited StatesPagan
8,939Sam HallUnited Kingdom
8,938Amy Bartlett United KingdomPagan
8,937Ebony RedheadUnited Kingdom
8,936Paula RoscoeUnited KingdomWiccan, Pagan
8,935Galen JonesCanadaCeltic Polytheist / Druid
8,934Alicia MillingtonUnited StatesEclectic
8,933John OpsopausUnited StatesHellenic Pagan
8,932Regina DeVriesUnited StatesHellenic Pagan
8,931David ConnerUnited StatesPagan
8,930Peter KronesUnited States
8,929Angi HeindlUnited StatesHedgeWitch
8,928Alison Barr
8,927Seneca DeMelloUSADiscovering Now
8,926Nicole BarnesUnited StatesEcletic
8,925Bob CatHyperboreaWarshal Angakut
8,924Michael SpaldingUnited Stateshuman
8,923Loretta McComasUnited States
8,922Beth-anne ThomasUnited States
8,921Jessica WaltripUnited Stateswitch
8,920Greg JohnUnited Kingdom
8,919Amy MozingoUSAPythian
8,918Rev. Steven WilsonUSAUnitiarian Universalist Clergy
8,917Byron BallardUnited StatesDianic Wicca
8,916Marc Rhodes-TaylorUnited KingdomDruid
8,915Niyati BrownUSADruid
8,914Alaura PendragonUnited Stares, FloridaWiccan Celtic / Native American
8,913Rebecca OberstadtUsaWiccan
8,912Robert BerenCanadaDruidry
8,911Linea StewartUSA
8,910Mercedes BelalcazarColombia
8,909Leonie RoseAustralia Eclectic witch
8,908Mary Jane GreenUSA Pagan
8,907Clemency Martell-TurnerNew ZealandNorse/Celtic
8,906Michala MastersUnited States
8,905Zachery Hewitt
8,904Kelly BarkhouseCanada
8,903Ashley YazdaniUnited StatesHedgewitch
8,902Lillie EllisUSA
8,901Steeve GirardCanadaCeltic Norseman
8,900phil brownUnited States
8,899Laurie RubinUnited StatesReclaiming
8,898Julia StevensUnited StatesEclectic
8,897James DryburghUSA
8,896Sabrina Dengler
8,895Lunasta FreehartUSA
8,894Zenobia GriffinUnited StatesWiccan
8,893Laura Lopezatheist
8,892Karen Liebenrood United States Minor Outlying IslandsChristo Paganism
8,891Ragen MorgensternUSA Pagan Naturalist
8,890HPS Belle Evergreen of ShadowluzUSEclectic witchcraft
8,889Melissa GreenUnited StatesWicca/Pagan
8,888Tracy Wilson
8,887Leslie SassSimply Pagan
8,886Charles WinterUSAAtheist/Pantheist
8,885Diane StewartUnited States
8,884Reverend Maire Susan SanfordUSAWitch
8,883Dave McKeeUnited StatesDruidic, Chaotic Green Mágico
8,882Richard DandridgeUSTransition
8,881Amber BowenUnited States
8,880Lawrence TracyUnited States
8,879Lili KapšSloveniaWitch
8,878Amber TeemUSAeclectic pagan
8,877Tara Leigh McCaughinUnited StatesDianic, kitchen and Green witch
8,876Kicki StenbergDenmarkWicca
8,875Samantha Van ZettenCanadaHeathen Witch
8,874Claire Cumberland
8,873Nelson PetrieUnited States
8,872karen malloyUnited StatesPagan
8,871Luege RaquelMexico
8,870Johanna BjörkellFinland
8,869Sheila BayesCanadaPagan
8,868Fay KnightUnited Kingdom
8,867Angel RobinsonUnited StatesPagan
8,866Cynthia Walker-WhiteUnited StatesAtheist
8,865Megan SandersUnited StatesPagan
8,864Cece HendersonCanadaWicca
8,863Caden O'ConnellUnited StatesNeopagan (Non-organized)
8,862Teresa BryantUnited KingdomHedgewitch
8,861Cassandra PragerUSA
8,860Wil MercureUnited StatesDruidic
8,859Juleanne WeedUnited StatesWiccan
8,858Melanie ParentCanadaPagan
8,857Brittany EldredUSA
8,856Marcie MercureUnited States
8,855melissa wellsusa
8,854Lori LangUSA
8,853Heather GeeUnited StatesCeltic-Nordic Kitchen Witch
8,852Jack CainUSA
8,851Susan Wood
8,850Matthew KeltnerUnited StatesShaman-Ecclectic
8,849Robyn ChandlierUnited StatesPagan
8,848Karla ThomasUnited StatesPagan
8,847Amanda SteeleUnited KingdomPagan
8,846Kristie StamfordAustralia
8,845Shu Samuel United Kingdom
8,844Stacy JonesUSAWhatever i wish. Mostly pagan and nature based
8,843Carlos Sanchez GarciaSpainTraditional witchcraft
8,842Marie BradleyScotland
8,841Dominic Sowinski USA
8,839Cliff LappUnited StatesUnitarian
8,838D.C. Sturgis IVUnited StatesOmnist Shamanism
8,837Allyson CloydUSA
8,836Nicole HolcombUSAWiccan - AmTrad
8,835Iris BergholmFinland
8,834Thomas J WalkerUnited StatesDiest
8,833Aloha TrotterUnited StatesA little this and a little that mostly Pagan
8,832Tony AskinsUS
8,831Michelle LewisUnited States
8,830Roberta VenedamCanada
8,829kae doneUnited States
8,828Florencia ParísArgentina
8,827Tim Emertusaneo-Pagan, Church of All Worlds
8,826Margaret HayUSA
8,825Marcia SoligoUSAWicca
8,824Deborah MurphyUnited States
8,823Wendy McConnellCanadaChristian
8,822David DaltonCanadaindividual/eclectic
8,821Susannah BalesUnited States
8,820M.R. BerntsonUSA
8,819Candice EspadaUnited StatesUnitarian Earth Worship
8,818Tammy EbnerUSA
8,817Emma HoltAustraliaHedge Witch
8,816Nicole ParadonCanadaChristopagan
8,815Adrienne TalbotCanadaSolitary Hedgewitch
8,814Scott NeedhamUnited StatesPagan Witch
8,813Janet B JacobsenUnited StatesChristian/ Buddhist
8,812Larzarious VonBruner United StatesWitch
8,811Lynda RenneyNew Zealand
8,810Edward MorrowUnited States
8,809Maren Kuether-UlbergUnited StatesSylvan Tradition, Heathen
8,808Elise WolfUnited StatesGaian/Earth worship
8,807LJ HendersonUSNature Lover
8,806Kathy FrasherUSPagan
8,805Carol TaylorCanadaEclectic
8,804Gina BylakUSA
8,803Kelly WattsAustraliaCeltic Old Ways
8,802Dorothy ChaneyUSA
8,801Margaret RushtonUnited StatesWicca
8,800Jesse CarlsonUnited States
8,799Elizabeth Rose-MariniUSACeltic - Irish
8,798Soha KneenCanadaSolitary pagan but trained in Alexandrian/Gardnerian tradition
8,797Sinead AndersonAustraliaWiccan
8,796Katherine Chenault UsaPagan
8,795Nichole TurnerUnited StatesEarthy Eclectic
8,794Melisa ClarkUnited StatesHeathen
8,793Joan LaskenUnited States
8,792Dawn BrownUnited States of AmericaHeathen
8,791Zack BuggeyUnited States
8,790Aiden NovackUnited StatesPagan
8,789Judy BuckinghamUSA
8,788Diana PuscaSpainDruidism
8,787Jazmine Roberts United StatesPagan
8,786Mike Matesic United StatesMy relationship with god is my own
8,785Melissa RakUnited StatesPagan
8,784Jean NapierUnited States
8,783Arthur GoheenUnited Statesgaian
8,782MC AbelUSAElemental English
8,781Joela Bezzeg
8,780Mike FergusonUnited StatesCeltic
8,779Cynthia BaileyUSAEclectic Unitarian-Universalist Pagan
8,778Amands McCulloughUnited StatesPagan
8,777Dianna NovaUSA
8,776Mariel MorisonUnited States
8,775Anne Marie ForresterUSA Gardnerian
8,774Sara MastrosUnited States
8,773Ashley Kuppermith United StatesSolitary Practioner Druid/ Celtic traditon
8,772shelly lepageUnited States
8,771Cynthia CousinoUnited StatesWiccan
8,770Sherry JonesUnited StatesWitch Pagan
8,769David EdwardsUnited StatesPantheism
8,768Sally PellicciaUnited States
8,767Rosa Manriquez, IHMUnited StatesRoman Catholic
8,766Christopher WallaceUnited StatesDruid
8,765Yesenia MendezUnited States
8,764Skye McGuinnUnited StatesPagan
8,763Jessica EsplainUnited StatesEclectic Celtic Jewitch
8,762Lisl KriegerUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
8,761Paula YoumellUSAWiccan
8,760Joanie RogersUnited States
8,759Maria MorrowUnited States
8,758Joy Barkley United States
8,757Ariella MoonShaman
8,756Lizzy JUnited KingdomHeathen
8,755Matt InmanUnited States
8,754Jessica MarquardtUnited StatesPagan
8,753Harry LaingUSA
8,752Leslie PlummerUnited States
8,751Nora EdwardsUnited States
8,750Joseph RielingerUnited StatesDruid
8,749Emma BrownUnited Kingdom
8,748John DeHaan JrUnited StatesPagan
8,747Alex GuillotteUnited StatesAnimist
8,746Peg ParsonUnited StatesDruid
8,745Ian MckerronUnited KingdomDruid
8,744Gabrielle BailesUnited StatesPagan, (Still Developing)
8,743Ken SosebeeUnited StatesWicca
8,742Allan MacIntyreUSANemophilist
8,741Elizabeth TuckerUSA
8,740Kenneth LaFordUSA
8,739Corinne RoweUnited States
8,738Piet CeanadachScotlandPagan
8,737Diana LalloUnited States
8,736Adina DarklightRomaniaPagan
8,735Eustacia Hulstine USA Solitary
8,734Ann HallUnited StatesCeltic Wicca
8,733Leo WilkenSouth Africaearthling
8,732Dawn HaskinsUnited States
8,731Matthew MargresUnited StatesHeathen Deist
8,730Ashima ParkerUSAWicca
8,729Jessica Love United StatesPagan
8,728Dean ParrisUnited StatesQuantum Zen Trickster
8,727Carl Bordasch
8,726Angela RaineyUnited Kingdom
8,725Michael MizeUnited States
8,724Charmaine SonnexUnited KingdomEclectic
8,723Ysamur Flores PenaUSALucumí Religious Tradition
8,722Circle of Ancient Sisters "Group"United StatesMulti Traditional
8,721Debbie DapsonUnited StatesWest Coast Eclectic Wicca
8,720Jasmijn HoxworthUnited States
8,719Cassie Allen USPagan/Hellenion
8,718Mary MizeUnited StatesWiccan
8,717Robert HaycockUnited States
8,716Eric SteinmetzUSAAtheist
8,715Hanusia TkaczykCanadeclectic
8,714Viola McBrideUSA
8,713Kim Talley United States
8,712Siusaidh CeanadachUnited KingdomWiccan/Druid
8,711Richard LarragaUSA
8,710Samantha GuynesUnited StatesEclectic
8,709Carolynn WoodheadUnited Kingdom
8,708Catherine GuayCanadaWitch
8,707Matt ZuchowskiUnited StatesPagan
8,706Christina YeakelUSA
8,705Megan KanekoaUsa
8,704Thomas SpencerUnited KingdomEclectic
8,703Valerie WolfUSPagan
8,702Adrienne MerrittUnited States
8,701Molly TeterUnited StatesNature Worship
8,700Aryn KennedyUSAWiccan
8,699Kevin DeSilvaCanadaOne Law Priest & Druid.
8,698Simon FosterUnited KingdomShamanism
8,697Elizabeth JohnsonUSA
8,696Anne PattersonUnited KingdomDruidry
8,695Adrian RogersonUnited States
8,694Chuck ChitwoodUnited States
8,693Michael ChaseUnited States
8,692PJ GrahamUSAAvalonian
8,691Brenda JingleCanadaWitch
8,690Ashley FischerUnited StatesI am one with nature
8,689Matthew KingUnited KingdomThe Old Way
8,688Edward JohnsonUnited States
8,687Shawn Stafford United States Eclectic
8,686Amy TitusUnited StatesRDNA
8,685Kristy Marquez USA Eclectic
8,684Betty RojasEspaña
8,683Molly BarnesUSATraditional Witch
8,682Gina MartinUsaCeltic
8,681Briana TaylorUnited States
8,680william kimbrellUnited StatesSatanic Witch
8,679Sara GUnited StatesWiccan
8,678Nancy GutheryUnited StatesPagan
8,677RICHARD CARDONEUnited StatesSylvan Tradition of Witchcraft
8,676Carissa HaydenUnited StatesIndopagan
8,675t rUnited Kingdompagan
8,674Annette McDevittIrelandShaman
8,673Monica MackennittSpainWicca / Druidismo
8,672Johanna RahfDeutschlandÁsatrú
8,671Jalayla Dry South AfricaPagan Witch
8,670Penny McMahonUnited States
8,669Benjamin MitchellCanadaAgnostic Occultist
8,668Ekaterina IlievaBulgariaPagan
8,667Paul McCreeryUnited States
8,666Taylor Wilson United States
8,665Amber NuetzelUnited States
8,664Alex StrohUnited States
8,663Rheanna Henderson 53221
8,662AlinA PetterssonSwedenStudent of Western Daoism, Druidism & trad. Witchcraft
8,661Jenni GaffneyUnited States
8,660Isabella Rose United States
8,659Karen VoughtUnited States
8,658Greta-Ann Co-WallisUnited States
8,657Rachel TuretzkyUnited StatesHermetic
8,656Heather FriddleUSAWiccan
8,655Melinda McDowellUSAUnitarian Buddist
8,654Michelle SileneUnited statesSolitary, eclectic Wiccan
8,653Bryan RichardsUnited KingdomI
8,652Bronnie ConnorsusaPagan witch
8,651Siobhan MalashewskiCanada
8,650Shawne bunylips WhiteusaPagan/solitaire
8,649Angel MorganUnited States
8,648Thora DornCanadaWicca
8,647robert bair
8,646Ivanna StanfieldUnited States
8,645Jan ClanceyEnglandSolitary
8,644Janet Morrissey
8,643Sarah HuertaUnited StatesWicca
8,642Aimee ThomasPagan
8,641Loralie Shupe Latour CanadaUnitarian Universalist Pagan
8,640Amanda GordonUSAEclectic
8,639Mathew JimenezUnited StatesWitch
8,638Ivy RossUSAWicca/Witch
8,637Viliyana TotevaBulgaria
8,636Pamela DeWittUnited States
8,635Fareedah McCann Australia
8,634Elita AntanaityteUnited KingdomBaltic blood, all love - pagan, witchcraft, etc.
8,633Corey BengisuUnited States
8,632Holly DavisUnited StatesHeathen/Shamanism
8,631Becky DillonGermanyWicca
8,630Samantha CravenUnited Kingdom
8,629Everglades Moon Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess (Organization)United StatesWicca
8,628Cheryl Dziobkowski United StatesEclectic
8,627Sue PuhekUnited States
8,626Aubrey PughCanadaPagan
8,625Corinna Bakerusa
8,624Katja KujanpääFinlandEclectic Pagan
8,623Tara Verdugo-Arriazaunited StatesSolitary Practitioner Wicca
8,622Dora Lynn MitchellUnited StatesEclectic Kitchen Wiccan
8,621Aragorn VitaliUnited StatesEclectic
8,620Donna Salmans
8,619Birdeen SelzerCanadaSolitary Eclectic Wiccan
8,618Cecilia CareyUnited StatesShamanic witchcraft
8,617Samantha CravenU.K.
8,616Dawn StilwellUnited Kingdom
8,615A'alyvyne WeaverwoodUSARomano-Celtic Old Religion
8,614Paula Parnacott United States of AmericaSolitary Pagan
8,613lisa longbottomUnited Kingdom
8,612Trina HutchinsonUSAPagan
8,611Irene GlasseUnited StatesUnitarian Universalist Pagan
8,610Cecilie LaneUnited StatesSolitary Eclectic Witchcraft
8,609Teresa Albert United StatesEclectic
8,608Daniel Shaw United KingdomHeathen
8,607Dina HyvärinenSwedenasatru
8,606Jessica OlsenUnited StatesWicca
8,605Margaret BanfordScotlandhedgewitch
8,604Kate MahoneyUS
8,603Mary BrennanIreland
8,602sandi richardsonUnited StatesPagan
8,601Alexander PiltchUnited StatesWicca
8,600Patricia KellyUnited Kingdom
8,599mellissa buckleyusahedgewitch
8,598Philip HulseSouth AfricaDruid
8,597Jude Smith
8,596Gretchen AutenUnited StatesWicca
8,595Wendy LuckUnited States
8,594Carolina SantamariaMexico
8,593Sara McCannUSA
8,592Brandy PejaszekUnited StatesEclectic
8,591Kelly MoonbeamsCanadaWiccan
8,590Lisa FisherUSA
8,589Piper DanielleUnited Statesfeminist witch/UU
8,588Mists of Stone Forest (Organization)USADruids
8,587Brandi BinauUnited States
8,586Greg HansenUnited States
8,585Teresa GoodisonUnited States
8,584beverley TannerUnited KingdomDaughter of Gaia
8,583Holly MurrisonCanadaeclectic
8,582Carol FairbankUnited States
8,581Lynn SorelUnited StatesWiccan
8,580Valley HighUSA
8,579Shannon EatonUnited StatesSpiritual Sage
8,578Jan MuthUnited StatesAll Paths, All Traditions, All Life!
8,577Freddie WilliamsonUnited StatesDruid
8,576Brenda BinghamCanada
8,575Ruth HalsteadUSAChristian-Pagan
8,574Annette BrownUnited States
8,573Silver DragonGaeaWizardry
8,572Skye MacDonaldCanada
8,571Sara TekulaUnited States
8,570JD "Hobbes" HickeyCanadaDruid
8,569Kerr CuhulainCanadaWicca
8,568Stacy PsarosUSAStregheria
8,567Hanna TorpUnited States
8,566Catness Felidaeusa
8,565Marjolein SchoutenNederlandneo celtic pagan
8,564Emily GabbertUnited StatesWitch
8,563Christina NgUSAmulti
8,562Patricia QuigUnited States
8,561Lina HeglerUnited StatesAn Envrionmetal Scientist....nature bound
8,560Michele Vochosky USAWiccan
8,559MP Van JaarsveldSouth AfricaCeltic Druid
8,558Patrick PowerUnited StatesEclectic
8,557Amethyst RayneUnited StatesPagan, Solitary Witch
8,556Misty ClickUnited StatesPagan
8,555Heather McPetersUnited StatesWicca, North Star Tradition
8,554Zsuzsanna NeradaHungary
8,553Tess BennettUnited States
8,552Aimã VogelBrazilSolitary Witch
8,551Karen BirbeckUnited States
8,550Poppy Reynolds
8,549Laura LilesUnited StatesWiccan
8,548Matthew DuboisUSA
8,547Jesse WilsonUSABTW
8,546Jan LilleyUKShamanic
8,545Karen OakleyUsaPagan
8,544J J
8,543Pamela BackstromUnited StatesCeltic
8,542Steven SchwadronUSA
8,541Satpal SainiUnited States
8,540Betsy ShoolbredUnited StatesCeltic Wicca
8,539Cynthia CheneyUSAEclectic Gardener
8,538Kelsey MabonUnited States
8,537Anita Beard United StatesWitch/Pagan
8,536Daniela GeorgievaBulgaria
8,535Cathy HutsonUnited States
8,534Donald WildgrubeUSACAW, Wicca
8,533Colleen MollentzeSouth AfricaSecular Pagan
8,532Oberon ZellUSAChurch of All Worlds
8,531Richard MooreU.S.A.Celtic Elementalist
8,530Margaret WensonUnited StatesPan-Spiritualism
8,529Georgina BoalchUnited KingdomSolitary Witch
8,528Angel AndrewsUnited StatesDruid
8,527M AasvedUSAtheist
8,526Diana NymandGermanyTheistic Satanism
8,525Loch NessUnited States
8,524Mark SmithUnited StatesPagan
8,523Gretchen WilliamsUnited StatesWicca
8,522Debra KostickUnited StatesSolo Eclectic
8,521Taryn StoffsUnited States
8,520C;aire WhitakerUSPagan
8,519linda ruggeriItalia
8,518Melissa SowinskiUnited States
8,517Amber HammondUSA
8,516Gayle SmithUnited StatesPantheist
8,515Robert CassidyUSAAtheist
8,514Curtis MaurandUSAMunay Ki/Starteachings
8,513Andrew LewisUnited StatesEarth Spirit
8,512Gary SmithUnited StatesEcopaganpanthiest
8,511Debby JonesUnited StatesTraditional Wicca
8,510Bailey ChamberlainUnited StatesPagan
8,509Ness BoschSpainSea Priestess and Shaman
8,508Catharine TiptonUSAWiccan
8,507Shelly SmithUSAPantheist
8,506William KerthUSAPagan (Guardinarian)
8,505Nick NickersonUnited StatesWitch (American Feminist Wiccan)
8,504Tracy NectouxUnited StatesGaianism/Paganism
8,503Amy M.USAPagan Ally :)
8,502Carole RichmondUnited States
8,501Lisa GoughUSA
8,500Pamela GiovanelliUnited StatesWiccan
8,499Thomas LuxUnited States
8,498Edith Brackin United States
8,497Sandra CzarneckiUnited Statespagan
8,496Erica Reynolds
8,495Star (Starwind Evensong) AasvedUnited StatesPantheist
8,494heliana gabbaargentina
8,493Marilyn TooneUnited States
8,492Norma ToddUnited States
8,491Judith StueveUnited States
8,490Sean DetraUnited StatesPantheist
8,489Pete L'OrangeUnited StatesNorse
8,488Stefanie PeetersBelgium
8,487robert bourqueusa
8,486Michael CaveyUnited States
8,485Bree LarkinUnited States
8,484Patti MeehanUSA
8,483Chloe LewisUSA
8,482Evelyn BrayUnited States of America
8,481Oscar PresigaUnited States
8,480Martina GeorgievaBulgaria
8,479cindy cooperider
8,478Craig TooneUnited States
8,477Matt WeaverUbuntu Contributionism / Greenman
8,476Linda StewartUnited StatesPantheistic Pagan
8,475robert brownsonUSA
8,474elizabeth congerUnited States
8,473Andi WallUnited States
8,472Kristen HayenUnited States
8,471Joseph S. ThompsonUSAundefined
8,470James MeekUnited Stateswanderer
8,469Kei Tenou
8,468Ginny FriendUnited States
8,467Anthony LanhamUSA
8,466Lauren CottonUnited StatesWitch
8,465Michelle BarrUnited States
8,464Meghan PomeroyUnited Statesecclectic
8,463Rev Pam MagnusonUnited Stateshereditary witch
8,462Julie BurtonUnited Kingdom
8,461Nancy PowellUSA
8,460Logan CookUSACeltic
8,459Daniel TapanesUnited States
8,458Daniel Vought USA
8,457Dewain DelpUnited StatesRDNA
8,456Dustin BilhimerUSA
8,455Nardine OnealUSA
8,454Jeff MooreUnited States
8,453Elaine MagreeUsaReclaiming
8,452Dennis HellawellUnited States
8,451Tina PalmerUnited States
8,450John SidorUnited States
8,449Anja WhiteUSAGermanic
8,448Patricia RobertsonUSA
8,447Persis NewlandUnited StatesSolitary Pagan Practitioner
8,446K. Andrew MortensenUnited States
8,445Steven BuchanUnited StatesWicca
8,444ethan witt United Statesancient, mental magic
8,443Susan AppletonUSAEco spirituality
8,442Cheo CoddaUSA
8,441Marilyn MullensUSA
8,440eleni martidi
8,439Sandie GardnerUSAElemental
8,438Karen JonesUSA
8,437Yan Mag RycheUSADruid
8,436Steven HoffaUnited Statesatheistic pagan
8,435Kristin Miller U.S.A.
8,434Kai FindlayUnited Kingdomsolitary practitioner
8,433Rebecca WilliamsUnited StatesStill Exploring
8,432Evelyn Sukosd-OatesUnited Statescitizen of the universe
8,431Chris HaightUSAHuman
8,430Amber RamzyUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
8,429Sarah SchildknechtUnited StatesSolitary Eclectic/Native
8,428Robert SamselUSAEclectic
8,427Amy KinninUnited KingdomPagan
8,426Sheri TruittUnited StatesPagan/Wicca
8,425Kelly WhiteUnited StatesGreat Mother, the Great Spirit and respect for all things.
8,424Michael PoindexterUSA
8,423Swanson CraigUSA
8,422Mary Faith ColonU.S.A.
8,421Jon WolfeUSA
8,420Steve KressUnited StatesSolitary
8,419Michael Sichmeller
8,418kath collomusawiccan
8,417Zoanne LeavyU.S.Eclectic Wiccan
8,416Patricia DavisUSACeltic
8,415Brinda JohnsonUnited Statespagan
8,414Tom CollomUnited States
8,413Heather YoungUnited StatesDiscoverer
8,412Anna SogliuzzoUnited States
8,411Renee McHughUnited StatesDruid
8,410Jennifer MillerUSAWicca
8,409Rebecca MillerUSA
8,408Linda SiskaUSA
8,407Robin TrentUnited StatesTraditional Witchcraft
8,406keith herndonusaatheist
8,405J BaileyUs
8,404Sharon RollUSA All
8,403Kim VenableUsa
8,402Susan SanockiUnited States
8,401Anne DeCroockBelgium
8,400Gary SimmonsUSAundefinable
8,399John GlennMexico
8,398Ree RussellUnited States
8,397Sean CannonUnited Kingdom Pagan
8,396Ellen WeeksUSATaoist/Toltec
8,395Sorcha SinclairUnited StatesGnostic-Pagan
8,394Harley GouldUnited States
8,393Shaunda DavisUSA
8,392Arthur FisherUnited StatesCeltic Reconstructionist
8,391Jeffrey EythUnited States
8,390Joanna FramUnited States
8,389GENENE GREENWELLUnited States
8,388Deanna Williamson United StatesReclaiming Tradition
8,387Jan BeverlyUnited States
8,386Ian CochranFrance
8,385Faye BorquezUSApagan
8,384Elizabeth FieldUnited StatesWelsh Celtic Pantheistic
8,383Jeff Frisch JrUnited States
8,382Luette EngelbregSouth AfricaPagan
8,381Chiara ComaniItalyDruidry & Shamanism
8,380Jess DavisUnited StatesKitchen Witch
8,379John McNallyUnited StatesWizard
8,378David MarottUSABuddhist
8,377Alexandra StudtUSNondenominational Pagan
8,376Lisa D'AmbrogioUSA
8,375Lee HiattUnited States
8,374Julie LogemanUSABuddhist Pagan
8,373Rebekah AmatoUnited StatesWiccan nuetral
8,372Cheree PefferUSAeclectic
8,371Craig SalterSouth AfricaPagan
8,370Traci KingeryUnited States
8,369Irena MandelUsaDruidism
8,368john wrightusanature
8,367Richard KotoskiUnited States
8,366Adam RobertsonUnited States
8,365Stephanie SmithUnited StatesKitchen Witch
8,364Nancy Hart
8,363Bambi West United States
8,362Claire Smith United StatesClaire's College Corner
8,361Robert DeLongUsaNon traditional diesm
8,360Dan O'LearyUSA
8,359Nancy IceUnited Statestend towards established religion
8,358Steven HansenUnited States
8,357Brinn StuartUnited States
8,356Learneus DorenUSANaturalism/Celtic/Asatru -non practicing
8,355James StruthersUnited States
8,354Mara IhlenfeldtSouth Africa
8,353Stephanie CleekUnited States
8,352Iliana HidalgoUnited States
8,351Joshua (Paul) HaywardUSACosmic Oneness
8,350Tom HollandUnited States
8,349Don Smith IIUSAAgrarian Industrialist
8,348Bice WilsonUSAUU /Buddhist Pagan
8,347Naomi KingUnited States
8,346Carol JenningsUnited States
8,345Abby RovnerUnited States
8,344Ramona Black
8,343Ginger ChanceUnited States
8,342G. W. TeneryUnited States
8,341Karen Laing
8,340Barbara StelmachUSAWiccan
8,339Neil RotterUnited StatesAtheist
8,338Chris CarpenterUnited StatesNone
8,337Lisa SchaeferUSA
8,336Amanda Stotelmyer United StatesWiccan
8,335Connie CollinsUs
8,334Alison LeesU.K.
8,333Cassandra MattenAustralianPagan
8,332John SchwoebelMXSpiritualist
8,331Wade SikorskiUnited States
8,330Lean van der merweSouth AfricaStill finding my path
8,329Ashleigh BoardSouth Wales, UK Hedgewitchery
8,328Kevin MurtaghUnited Statesmindfully spiritual
8,327Linda OdumU.S.A.self determined
8,326Frank BilleterUnited States
8,325Janet MartzUSA
8,324Emily WeatherillStill finding my path
8,323Lisa wardUSA
8,322Gill Beddow United KingdomPagan
8,321Joel P (Jody) Dietz JrUnited States
8,320Natalie SluzarUSA
8,319Mitch RossUnited Kingdom Source is Truth
8,318Gary TrosinoCanada
8,317Cynthia HollinUSAWorship the Great Goddess
8,316Keith BrofskyUSA Humanist
8,315Sophie TuckerEnglandWiccan
8,314Peter SteadmanUnited StatesNatural atheism
8,313Jon ReynoldsUsAgnostic
8,312Kerrie shawUSApagan patheist
8,311Carlos PaladinoArgentina
8,310Cat KoehnUsa
8,309Christina Hannan
8,308Jennifer HamadUnited KingdomDragons Gate
8,307Michael LoosUnited States
8,306Jennifer BalshamUnited KingdomAcademy of Magic
8,305Timothy MichaelUSAwoodchuck
8,304Katarzyna BlicharskaPoland
8,303John C OctiganUnited States of America
8,302Melanie BurnettUSA
8,301Brian HalleyUnited StatesMy own
8,300aaron hughesusa
8,299Matthew TrumbleUnited StatesDruidry
8,298Robin KingUsWiccan/eclectic
8,297Kelly TrumbleUnited StatesDruid Buddhist
8,296Edurne castroSpaineclectic
8,295Deborah BakerUnited Kingdom
8,294Kelsie DickersonUnited StatesEclectic
8,293Kim TrulsenUSA
8,292Blagovest LefterovBulgaria
8,291Caron WhiteUnited StatesProgressive Witchcraft
8,290kathy zimmermanUnited StatesPantheist / Druid
8,289Bjarne MathiesenDanmarkatheist
8,288Uusitalo Mervi
8,287Karla KnowlesNew ZealandWitch
8,286AxA Sauri PaituviEspañaNow
8,284Tiina MiettinenFinlanddevotee of Magna Mater Cybele
8,283sue watlingUK
8,282Tasha MonteroUSAWitch
8,281Scott GouldUS
8,280Daniel CarvajalSpain
8,279Verònica Sala RomaSpainWitch
8,278F Susa
8,277Clyde SmithUnited States
8,276Mary RichterUnited StatesNative American
8,275Rev Dian FirebearerUnited StatesCommunity Chaplain / Shamanic Neo-Faery
8,274Jennifer FoxUnited StatesWitch
8,273Kathryn PlunkettUSA
8,272Debra CurryUnited Statessolitary hedge witch/pagan
8,271Montse Segarres gisbertSpain
8,270Angie Birkett
8,269Joan Ryssin-AnthonyUSA
8,268Faith WisenbergUnited States
8,267John MinagroUnited StatesTemple of Witchcraft
8,266Holly SimonsonUnited StatesPagan
8,265Maayan Segman
8,264Debra Straten United StatesWitch
8,263Gary BehrensusaNorse / Native American
8,262Joe Blaszczak USA
8,261Anaïs Estrems GarciaSpainHedgewitch
8,260Harriet StewartUnited StatesCelt
8,259Irma HernandezUnited States
8,258Shelley Scott
8,257Ian BrokawUnited StatesPagan
8,256Rhema NeasUnited StatesHeathenism
8,255Nichole KillianUnited StatesCeltic/Norse Witchcraft
8,254Kim TournatCanadaReclaiming
8,253Kris ReevesUnited StatesPagan
8,252Beth ZimmermanUSAFrench Tribal, pagan priestess
8,251Amanda LevesqueUSAMother Nature
8,250Brittany MillerUnited StatesWiccan
8,249Jeremy YachimowskiUnited StatesChristian Panentheist Theocosmocentrist Christo-Pagan
8,248Novices of the Old Ways - IN GroupUSAWicca
8,247Joyce WorrellsUnited StatesGreen Witch
8,246Rachel MolnarUnited States
8,245Tamrha RichardsonUnited StatesWicca
8,244Angela NolanUSASolitary eclectic witch
8,243Princess Of MetalSpainWicca
8,242Christina CucunatoUnited StatesPagan
8,241Stacey EricksonUnited StatesDruid/Native American
8,240Raven DarkwindUSAShaman
8,239Danielle GillelandUSAPagan Druid
8,238Norma Silva martinezMexicoWicca
8,237Noemy GuzmánEl SalvadorBruja
8,236Joni BowersUnited Statesopen mind and heart
8,235Frances CodyUS
8,234Tim JohnstonUnited StatesTemple of Witchcraft
8,233Justin Harrell USACeltic Neopaganism
8,232Shannon GrimesUnited States
8,231adriana rojasMéxicowicca
8,230Violet VillardUnited StatesWicca/Native American
8,229Mary Davidson
8,228Jimmy MaleckiAustraliaI study many
8,227Marty GranthamUSA
8,226fred gouldenUnited States
8,225kristy wilandUnited States
8,224Ellen NillUnited States
8,223Sylwia BustosParaguay
8,222Dr. David OringderffUnited StatesGreencraft Traditional Craft Wicca
8,221Valerie Yoshino United States Eclectic Stars Wicce
8,220Elizabeth LewisUnited StatesWiccan
8,219Neal LawsonUnited StatesPagan
8,218Sacred Well Congregation International (Wiccan Church and Fellowship)United StatesEarth-Centered Spiritualities
8,217Willow OringderffUSAWicca
8,216marjorie ordoñezChile
8,215Morgaine SwannUSA Wicce
8,214Faith HoweUnited States
8,213Maria de los Angeles Flores RodriguezChileWiccan
8,212Kayla Turner
8,211Alicia FosterEclectic Wiccan
8,210Fico FerrerUnited StatesThe Force
8,209Elsie KMéxicoWicca Celta
8,208Claudia RiveraPuerto RicoPagan
8,207David Oliver KlingUnited StatesSacred Well Congregation
8,206James MarquardUnited States
8,205Janeth Benavides RondonColombia
8,204Mar MirallesSpainPagan
8,203Alba GarciaNicaraguaWicca
8,202Sati BrownUnited Statespagan
8,201ken priegelusapantheist, humanist, free thinker
8,200Stephen FleitasUnited States
8,199Donald PeltonDeist
8,198Jorge GradillaMexicoPagano
8,197Mariana SotoArgentina
8,196Julián FaríasArgentinaHumano
8,195Alejandra PuentesChile
8,194David BohnArgentina
8,193Daniel RuedaSpainWicca
8,192Antonio SequeraVenezuelapaganism
8,191Lynda AzzopardiCanada
8,190Quimerancia GroupMéxico
8,189Alex VegaMéxicoWiccan
8,188Mary TeelUSAPagan
8,187María Martínez PisónSpainBasque tradition
8,186Jose MartinezSpain
8,185Heleia / Carmen Candelario Dominican RepublicTemplo Dragón /Santuario Hécate Triformis
8,184Roble TormentaSpainCorrellian Nativist Wicca
8,183Susana SciscioliParaguayCorrellian
8,182joan aureli gil ortegacataloniaateo
8,181Chris HeddingUnited StatesSolitary witch
8,180Kris LinçaCataloniapath of Arcadia/ Gaian Spirituality
8,179Victoria HargraveUSAPantheist pagan
8,178Bonnie GalvanUnited States
8,177Mary LanhamUnited States
8,176Reverend WildSerenityUnited StatesWicca
8,175Melissa CamoiranoUSA
8,174Morgan SmithUnited States
8,173Michael ArribasSpain
8,172Joy WroblewskiUnited statesPagan
8,171Eleanor FalkensternUnited StatesWitch
8,170Amanda MillsCanada
8,169Denise LosloCanadaWicca / pantheist
8,168Jackie DaintyUnited KingdomPagan
8,167Mary WeaverUSAWiccan
8,166charleen GonzalezPuerto Ricowicca
8,165Carmen PerezPuerto RicoPagan
8,164Juana MartinezUSA
8,163SheM'kwa ShawneeUnited StatesNative American
8,162Owen Knightusa
8,161Jaclyn DuheUnited States
8,160Karla Camacho Costa RicaWiccan
8,159viviana nestrojilargentina
8,158Camille BurginUnited States
8,157P. Rhiannon SnowUnited StatesDruid
8,156Dawn Kellerhouse UsaPagan
8,155Aga RekasAustralia
8,154Mimi QuintanillaCosta RicaUniversal
8,153Molly PumfreyUnited States
8,152Jessica WalkerAustralia
8,151Antoni GarciaSpainGoddess Movement
8,150Nuria AnamiSpainGoddess Movement
8,149Templo de la Diosa (Organization)SpainGoddess Movement
8,148Samantha GodboldUnited States of America
8,147belen perezArgentinade la tierra :)
8,146Loreto NaranjoChile
8,145Stella Maris PeraltaArgentina
8,144Diana PadronAustralia
8,143Christine SimmonsUnited KingdomPagan
8,142Dawn GardnerUSADruid
8,141Irene Molina RodríguezSpainPagan Wicca
8,140Roy BridglandEnglandWodenist
8,139Roy McKeanEnglandFolkish Heathen
8,138Snow LarsonsSpain Wiccan
8,137Yuki Onna RagnarssonsSpain Tribal Odinism ( Heathenry )
8,136Eliabeth PichardoMexicoWICCA
8,135ANABEL PÉREZEspañahedgewitch
8,134Alejandra MedinaUruguaypagana
8,133Fay Wicca UruguayUruguay
8,132Virginia LoyUSA
8,131José Antonio Urquijo FloresCanadaWicca Celtic
8,130Eva María Muñoz CuevasEspañaReclaiming
8,129Nikki McCartyUnited StatesEclectic Witch
8,128Mita BeachusaDruid
8,127Lilliam LozadaPuerto Rico
8,126Martha AlvarezMexico
8,125Olga MoscosoColombiaPagan
8,124Núria QueixalósSpain
8,123Ron & Nancy SaegerUSAHumanist
8,122Yanarit Hernandez wicca celtaPuerto Rico wicca celta
8,121Dacny SegarraPuerto RicoWicca Celta
8,120Mayra CordovaPuerto Rico
8,119Alban HeruinSpainPagan
8,118Corrina DolsoUKPantheist Witch Unitarian
8,117Sarah WatlingUnited KingdomWicca
8,116Lou MasonUnited KingdomPagan
8,115Sharron Hooton United Kingdom
8,114Cassandra LeeAustraliaEclectic solitary Wiccan Neo-pagan with Christian leanings
8,113Katherine DedmanUnited Kingdom
8,112Ez Kruyzethe netherlands
8,111Paul MichaelUKDruid
8,110Kirran Lochhead StrangUnited KingdomAdvaitist Hindu
8,109Jan WatsonUnited KingdomEclectic
8,108sally surcoufUnited KingdomWicca
8,107Katrina KeshishianAustraliaWitch
8,106Richard FogelbergUnited KingdomHedgecraft
8,105A.K. VincentUSA
8,104Ani (Annie Finch)USApoet, Green Witch
8,103Peggy KochUSPagan
8,102Sue Stone United Kingdom
8,101Johanna BialostoskyUnited Statesspiritual,period...
8,100Elizabeth GarcíaGuatemalaPagana
8,099Daren TenneyUnited States
8,098Frater RunicusAustraliaHeathen / Masonic / LHP
8,097Lisa RobichaudUnited States
8,096Tammy GiesekeUSA
8,095Melissa McNairUnited States
8,094claire huckleUnited KingdomNeo Pagan
8,093David NelsonUSA
8,092Eleanor HughesUKWiccan
8,091Stacey LawlessUnited States
8,090Saundra LambertUnited StatesMy Own Path
8,089eva SennesvikNorwayasatro
8,088Peter van DoornNetherlandsDruid
8,087Charlotte Koerni-LagendijkNetherlandseclectisch
8,086Eline OskamNetherlands
8,085Kellye HouckUnited StatesNeo Shamanism
8,084Zel RonanUnited StatesWicca
8, OrganizationUSAGaianist
8,082Marissa Bowman
8,081Isaac Alejandre Torres Guardián del bosqueSpain
8,080Shelly FerlandUnited StatesDruid
8,079Robert GrangerUnited StatesChristian
8,078Thia VawterUnited StatesWicca
8,077Lindsey TolhurstUnited States
8,076carel van rosmalen Netherlands
8,075marianne van der mastNetherlandspagan
8,074Gloria DevendorfUnited StatesWiccan
8,073Bette RutingNetherlandswitch
8,072Elles Van Swinderen
8,071leo van velzenNetherlandssolitairy
8,070Christine VerbraekenBelgiumWitch
8,069Darlene TeixeiraUnited StatesPagan/Wiccan
8,068winny hooghuisSpaineclectic
8,067Wilmy SchattevoetNetherlands
8,066Nancy ReynosoUSA
8,065Michelle CartayaUSA Pantheistic
8,064kim van der heidenThe Netherlandspagan
8,063karin koningsNetherlandspagan
8,062Zahide SaglamNetherlandsEclectic witch
8,061Romy KroonNetherlandsPagan
8,060Isabelle OostendorpNederlandWitch, priestess and druide
8,059Betsy ReedUSA
8,058Friedel Alexandra Guerra OrtizGermany
8,057Christopher GordinUnited StatesEclectic Wicca
8,056Ann Gould MassoubreUSA Buddhist
8,055Marijke TetterooNetherlands
8,054Marieke TreebuschNederlandceltic wicca
8,053Alaine LebacqNetherlandsStregherian witchcraft
8,052jose buursma Nederland
8,051Cynthia VolkeringNetherlandsEclectic witch
8,050Yentl SchattevoetThe Netherlands
8,049Vera Mónica Marques FerreiraPortugalWiccan
8,048petra pottersNederland
8,047MC LeenenNederland
8,046Debbie TeunissenNetherlandsEclectic witch
8,045Margot Van t Hof
8,044Kris StomphorstNederlandHumanistic Archetype Barbarian
8,043Mirjam Van DonselaarNetherlandsHeathenism
8,042Nanouk Groenestein jankiewiczNetherlandsmother earth
8,041linda van rosmalenNetherlandsdruide and witch
8,040Thea StoetenNetherlands
8,039willemien weerstraNetherlands
8,038Elles Piets
8,037Laura Wals-GosmanNetherlandsTraditional Witchcraft
8,036Maudy Van der ToornNetherlandsSolitairy witch
8,035Monique Den Boer NetherlandsWicca/pagan
8,034José Struijk-BolleboomNetherlands Witch
8,033Iris LerouNetherlandsPagan
8,032Vera KokNetherlandsWitch
8,031Charlene HagenaarsThe NetherlandsWitch
8,030mira LeiendeckerNederlandpagan
8,029Athena PallasGermany
8,028Erin van Attensolitary witch
8,027Joyce SendenNetherlandsPagan wicca
8,026Cat GorCanadaWicca
8,025Marjolein JongmansNederlandNature/Spiritual
8,024Sylvia Palstra NetherlandsPagan
8,023natasja vinkNetherlandspagan
8,022Saskia Van den InghNetherlandsPagan
8,021Agnes Jonkman
8,020Elisabeth WuringNederland
8,019marieke halNederlandtraditional witchcraft
8,018kim possibleNetherlandspegan
8,017Evelyn LoisteGaelic Polytheism
8,016mandy molenaarHolland
8,015Rebecca VanderstoelUnited States
8,014Diane BrownUsaAsatru
8,013nicol steenbergenNetherlands
8,012L vHNetherlands
8,011Ruben Albasa JelgersmaNetherlandsPagan
8,010martine Klaver
8,009Lunadea Ruthy Jankiewicz NetherlandsTraditional witchcraft
8,008 Rev. Christine PorterUnited States
8,007Brian PorterUnited States Humanist UU
8,006Barbara DoveUnited StatesWicca - Blue Star Tradition
8,005Ted Thibodeau JrUSAGlainn Sidhr / EarthSpirit Community
8,004Monique FredlineUnited States
8,003Dawn CokerUnited StatesCeltic
8,002Rev. Alicia FolberthUSAOdyssean Wicca
8,001April WalusUnited StatesPagan
8,000Andrew SelfcanadaOBOD
7,999Andy Green MannUKEclectic witch and philosopher
7,998Martin KokNetherlandsDruicca
7,997Henk MeermanNetherlandsTraditional
7,996João SilvaPortugalPagan
7,995Dylan HenleyUnited StatesWitch
7,994Sandy CaywoodUnited StatesAmerican Eclectic Pagan
7,993Brian WhiteheadUnited Kingdom
7,992Courtney BatemanUnited States
7,991Brenin Magpie United KingdomEcclectic
7,990David BurwasserUnited StatesUnitarian Universalist Pagan
7,989Megan SchillerUnited States
7,988Melissa CobbUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,987Jennifer PripakisGermanyEclectic Pagan / Wiccan
7,986Laurie SchneppmuellerUnited States
7,985Ciara FraserCanadaDruidic/Celtic
7,984Jacob SolomonUnited StatesDruidry
7,983Megan NelsonUSACeltic
7,982Si la Nu silanulove worker
7,981Reya LaingUnited States
7,980Joyce HenryUK
7,979K. MilnerUK
7,978Pamela CeallaighUk
7,977lesley AllderUnited KingdomPagan
7,976Heather DawsonUSAEclectic Witch
7,975Jennifer Whiting USAWICCAN PEGAN
7,974D. HorrellUnited States
7,973Catherine LeFevreUSA
7,972Lisa O'BrienUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,971Brooke PinsonUnited States
7,970Vanessa DiegekUSA Many
7,969angela lambertUnited StatesEclectic..
7,968cynthia lefevreUnited StatesWiccan
7,967John HoldenUKPagan
7,966Lisa DurlerUnited StatesPagan
7,965Kim CrowdisUnited Stateswicca and pagan
7,964Tanya LeloUSANew Thought (Pagan Ally)
7,963Margie Sue BrogdonUnited States of Americaeclectic
7,962Mayra Fariasbrazil
7,961Michelle AsherUnited States Druid
7,960Kat BreitsprecherUnited KingdomWiccan/pagan
7,959Samantha Jane HunterAmericaPegan
7,958Mel DysterU.K.
7,957Adonis ChristofiUnited KingdomPagan
7,956Tyler Goodman United StatesHeathen
7,955Donna ReadUSAReclaiming
7,954Angie ValdesUnited Statesuniversal
7,953Debora Auge'USAWicca/Nature
7,952Katy RavensongUSAgreen witch
7,951Deolinda BlathorsarnBrazilPagan
7,950Kathryn FidatiUSA
7,949Berto SeguraSpainPagan
7,948Lauren LaunceUnited Kingdompagan
7,947Martha ThewUnited StatesEcclectic Pagan
7,946Karen MarshUSDruid and Eclectic
7,945Meg BeelerUnited StatesEarth Caretakers, shamanism
7,944Cassandra WadeUnited Kingdom
7,943Willow AelfwineCanadaAgnostic Pantheist Witch Grandmother
7,942Yannie Leonti UKPagan
7,941Virginia AndersonUSAfeminist spirituality
7,940Susan AlbertUnited StatesBuddhism
7,939Meg BowdenUnited Kingdom
7,938Melanie ButlerUnited Kingdom
7,937Keira McCormackUK
7,936Kristine HancockUSAHedgewitch
7,935Carolyne FinleyUnited Kingdom
7,934Teri BrownUnited StatesPagan
7,933ana martinsPortugal
7,932Emily DeaconUnited Kingdom
7,931Alysha-Jane ConnorsAustralia
7,930Indiana WomackUnited States
7,929Erin FosterCanadaWicca
7,928Litha KnottUSAEclectic
7,927cheri ChristiansenUnited States
7,926Veronica HeitmanAustralia
7,925Lawrence TanseyUSA
7,924jenelle woodAustralia
7,923Freia Titland
7,922Charlie PerroneUSAEclectic
7,921Nicole Rain SellersAustralia
7,920Pascale TitleyUSA OBOD Druid/Bön
7,919angela lunsfordUSWICCA
7,918Mary ErnsbergerUnited StatesPagan
7,917cheryl sonterAustraliapagan
7,916Samantha Spurway Australia
7,915Fran Jackson USA
7,914Dennis StevensUSA
7,913Nyia WeidenbohmAustralia
7,912Ion GriffisUnited KingdomBritish Druid Order
7,911Bob StephensUnited States
7,910Beverly MedleyUnited States
7,909Samantha BalashUSA
7,908Lauren JosenhansUnited States
7,907Martha StormUnited StatesGardnerian
7,906Tom GoddardUnited KingdomPagan/Humanist
7,905Ruairí WeinerIrelandIrish Pagan
7,904Lisa WhiteUnited States
7,903Joe BoundsUnited StatesNightside
7,902Anna Wolf
7,901Tammy EvesUnited States
7,900Cineraria AlcesUnited StatesPantheistic witch, morthwyrtha
7,899Emily WireUSAeclectic
7,898Gemma GablerUk
7,897Karla ThomasUnited States
7,896rowan haleyukhedgewitch
7,895Rev. Rob HendersonUnited StatesADF Druid
7,894Ward McCreeryUSAEclectic
7,893Shannon JoyceUnited StatesSolitary
7,892Jacque RussellUSA
7,891Catarina de AlmeidaPortugalPagan
7,890Richard SpriggCanadaThelemite
7,889Rachael BlareauUnited KingdomEclectic witch
7,888Peter LaRochelle United StatesAmerican Druid
7,887Ruth PrinsNetherlands
7,886Lucian-Robert NegutRomania
7,885Heather King krall United States Wiccan
7,884Connor PayneUnited States
7,883Angela WebbEnglandDruidry/Wicca
7,882Jennifer Wommack United States
7,881Song Of Avalon (Group)United StatesPagan
7,880Samantha desuzeUSAEclectic
7,879Evelina RønnesethNorgeEclectic
7,878Pauline EdwardsUnited KingdomPagan
7,877Sue DemeterCanada
7,876Cllare O'BrienUnited Kingdom
7,875srn hrmn
7,874Kathryn CollingUK
7,873Mike Nelson Unitarian
7,872Cat NelsonUnited States
7,871Erynn Rowan LaurieItalyCeltic polytheist
7,870Teresa CarvalhoPortugal
7,869Sonya MullerLuxembourgDruid
7,868Barbara WrightUnited StatesDruid
7,867David AlexanderUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
7,866Dylan JohndrowUnited StatesPagan
7,865Malcolm SteeleUnited KingdomWiccan
7,864Paula CovillUnited KingdomWiccan
7,863Roland BishopUnited KingdomDruid
7,862Vicky JohnsonUnited States
7,861Elizabete SantosPortugal
7,860Barbara PotterUnited States
7,859Earthseed (Organization)Earthseed (
7,858Marc Godfrey U.K. Pagan
7,857Terra Deusa Terra DeusaBrasilEarth Goddess - the Eternal Living Being
7,856Raquel Rose HeartPortugalLove
7,855Denice LangeUSPagan
7,854Celia PauloPortugal
7,853Dominique LussenburgSwedenWicca
7,852Kevin TateCanada
7,851Sofia MercerAustralia
7,850Marina AesopSlovakia
7,849Allison NeedlesUnited States
7,848Rainbow star GroupAotearoa
7,847Audrey ElicerioUnited States
7,846Owen MoynihanGaelic Polytheist
7,845Patricia ThurmanUSAsolitary eclectic
7,844Leah McCreeryUSAEcclasian Tradition
7,843Joseph JonesUnited Stateswiccan
7,842Shari LewisUSEclectic Witch
7,841Douglas HelvieUnited StatesEternal Harvest Wicca
7,840Maia RuggieroUnited StatesEclectic
7,839shelley magillAustraliaDianic solitary
7,838Leslie Lowdermilk United States
7,837Lynne HooverUnited StatesPagan
7,836Shara LamontCanadaWest Coast Eclectic
7,835Geoffrey AccursiUSARealist
7,834debra smithunited statessolitary
7,833DeBorah HillUnited States
7,832Geoffrey DentonUnited KingdomPagan
7,831Sharron DentonUnited KingdomPagan
7,830Amy KateNew Zealand Eclectic Pagan
7,829Jennifer SchulerUnited StatesDruid
7,828Rodd GibbsNew Zealandhedge druid
7,827Rhonda DanielsonUnited States
7,826Susan CurryUnited KingdomGreenwitchery
7,825Kay DracheUnited States
7,824Regina McClungUnited StatesDruid - ADF
7,823Gail GilbertUSAWiccan
7,822Deneece LacyUSAKemetic Orthodox
7,821Hugh HamptonUnited States
7,820Olena KukuruzaUnited StatesSlav Pagan Traditions
7,819Jo AelfwineUnited StatesElven
7,818Calla CrockettUnited KingdomWicca
7,817Charlette Spicerunited stateseclectic shamanism
7,816Randall WeiserUSAGeorgian Traditional Witchcraft
7,815Carlynne ToomeyUnited StatesDruid
7,814Robert SchmidUSAdruidic
7,813Shevon PropstUnited StatesWitch
7,812Kay WebsterUnited StatesWicca
7,811William PiersonUnited StatesWiccan
7,810Angelika KrügerGermanyReclaiming
7,809Sharon O'BrienUnited StatesPagan - Druid/Witch
7,808Ronda KisnerUnited States
7,807Robin GravesUnited StatesPagan
7,806Emma RayneUK
7,805Phil HutchensUSADruid
7,804Patti BockUnited States
7,803Dawn Voice-CooperUnited KingdomPagan/early Christian
7,802Andrew Magnone US
7,801Chris LewisDenmark
7,800Lisa SoucyUnited States
7,799Elizabeth McDonaldADF
7,798Bear Jason NiedUnited States
7,797Annabelle BeauchampCanada
7,796Amelia WayneUnited StatesPagan - Druid
7,795Sky BrownUnited States
7,794David BinderSlovenia
7,793Four Dragons Clann (coven group)USA1734 Witchcraft
7,792Avril DannenbaumUnited States
7,791Cindie AmbarUnited StatesOneness
7,790George MarshallUnited StatesThe Brotherhood of the Phoenix
7,789Mary WilsonUSAPagan
7,788Mary WilsonUSA
7,787Deborah EinbenderUnited Stateswiccan
7,786Murphy Pizza, Ph.DUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,785Melissa WhitneyUnited StatesHedgewitch
7,784Michelle CassellaUSAWiccan
7,783Margie AdamsUnited States
7,782Faith TitusUnited States
7,781bryan rawlsUnited StatesEclectic/Faeri
7,780Susannah FaithUnited States
7,779kay sotoUnited States
7,778Helen DimondSouth Africa
7,777Syn BirchUnited StatesHeathen
7,776Fran RosenUSADF
7,775Ashley ParkerUnited StatesPagan
7,774Mark BurnhamUSA
7,773Michael StrakerCanada
7,772Jan AvendeUSA ADF Druid
7,771Steph GoochUSADruid
7,770Ruth Robinson United KingdomPagan
7,769Dennis FordUnited StatesHeathen/Asatru
7,768Olwen LachowiczUnited KingdomGoddess
7,767Dale FramptonUnited StatesPolytheist
7,766Julie ScottAustraliaDruid
7,765Maxine AlexanderUnited Kingdom
7,764Erin Jaffe-WrightUSHermetic/Ceremonial Magician
7,763Sarah Burrows TR5 0NTTraditional Witch
7,762Elizabeth LaytonUnited KingdomGoddess
7,761Tim WorkmanUnited StatesDruidic/CelticWitchcraft
7,760Jeffrey AltergottUSADruidic
7,759Monay WatersUnited Statesagnostic pagan
7,758Danielle BoschertUSA
7,757R. HansenUnited States
7,756Michael GoldenUnited StatesDruid
7,755Tom GriffinUSAPagan
7,754Maggie MacNeillUnited StatesPagan
7,753Ed TaubUSAJewish
7,752Gerri GrahamUnited StatesPagan
7,751Amy CannonUSAAtheist, Humanist, Pagan Ally
7,750Blair MacLeanCanada
7,749Gabriel GarzaUSA
7,748Geoff MccaffertyCanada
7,747Brian PUnited States
7,746Daniel PalmerUnited States
7,745elizabeth stansfieldUnited StatesUpwards
7,744Matthew House
7,743Christine HuntUnited States
7,742Traci ArdrenUSAWitch
7,741Jill Henson
7,740Rodney CoxUnited StatesADF Druid
7,739Joy Carroll-KingUSAADF
7,738Angela OakesUnited KingdomMany!
7,737Samantha PackTexas
7,736Jessica BundyUnited States
7,735Jeffrey SmartUnited States
7,734Domhnall IrvineUnited StatesCeltic Polytheist/Druid
7,733Michael JamesonUnited StatesWiccan
7,732Birgit ReinartzGermanyDruid
7,731Thomas CurtisUnited StatesAncestral Folkway
7,730Ashley PriceUnited StatesADF
7,729Justin BowenUnited StatesBaptist
7,728Katie VelazquezUnited StatesPagan
7,727Tina Velazquez United States Pagan
7,726Marnie WylieCanadaWicca
7,725Eira L'osee-FukudaUnited StatesDruidry
7,724Bart ServaesBelgium
7,723Dawn ThorpUSASolitary - Egyptian deities
7,722Christi RigbyUnited StatesADF
7,721Samantha CarrollUnited States
7,720Rev. David CrawfordUnited StatesÁr nDraíocht Féin Druidry: ADF
7,719Michael OakesEnglandMan of the earth,wind and fire
7,718Randi LeighUSA
7,717William Thomas USAGnostic Druid
7,716abby laytonUSAJew/Boo
7,715Melinda ThomasUSADruid
7,714Kat PosellUnited StatesADF Druidism
7,713Philip RutledgeUnited StatesDruid
7,712jimi cottrellUnited StatesADF
7,711Jennifer CootwareUnited StatesRDG Druid
7,710Chelly CouvretteCanadaDruidic
7,709Michael TalvolaADF Druid
7,708candace KantUSAGoddess
7,707Mariah HigginsUnited StatesDruid
7,706Ken HenrieUnited States
7,705Dennis NockUSATribal Geal Polytheism
7,704Ro BoveUnited StatesCeltic/Eclectic
7,703Ruth MorganUnited KingdomPagan
7,702phyllis busa
7,701Tamara McKennaUSAShamanic
7,700Trina WilliamsUnited Statespagan
7,699John DeslatteUnited StatesDruid
7,698Tammy ReynoldsUnited StatesPagan
7,697Susie AtterburyUnited KingdomPagan
7,696Adam ChertoffUnited States
7,695John Lee
7,694Myrddin EmrysUnited StatesDruid (ADF)
7,693Frank HuberUnited StatesCeltic/Germanic
7,692Francesca HedrickUnited StatesDruid, Polytheistic
7,691Karen ClarkUnited StatesADF Druid
7,690Rebecca SheehanUnited StatesHeathen
7,689Verena SunerUSACeltic Druid
7,688Asrik TashlinUnited StatesPolytheistic pagan with strong animist tendencies
7,687Erin MullinUnited StatesADF Druid
7,686Caryn MacLuanUSADruid & Heathen
7,685Kristen McKinlayUnited StatesEclectic Pagan, Celtic, Druid
7,684Janet McCandlasUnited KingdomDruidry
7,683Joseph NicolUSAPagan
7,682Adrian MoranUnited StatesBrotherhood of the Phoenix
7,681Crystal PhillipsUSApagan
7,680House Imhotep (House Imhotep)United States
7,679Clare KeySouth AfricaSeeress
7,678Joseph BenefieldUnited StatesFyrnsidu (Anglo-Saxon Heathenry)
7,677Kristen SkeltonUnited StatesWitch
7,676Bruce MullinsUnited StatesDruid
7,675Barbara ColegroveUnited StatesSpiritual
7,674Valal du PonNetherlandsOpen Path
7,673Lenard BraudeSouth Africa
7,672Kenneth CarlsonUnited States
7,671Maria RamisPalma de Mallorca
7,670Kantha PillaySouth Africa
7,669Leonie Hensby South Africa
7,668R. B. United States
7,667Caroline FoldesAustralia
7,666Brenda WolfUnited States
7,665Natasha AndazUSAPagan
7,664Dannie KarabinUnited StatesWicca
7,663Danielle MitchellUnited StatesWicca
7,662Ronald PohUSA
7,661Elinor SmithGreece
7,660Kyle WilkinsUSA
7,659CarlaJean Benejamusasolitary eclectic
7,658Arielle Finberg USADruid Animist
7,657D PrenticeAustraliaPagan
7,656Johnnie Keating United StatesWitch
7,655Brandon LucioUnited States
7,654Zachary WajerskiUnited States
7,653Mathew Willoughby United States of America
7,652nancy winkAustralia
7,651Jane Di Lieto-DanesUnited Kingdom
7,650Frederike PetersThe NetherlandsPagan
7,649Carole RenardUnited KingdomMother nature is all powerful
7,648Laura HodgsonEmgland
7,647Mary OlivaUnited States
7,646Lori EubanksUnited StatesPagan
7,645Diana GebczykUnited StatesEclectic Pagan Witch
7,644Rafa PartidaSpainCeltic Reconstructionism
7,643Claire Stone United KingdomWiccan
7,642Michelle BrownUK
7,641AMber DawnUSAWitch/African Dispora
7,640Kali MillerUnited States
7,639Elizabeth SalgadoMéxicoCeltic Reconstructionism
7,638Judith Pey FernándezSpain
7,637Anthony RegoUnited StatesMesopaganism/Trinitarian Wicca
7,636Emma Burrows United Kingdom
7,635Mariam CastellanosVenezuela
7,634Glendon AllenUnited StatesPagan
7,633Silvia GonzalezSpainCorrellian Tradition
7,632Silvia Bedregal GuatemalaCorrellian Tradition
7,631Debra WillisUnited States
7,630Enrique ViedmaSpain
7,629Dana OwlwomanUSA
7,628Carlos CarmonaEspañaTradicion Nativista Correlliana
7,627Nimué Del MarSpainCorrellian Tradition
7,626Lucía GómezSpain
7,625Catqu Ko
7,624Jonathan PaulUnited States
7,623Ashley AbbottUnited States
7,621Adina RaceanuSpainPagan
7,620alfonso luege marvanmexicoThe Force
7,619Margarita Martinez VicenteEspañaDruídica
7,618Ginette Durán Costa Rica
7,617Irene Barroso Rodríguez SpainCorrellian
7,616Daniel lasobrasEspañaTraditional Witchcraft
7,615Maximiliano Eduardo Frick GarciaEspañaspiritual
7,614Walgio Audatto El Salvador
7,613Macarena ÁlvarezSpainsolitaire wiccan
7,612Luzmaria DelatorreMexicoPagan
7,611Alfonso SánchezEspañaCorrellian
7,610Nasly GarciaColombia
7,609Melis R.ChileWicca
7,608Rita de Cassia Sant'AnnaBrazilsolitária
7,607carmen candelariDominican RepublicCorrellian
7,606Narda YagaiMexicoWicca
7,605Marwin CarvalloVenezuelaEclectic Wicca
7,604julia ortegaSpain
7,603Hazel MarquezVenezuelaCorrelliana
7,602Patricia JarrettUnited StatesWiccan
7,601fleur oakesUnited Kingdom
7,600Sybil HolidayUnited Stateseclectic witch
7,599gail lewisUnited Kingdompagan
7,598Anne Bradleyscotland
7,597Karrie DashwoodUnited KingdomPagan Shaman
7,596Toby DoyleUnited KingdomEarth centred paganism
7,595Amanda LingUnited StatesWicca
7,594Philip CraigUnited KingdomDruidic Caretaker
7,593fernanda sosaswitzerland
7,592Helen SparshottUnited KingdomDruid
7,591faith fhainUnited Kingdom
7,590Manuel Guerrero UríaSpainCeltiberian Reconstructionist Polytheism
7,589Ian Neville England witch
7,588Wes IsleyUSA
7,587Judy ConradUSAEarth-centered
7,586James BradleyUnited States
7,585Danielle BradleyUnited States
7,584Kaleb Lund United States
7,583Elaine EvansUnited Kingdom
7,582Rowen StillwaterUnited KingdomHellenismos
7,581Paddy ButcherUnited Kingdom
7,580Susan ChandlerUnited StatesWicca
7,579Jacqueline MalkinUnited Kingdom
7,578Lady Klea RoeShamaness
7,577Circle of the SacredFeathers Circle GroupUnited StatesWiccan
7,576Manny TejedaUnited States
7,575Nadia MalowanaPolandDruid
7,574Jillian SimonUK
7,573Karen Blackburn
7,572Lorraine BeresfordUnited KingdomPagan Druid
7,571Samantha VenningUnited Kingdom
7,570lisa smithScotland pagan hedgewitch
7,569Jan GrantEngland
7,568Mark GustardUK
7,567Jon BarkerScotlandPagan
7,566Steve WillsUnited KingdomWiccan
7,565Richeldis MessamUK
7,564Jeff HarperUnited StatesDruid
7,563Roxane ConnorUnited States
7,562sue thorneUKWiccan
7,561Bella-Scarlet SanchezUnited StatesPagan / Wiccan
7,560Veritee Reed HallUnited Kingdom
7,559Martin ReedJungian
7,558Brenda Evie CU.S
7,557Audrey van RooijNetherlandsEclectic witchcraft
7,556Rónán Ua DeaghaidhÉire/IrelandPágántacht na hÉireann/Irish Paganism
7,555Francesca Bocconcino ItalyHellenismos
7,554Dylan NashUnited StatesHellenismos
7,553Karen CarterUnited KingdomEclectic pagan
7,552Michaela ZubeAustriaDruid
7,551Elke FiebigerGermanyGoddess-worship
7,550Steven CoppardUnited KingdomHeathen
7,549Evija LapiņaLatviaPagan, Witch
7,548Jennifer SmithUkPagan
7,547Kayla Cunningham United States Eclectic Wicca
7,546Danielle RileyUnited States of America Eclectic Wiccan
7,545Haley MaryCanada
7,544Mitchell PlutoUnited StatesArtist
7,543Philip HiltonUSA
7,542Rita KochenspargerUnited States
7,541Teri VermillionUSAEvletic Correllian
7,540Karla IsmayUSA
7,539Heather VandegriftUnited StatesEclectic paganism
7,538Claudina MasseyUSA
7,537Jade GarciaAustraliaPagan
7,536Rutger LoversNetherlandsDruidic
7,535Melissa AndersonUnited StatesKemetic Reconstruction
7,534ana valentimarctica
7,533Lisa LewisBritain Pagan
7,532Renee MillarNew Zealand Pagan
7,531janet joostenUnited Kingdompagan
7,530Sandra FieldNew Zealandpagan
7,529lien van campBelgiumbardic druid
7,528Zachary CrainUnited StatesTraditional Witchcraft & Neo Wicca
7,527susan bergeron
7,526Diana WaldronUnited StatesDianic/eclectic witch
7,525Arleen StaderUnited StatesCelto-Alexandrian
7,524Elizabeth JohnstonUnited StatesPantheist High Priestess
7,523Mags ButcherEngland
7,522David BarkerUnited KingdomPagan
7,521Nicole AvilaUnited StatesPagan (new)
7,520Deborah MorrisUkHedgewitch
7,519pati thomascanada
7,518Ondrea WadeUnited KingdomPagan
7,517Freda HarrisUnited KingdomWitch
7,516Paz Rojas
7,515Lynda RyderUnited KingdomDruid
7,514jennifer hoganUnited States
7,513Ross Lacey
7,512Kelly Preeper Canada
7,511Andrew DallUnited States
7,510debra hallenglandpagan
7,509Jasmin FlowerUnited KingdomPagan
7,508Sarah BeavinsUnited KingdomPagan Path
7,507erica sandersonUnited Kingdomown path
7,506Sarah BassamEngland Pagan
7,505Craig Lawrence United KingdomDruid/wiccan
7,504Lisa ToftSouth AfricaEclectic Heathen
7,503Heather DewhurstUnited Kingdom
7,502Henk and Janet JoostenUnited KingdomMembers Druid Grove
7,501Morton HarperUnited KingdomPagan
7,500Michael TaylorUnited KingdomWitch
7,499Claire HollandUnited KingdomPagan
7,498Dawn DoyleUKPagan
7,497Gemma ThodyUkWicca
7,496Di Stirling-Chow
7,495Annie WatkinsUKPagan
7,494Dee RuttyUnited KingdomSolitary Eclectic
7,493Paula JonesUnited StatesElectic
7,492Adrian Bryn-EvansUnited KingdomTraditional
7,491Sandra ColeUnited KingdomWicca
7,490William GatesUnited StatesWiccan
7,489Sonia StaceyUnited KingdomDruid
7,488Edgar CarlosUnited StatesEclectic
7,487Nicki Lancaster United KingdomPagan
7,486Patience Keet HarrisUK
7,485Dr Sweetpea SmartEnglandPagan
7,484Toni SimmonsUnited States Eclectic Pagan Witch
7,483Darrell SmithUnited States
7,482tina lawlor mottramuk
7,481Steven LeeUnited States
7,480Shelley FraserUnited StatesCeltic
7,479Ashley PendorfUnited StatesWiccan
7,478Taysha DiazUnited States
7,477Callista LeeUnited StatesGoddess focused Wicca
7,476Alexis BanksUnited States
7,475Alex UptonUnited StatesNorse Pagan
7,474Phil WeilandEnglandShagan. Shamanic/Pagan
7,473Mani NavasothyUnited KingdomHindu-Wiccan
7,472karen teulonUnited Kingdom
7,471Carline SchluterSurinameWinti-pagan
7,470Lindsey Eade United Kingdom
7,469Kerry McGill United States Witch
7,468Phil D'ArcyUnited Kingdom
7,467Jamie LantzUnited StatesFeri/Shamanic
7,466Cora FraserUSA
7,465Sarah PotterUnited Kingdom
7,464Andrew Goldsmith England pagan
7,463Zoe HobbsUnited KingdomPagan Witch
7,462Amanda YatesUnited KingdomHedgewitch
7,461Kelly PerkinsUK
7,460Katelynn WagnerUnited Stateswicca
7,459Tara McMurrayUnited StatesEclectic Pagan Witch
7,458Paul SandfordUnited KingdomDruidry
7,457Julie StanleyEnglandEclectic Pagan
7,456simon law
7,455Janet MatthewsEclectic Pagan
7,454James SullivanUnited Kingdom
7,453Sue MawbyEnglandPagan
7,452Cece BuehnerUsaDruidic Witch
7,451Allan WoodUnited KingdomDruid
7,450Maria-Dolores LefcovitchUnited KingdomPagan
7,449Rupert Jones United KingdomWicca
7,448Arlene DavisUnited States
7,447michelle skidmoreUnited Kingdom
7,446Brandon CookUnited Kingdom
7,445Harri CarmichaelWales
7,444Mona VreySouth-AfricaPagan
7,443colin lovelessUnited Kingdomdruid
7,442Mel BeasleySpainDruid
7,441April Claridge-ElstobUnited KingdomDruidic
7,440Sophie TylerUnited KingdomDruid/druidcraft
7,439amy grahamUnited States
7,438Sarah NashUnited KingdomPost-modern Pagan
7,437Sandra CollinsCanadaPagan
7,436Louise LisseUKeclectic
7,435Beth WesleyUnited States
7,434Harlan WhiteUSAUnitarian Universalist Humanist Pagan
7,433Melanie JohnsonUnited StatesPagan
7,432Madiline BauerUnited Statespagan
7,431Anne SoffeUnited KingdomWicca
7,430Jude McDermottUnited KingdomWicca/Druid
7,429Neil WrightUnited States
7,428Golda WolfUnited States
7,427Jan WhitbyUnited KingdomDruid
7,426emily monteithusa
7,425Michelle RamieriCanadastudent of all
7,424Christine PowellUnited States
7,423Bonny BeingSouth Africatraditional healers association
7,422Suzanne JacquesCanadaWitch
7,421ERICK KREMSUnited StatesDruid/Cristian
7,420cristina gutierrezUnited Statespagan
7,419Stephanie BarnardUnited StatesEclectic Pantheism
7,418tiffany enegrenUnited Statespagan
7,417Jen CardoUnited States
7,416paula mcwhirter-buckUnited Statespagan with buddhist and quaker for added colour (solitary)
7,415Robin RapagnaUnited StatesEclectic
7,414Matt LovickCanadaShamanic mesa carrier
7,413Christopher GlossonUnited StatesEclectic
7,412Csilla TaylorUnited StatesCabot Tradition
7,411Rose Luckman United KingdomPagan
7,410Mark FolseUnited StatesAsatru
7,409Cheryle MautheCanada
7,408Tracy SmithUnited States
7,407Bekka SchellenbergUSAnatural humanism
7,406Ophidia KalendaeEngland
7,405Samuel CallowUKAnimist, Druid
7,404Dorthea Torell CanadaShamanic and Druidic
7,403Laura Freeman United States
7,402Leah TaylorUnited KingdomPagan Witch
7,401Nancee MadioUnited States
7,400Franco CavaliereBrazil
7,399Tamela FarrandCanadaHereditary Witchcraft
7,398P. strobusUnited StatesShaman
7,397geoff hallukshaman
7,396Jennifer BailorUnited StatesWiccan/Pagan
7,395Deborah BillettEnglandDruid
7,394Roy GillUnited Kingdom
7,393Gloria TupperUnited StatesPagan
7,392Manda ScottUKshamanic dreamer
7,391Nicole FordCanadaSolitary practitioner Druidic path
7,390Cassandra Fabian
7,389Jan Athole BothaMozambiqueSharman
7,388carolyn peddieAustraliaReclaiming Witch
7,387richard whytsellusashaman
7,386Debra GibsonUnited States
7,385john warnerUnited Kingdom
7,384Samantha HaslopeEnglandAsatru
7,383amanda Joudreycanadawiccan/pagan
7,382Aphrodite RoseAustralia
7,381Stephany CarrollAustralia
7,380Kim ClarkinSouth AfricaCeltic Wiccan Buddhist
7,379Susan BrownAustralia
7,378Jessica SimmonsAustralia
7,377Rhonda KingAustraliaRECLAIMING Witchcraft
7,376Elani TemperanceNetherlandsHellenismos
7,375CE RENNISONSouth Africa
7,374Miriam Paschke
7,373Sanet ClaassenSouth Africa
7,372Kimberly DavisUSA Eclectic Grey Solitary
7,371Joy SmithUSreclaiming
7,370Lauren EstesUnited States
7,369Mariah FloodUnited States
7,368Nicholas GonzalezUnited StatesWerewolf
7,367Andrea KissUnited StatesWitch
7,366Vicky LauterbachUnited States
7,365Kim MakaUSA
7,364Christopher BoyerUnited StatesDruid
7,363Blake Pugmire USAPagan
7,362Lucia JamesonUSAWicca
7,361dale stroughUSA
7,360Nicholas mulhearn England
7,359Amber SloaneUnited States
7,358Lori Merritt United States
7,357Stuart CullimoreUnited Kingdom
7,356Raven MadiganUnited States
7,355sandy parkerUnited Kingdompagan/druid
7,354Roy HilbingerUnited StatesPantheist
7,353Jo EllenderUnited KingdomHedgewitch
7,352Kevin BennettsUnited KingdomSpiritual
7,351Lorraine Edwardsukpagan
7,350Karin SteiningerAustraliaReclaiming
7,349Heather ColemanEnglandPagan
7,348Su LuffmanUnited KingdomPagan Wicca
7,347Adrian SparkesUKHedge Witch
7,346Nigel WestripUK
7,345Natalie WinterUKRomani/Celtic Hereditary
7,344Sarah WarrenUnited KingdomHedgewitch
7,343Verity Baxendale-NicholsEnglandTradition
7,342Michele Baxendale-NicholsEngland Tradition
7,341Sue BeedellEnglandPagan
7,340Inmaculada García SerranoEspañaPagan
7,339Tracy KellyUnited StatesWicca.
7,338Lowena Taylor United Kingdom
7,337Catherine FletcherUnited KingdomPagan
7,336Lauren Liebling DavisUnited KingdomReclaiming Tradition
7,335Mac J HawkUnited KingdomShamanic Witch
7,334Gill KingUnited Kingdom
7,333Sue HarrisUnited Kingdom
7,332Mic MorganUnited Kingdomsharmanic healer
7,331Tyler HamilUSPagan
7,330Katie GrayUnited StatesPagan Atheist
7,329Sophia BurnsUnited StatesHellenic Polytheist
7,328Layla GordonUnited StatesWicca
7,327Karen PepperUnited KingdomWiccan
7,326Christina GroatUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,325Elisa DayUnited StatesHellenism
7,324Wesley JollyUnited StatesÁr nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship
7,323Velina ClementsUnited StatesPagan
7,322Jo TracyUSAPagan
7,321Pamela LanidesUSAPagan
7,320Crystal MorganCanada
7,319shari dykemanCanada
7,318Karen HarperUnitarian Universalist Pagan
7,317Donata AhernUnited States
7,316Paula WilliamsCanadaEMPATH
7,315Demetria NemorensisNew ZealandWitchcraft
7,314Loleta CollinsUnited StatesDruid
7,313The Pagan Veil (Online Community)AustraliaVarious
7,312Rebecca CarmanAustraliaEclectic Domestic Hellenic Pagan
7,311Donna CosimanoUnited StatesHuman Being
7,310Charley BenjaminUnited KingdomNaturalistic Pagan
7,309Charles RogersCanadaNative traditional
7,308Jude DuenwegUnited States
7,307Claire Stone United Kingdom
7,306Grant Swanson United States
7,305Deborah NortonUSA
7,304Lou TakacsUnited States
7,303Sherrah PerezUnited States
7,302Tricha KoenigCanada
7,301Richard CarabajalU.S.A.Universal Law of One
7,300Barbara ThompsonUSAMadrian
7,299James Spisak-FinchUnited StatesDruidic
7,298Tam ValenciaSpain
7,297Sierra StuczUnited States of America Pagan
7,296Misty Neumanusa
7,295Tiffany MysticstormUnited StatesUNITY
7,294Ryan BowserUSABuddhism
7,293Megan BowserUSAPagan, Witch, non-Wiccan
7,292Ana SimõesPortugalDruidry
7,291Travis SmithUnited States
7,290Sonya MacfadzenUnited States
7,289James BattyUnited KingdomAnglo-Saxon Heathen
7,288Lisa Mc SherryUnited StatesWicca
7,287Stephen KastnerUnited States
7,286Pauline KentUnited StatesDruidry
7,285Joy PurcellUsaDruif
7,284Holistic School of Life (Organization)Austriaeducational
7,283Constantin EhrensteinAustriashamanic
7,282Ruth WeaverUnited States
7,281John Davis UKDruid
7,280Zay Eleanor WatersongUSAReclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft
7,279Angie WillisUKDruidry
7,278John HorvathUSAHeathen/Asatru
7,277Sebastian SchmidAustria
7,276Orden der Alten Pfade GroupGermanyceltic germanic
7,275Brianne WoodsUnited StatesSolitary
7,274Suzana MartinMexicoPagan
7,273Egbert BronsNetherlandsDruid
7,272Bill BlankUSADruidry
7,271Hermandad Druida Dun Ailline (Religious Organization)Españanative irish druidry
7,270Ruby Duhamel CookUSAPagan
7,269Ruth CoganUKPagan
7,268Maxine WarrenUKCatholic Druidry
7,267Ian WalkerEnglandHuman Being
7,266Linda DavisUKDruid
7,265Bill ShieldUnited StatesWiccan
7,264Ian AllsopWalesDruid
7,263Andrea ScheutzAustriaDruidry
7,262M SabUKDruid
7,261Jeff Del VecchioUSAWicca
7,260Katherine Lonergan
7,259Leeann RoxxUnited StatesHeathen
7,258Deborah Jones United Stateswicca
7,257George MapleUSADruid
7,256Amanda ByronUSA
7,255Maggie HubertUnited StatesCeltic reconstructionism
7,254Michelle LundgrenUnited States
7,253Catherine SkobyUnited StatesPagan
7,252AshLeigh LitteralUnited StatesSolitary eclectic
7,251Joanne ElliottUnited States
7,250Lee Ann SquiersUnited States
7,249Adalia ShchurowskyUnited States
7,248Dorothy WorkmanUnited StatesThe Old Ways Tradition
7,247David NowakUnited StatesEclectic Witch
7,246Jane WeekesAustralia
7,245Eric MontgomeryUnited StatesWitch
7,244Serelle PeschongUnited StatesSpiritual
7,243Michael (ravenwolf) AxfordEnglandpagan
7,242Frithstead Heathen Fellowship "Organization"United StatesAnglo-Saxon Heathenry
7,241Teresa PowellUSPagan Witch
7,240Thomas PowellUnited StatesSecular Humanist (pagan tendencies)
7,239Myles CappsUnited States
7,238Lemoine Christophe FranceHellenic
7,237Tanya Baumgardner USAEclectic Pagan
7,236Stephanie HarperUSADruid/Shaman
7,235Chase Hill Folk (Group)United StatesHeathen
7,234Richard ElyUnited StatesScientific Pantheist
7,233Diane GawUnited StatesUnitarian-Universalist Pagan
7,232Sandie AbelUSAPagan
7,231Robert Patey-DownesAustralia
7,230Colette BaronAustralia
7,229Rebecca Stachowicz
7,228Karine FromentFrancewicca eclectique
7,227Kim RogersonAustraliaWiccan
7,226H.P. Zephyr An KiMéxicoWicca
7,225Nocte Caelorum (Liceo - coven)MéxicoHermético - Wicca
7,224Steven BaudoinUnited StatesNaturalist
7,223Sherry Perkins United States
7,222Layba ZamanUnited States
7,221Graham SmithAustraliaDruid
7,220Christel SzopierayUnited States
7,219Nona JohnsonUSA
7,218Sandi McDonaldAustraliaBaltic Paganism
7,217Patricia Bristow-JohnsonUnited StatesGoddess-centered Wiccan
7,216Megen ChristopherUSA
7,215Rachel M.United States
7,214Lucas MalteseUSA, Florida
7,213Debra TeerlinckUnited Statessolitary witch
7,212Elkie WhiteAustralia
7,211Norm DudziakUnited StatesUnitarian Universalist Morris dancer
7,210Maggie SterbaUSAEclectic, Wiccan & Heathen Elder
7,209kelly ruggiero
7,208Ayliah CannonUnited StatesDruid
7,207Abbie RUnited StatesWiccan
7,206Deb Sebastian-O'BrienUSAEclectic
7,205Deana BrandtCanada
7,204renee dinsmoreUnited Stateswiccan
7,202Elizabeth CrewsUSA
7,201Trudy Richards AustraliaDruid
7,200Jackson ScheererUnited StatesEclectic
7,199kayla williamsUnited States
7,198Alexander StraubGermanyWicca
7,197Kristen KorzUSAWiccan
7,196Jay CraddockCanada
7,195Christopher KuleciUnited States
7,194Cody LeathUnited StatesDraconian Grey Eclectic
7,193Culto Ibero (Religion)SpainCulto Ibero, Ethnic religion from Iberian Peninsule
7,192Amy LutzUSAEclectic
7,191Anita StewartUnited StatesWomanspirit, Green, Reclaiming
7,190Christine FellUnited States
7,189Joey MuttenthalerCanadaEclectic
7,188charlotte huntUnited Kingdom
7,187Skylar-Aaren Richard CanadaEclectic pagan
7,186William RowanUnited StatesHeathen
7,185E. Joy AucielloUnited StatesHeathen
7,184Lynn RowanUnited StatesHeathen, Polytheist, Pagan
7,183Ginger MuensterUnited States
7,182Debra Garls USAPagan Witch
7,181juanjo benitez españa
7,180Peter FeitnerUSA
7,179Ciaran BensonUSAShinto
7,178Lucy SchmidtUsa
7,177Rob Wolfert
7,176Holly HolmesUnited StatesOTO
7,175Elizabeth WileyUSAEclectic
7,174Bliss ReimannUSA
7,173Casie GarrettUnited StatesEclectic pagan
7,172Mara SeaforestUSANeoPagan
7,171Jaleah DelphinoUnited StatesPagan / Spiritual
7,170Tony C. SaladinoU.S.A.Shaman Saladino 4 District 8
7,169Susan CaneUSPagan
7,168Eli Effinger-WeintraubUnited StatesReclaiming Tradition Witchcraft, Atheopagan
7,167Valerie SumpterUnited StatesEclectic/Norse
7,166Margo KilloranUnited StatesPagan/Eclectic Wiccan
7,165Chris JansenUnited StatesWitch
7,164Teresa GallowayUnited StatesWiccan
7,163Darlene ValerioUSAPagan
7,162Kristopher LawrenceUnited StatesEclectic Witch
7,161Sinister Sisters (group)United StatesSpiritual
7,160Christopher BURLINGHAMUnited StatesSpiritual -we are all one-
7,159Beverly RussellUnited Kingdom
7,158Destiny BuckUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,157Elizabeth BaumUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,156Edward SmithUnited States
7,155Eric FryUnited States
7,154Michele Littlefield United StatesPagan
7,153Jason LavoieUnited StatesThe unicorn tradition
7,152Judith ClarkUnited States
7,151denyse shorrocksUnited Kingdom
7,150Nathan ChesterAustralia
7,149Samantha KingsleyUnited States
7,148Cathy CraigUnited States
7,147Gloria BavettaUnited States
7,146Joshua SeylerUnited StatesPagan
7,145Rebecca HarbertUnited States
7,144Laura BridgewaterUnited States
7,143Dana GassUSAeclectic
7,142Kelly TeagueWiccan
7,141rowena lambertunited Stateswicca
7,140Yvonne PhillipsUk
7,139Angie BuchananUSAPagan - Animist
7,138Lindy McMartinCanada
7,137Brenda WolfUnited States
7,136Amanda SabeanCanada
7,135Donald WolfSolitary Spiritual Wilding - finding his own way.
7,134Bernie MortensenUSA
7,133Patricia HilemanUnited States
7,132Randy HensonUnited StatesWicca
7,131Kristin PomykalaUSA
7,130eaglestar martinUnited StatesHeathen (asatru)
7,129Shannon MarquardtUSADruid, Asatru
7,128John MagnusonUnited States
7,127Christina HicksAustraliaKemetic Pagan
7,126Helen WilsonUnited KingdomShamanic
7,125Melissa Stouffer
7,124Lisa DeVriesUnited States
7,123Cassandra LoneUnited StatesEclectic Wicca
7,122Opal WintersUnited StatesEclectic
7,121Elaine PerezUSAEclectic
7,120Ashlyn GagneUnited StatesWicca
7,119Jaime OttoUSA
7,118Heidi BourbeauUnited States
7,117Frank FollettUSA
7,116Alessandro AnanassoUnited kingdom
7,115Nicole Kapise-PerkinsUnited StatesDianic/ Kitchen Wicca
7,114Kassandra EliseoU.S.A.
7,113Andrea StablerUnited States of America Eclectic
7,112Kelly DalettoUsaSolitary
7,111Laura CoddUnited StatesWitch
7,110Laura MillerUnited Stateseclectic sort of Wiccan Druid
7,109Anastacia MontgomeryCanada
7,108Kathleen ClayUnited StatesDianic
7,107Cerri Ravenwood USAEclectic
7,106Willy De GeestBelgiumWiccan
7,105Caleb ExxUnited StatesWicca
7,104ingvill-Susann hansenNorway
7,103Ana ParksUnited States Pagan
7,102Lauren CarterUnited StatesWicca
7,101Lucas MastersCanadaHellenic Pagan
7,100Maclin Vance
7,099The Gwyddonic Order (Group)United StatesGwyddon (Welsh-Celtic)
7,098Hazel RatherUnited StatesAtheistic paganism
7,097Veatriz EspinozaUnited States
7,096Salvia le FeyUSADruid
7,095Jenny GuilfordUnited States
7,094Celine GorenaUnited StatesPagan witch
7,093Jj StarwalkerUnited StatesNorthern Tradition Witch/Hexeri
7,092Scott ErnestUnited States
7,091Shari Hill SweetUnited States
7,090Theresa ZellnerUSA
7,089Sarah HarrisonUSAWicca
7,088Shatonda BucknerUnited States
7,086Angela BettersUnited States
7,085Cynthia Enyart-WaskelisUnited States
7,084Melinda Bearden United StatesStill finding my path
7,083Brian De GregoUSAConnection thru Love
7,082William Lanter USAWitch
7,081Karina RosaBrasil
7,080Alison CorderyNew Zealand
7,079Sandra NelsonUnited States
7,078Nathan Neihardt-King USA Witchcraft
7,077Mark Scanlon-GreeneUnited StatesEarth-centered.
7,076Aída Vicente Alicante
7,075Colleen LynchUnited States
7,074Gabriel KingsleyUnited StatesSolitary Eclectic
7,073Elizabeth Paredes USASpiritual Eclectic Witch
7,072Gail JohnsonUnited StatesPagan
7,071Brent Carbino United StatesEclectic Witch/ Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper
7,070Thomas Rhea
7,069Zoe KunstenaarUnited States
7,068Amber ChalkUnited States
7,067JoAnn KavanaughUnited StatesAsatru/ Pagan
7,066Tracey White United States
7,065Mountain Ancestors Grove, ADF (501c3 Polytheist Church)United StatesNeoPagan Druidry
7,064Michelle DelgadoUSSolitary witch
7,063Mike JansenUnited StatesEclectic Solitary Mystic
7,062Christina MitchellUnited States
7,061John RobertsonUnited Statespantheism
7,060Steven DrakeUnited States
7,059Andrea BishopUnited StatesSOLITARY WICCAN
7,058Andrew RudyUnited StatesWitchcraft
7,057Kate AshworthUSAShamanic Wicca
7,056Lia Robb
7,055Michelle mooreEngland pagan
7,054Suzanne Kessinger-KonkleUnited StatesPagan
7,053Cathy BullUnited Statespagan
7,052Janine Marie GorhamUnited KingdomHeathen, Polytheist
7,051Karen KarlovichUSA
7,050Stephanie Arwen Lynch-PoeUnited StatesWicca
7,049Corvia BlackthornUnited States
7,048Gwenny ToddUnited StatesApatheist Earth Lover
7,047Aron GammaUSAHebrew Earth spirituality
7,046Alan ToubeauxUnited StatesWicca
7,045Anna FinkelsteinUSAWicca
7,044Emily WallnerUSA
7,043Trish WallaceUnited StatesReclaiming Witch
7,042Carter StrattonUnited States
7,041Tony WilemanUnited KingdomWicca
7,040Tara WaddleUnited StatesPagan
7,039Peter JokinenUSAintentional panentheist polytheist neopagan
7,038Jan BoomhouwerCanada
7,037Tanith McCloudUnited States
7,036Fred GriffithUSAPanentheist
7,035Christine MitchellUnited StatesPagan
7,034Anber DeWindtUnited States
7,033Lynn GrateUnited StatesHedge Witch
7,032Teresa MattesUnited StatesSolitary/Eclectic Wiccan
7,031sallie tierneyUnited States
7,030Susan GreenwoodUnited Kingdom
7,029Samantha HerronUSAWicca
7,028Toni LawrenceUnited StatesSpiritual
7,027Nancy DarganUnited States
7,026Joni LoringUnited StatesGaianist
7,025Richard Wolfe USAReclaiming
7,024Cecil HarrodUSA
7,023donald shawunited stateswiccan
7,022Monica SmithUnited States
7,021Tyler ClowUnited StatesPantheist-Pagan
7,020South Bay Pagan Kids GroupUnited StatesWicca, ecclectic
7,019Susana Maiques Castro (ACN - HTL)Spainhermandad de la triple luna
7,018Suzanne R.United Statesecclectic
7,017Hermandad de la triple luna (grupo)España
7,016Pagan GroupUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
7,015Pavel HorákČeská republikaDruidry
7,014Jacqueline SingletonUS
7,013Ashley SmithUnited StatesDruid/Celtic
7,012Raquel PonsEspaña
7,011Barbara RiceUSASpirituslist
7,010Rev. Gary C. Herron,MMUSAShamanic Witch
7,009ROBYN L. JACOBIAUnited States
7,008Alex FearingUnited States
7,007Lluís Juan SebastiàCatalonia
7,006Wicca Tortosa WiccaCatalonia
7,005Sulakshana PanditaIndiaPagan
7,004Julian O'NeillUnited KingdomGoddess feminist
7,003Pamela TigerUSAWiccan
7,002Enrique Herranz GarcíaSpainCulto Ibero
7,001Culto Ibero Organización religiosaEspañaCulto Ibero
7,000DJ WEEDUnited Statessolitary
6,999Asociacion Wicca España Organization / ReligiousspainWiccan
6,998Sheila Esteves SpainPagana
6,997Guillermo Pérez MayoSpainEclectic Animist
6,996Oscar Purqueras LopezCatalunyaIber
6,995Sherry DillowUnited StatesEclectic
6,994Asamblea de Cultos de la Naturaleza Organization / ReligiousSpain
6,993Johnny FrazierUnited StatesWicca
6,992Emma FolkesEnglandSolitary
6,991Cheri HendersonUnited States
6,990Julie TaitanoUSAEclectic Wiccan
6,989Calley SmithUSAHindu
6,988Thomas JacobsUnited KingdomWiccan
6,987Sibylla Madlener-Döen
6,986Lesley ButlerUK
6,985jessica mortimerUnited States
6,984Beth PorchUSA
6,983Robin BradburyUnited States
6,982Karen BloomUnited States
6,981Carleen RobinsUnited States
6,980Kate McClureUnited StatesWicca
6,979Nergui McClellandNew ZealandTengrism
6,978Sharon MoranUnited States
6,977Dmitry GaltsinRussia
6,976Leah ElserCanadaNorse Pagan
6,975Charlotte BearUnited StatesDruid/Ecclectic
6,974Darla DuVallUnited StatesPagan
6,973Todd GunterUSAOBOD
6,972Sharon ChenowethUnited StatesDruid
6,971Laura DeLucaUnited StatesPagan
6,970James DignanNew Zealand
6,969Jodi Keeling United StatesEclectic Traditional Witch
6,968Angela PearsonUnited StatesFairy
6,967Shannon WallsUnited States
6,966Traci AuerbachUnited StatesHellenic Druid ADF
6,965lori abelUnited StatesUnity Consciousness
6,964Dua ÖzbilenlerTurkeyAtheopagan
6,963Lady MoonDanceUnited StatesEclectic Taoist Neo-Pagan
6,962Sarah SamphierAustralia Spiritual
6,961Amanda Nielsen United StatesDruid
6,960Nancy OsmanUnited StatesWicca
6,959Cathleen CollettUnited StatesRed Grail (Wiccan), Goddess Worship
6,958Nix Kreniskyusa abstract
6,957Sandy Stoffel
6,956Selene VegaUnited States
6,955Nicholas AcordUSAPantheism
6,954Debbie GraneyUnited StatesDruid
6,953Catherine Cox-CarterPagan
6,952teshara loiselleusaWitch
6,951Andrew SelvigUnited StatesUU
6,950Ashley SelvigUnited StatesEclecticPaganHumanist
6,949Jacob CaseyUnited StatesADF
6,948Daniel KarwickUnited StatesWicca
6,947Jean HansenCanadaReclaiming/Feri
6,946Rhonda Garnettusasolitary
6,945Lecia HaleUnited StatesHedge witch
6,944Richard ParrishUnited StatesSolitary ecclectic witchcraft
6,943Eve WilkersonUnited StatesWiccan
6,942Heather DeLancettUnited States
6,941Kimberly ReevesUnited States
6,940Reyn BrazealUnited States
6,939Blaine GilbertsonCanadaAsatru
6,938Tristin SmithUSAPagan and Proud
6,937Kyle Dishman
6,936Jason WaltonUSADruid
6,935Ronald Stemko JrUSAHellenic Infernal Polytheism/Paganism
6,934Diane GoloffUnited StatesReclaiming
6,933Rev William LivingstonUnited StatesGardnerian
6,932Mikki McCoyUSAEclectic
6,931Christopher DeGraffenreidUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
6,930Sven MissfelderUnited KingdomFree Spirit
6,929Deborah RobertsonUnited KingdomDruid
6,928Halfdan AsbjornsonFranceAsatrù/Pagan
6,927Barry Stevens USANordic/Heathenry
6,926Susan HodgsonUKWicca
6,925Modestas PociusLithuania
6,924echterevolution wordpress com Organisation
6,923Namgail AngmoIndiaBuddhist
6,922Daniel FullerUnited KingdomEclectic Pagan
6,921James BradleyUnited StatesSolitary
6,920Larry WhittenbergerUnited StatesShamanism
6,919Ron LoUnited StatesWicca
6,918Alyce WalkerUnited StatesAnimistic/Panentheistic
6,917Cynthia VelásquezEcuadorAndean Heathen
6,916Laurel MacLeodCanadaEclectic Solitary
6,915Bianca TateUnited StatesWhite Witch
6,914Susann FletcherUSAWiccan
6,913Mary Ann MatejkaUnited StatesChristianity ( Path of the lightworker)
6,912Paul ChelmanUSA
6,911Don Gifford United statesPagan
6,910Valerie Wild OwlUnited StatesSolitary Practitioner
6,909Dawn ZupsicUSAWitchcraft
6,908Mark Joseph Estarejaphilippinespagan
6,907Phoebe Kersula USA
6,906Rhonda AndersonUnited StatesDruidry
6,905Julie Deesunited stateswiccan
6,904Ronan AmbroseUnited KingdomEclectic Celtic Hedge Druid
6,903Jenniffer CarlisleUSA
6,902Wendilyn EmrysUnited StatesPanPagan Goddess
6,901Adyton Of The Goddess "Religious Organization"USAPanPagan Goddess
6,900Sarah AndrijcichAustralia
6,899Tony SchlisserUnited StatesEarthseed/Sagaianism
6,898Elizabeth HoffmanUSAWild Witch
6,897Mary Circles in the Woods CUUPSUSA
6,896Andrus GLithuaniaEcoPaganism
6,895Charlotte LemeiuxUnited Stateseclectic
6,894Erika DeltaEstados UnidosEclectic Pagan
6,893Mary MillsUnited States
6,892Rachel LeeUnited StatesShamanic Hedgewitch, Ovate Druid
6,891Michael SealesUnited StatesEclectic
6,890Robert SchlickUSAPagan
6,889tracey pearsonunited stateswiccan
6,888Diana WindhamUSAEclectic
6,887Bianca PastranUnited StatesNeo-Pagan/Goddess
6,886Jenna AlbertsonUnited StatesGoddess
6,885Christel BanashekUnited StatesPagan
6,884Micaela BartramUnited StatesEclectic Witchcraft
6,883Mary Kate FrankUnited StatesPagan
6,882elliott rileyUnited Kingdom
6,881Jordyn LeeUnited StatesPagan
6,880Melissa SunshineUnited StatesWitch - Temple of Witchcraft
6,879Shannon PittsUnited States
6,878Misty MenzieUnited States
6,877Brianna MisenhelterUnited StatesCeltic Eclectic/ Feri
6,876Linell HansenUnited StatesDruid
6,875Peter MuiseUSA
6,874Charlotte Jackson United Kingdom
6,873Cynthia LepthienUSAHeathen
6,872Deb SnavelyUSAInitiatory Wicca/Gardnerian
6,871Susan Missett-KingUnited States
6,870Wolf HaltonUSAErisian
6,869henk miedemaNETHERLANDSNEO PAGANIST/ eclec
6,868Jonathan PeeblesUnited StatesVampyrian
6,867Emily DavidUnited Kingdom
6,866Amhran groupGermanypagan
6,865Jennifer UzzellUKDruid
6,864Sara MorrisUnited StatesWitchcraft
6,863Erin SmithAustraliaFreedom seeker
6,862Tony CookUnited KingdomNovice
6,861Jen ByrkitUSA
6,860Kenya BöesUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
6,859Robb StaceyUnited Kingdom
6,858Greg HewittUnited Kingdom
6,857Maggie McDonaldIrelandShamanism/therapeutic psychotherapy
6,856Karan SmithUnited Kingdom
6,855Steve WhittemoreUnited KingdomDruid
6,854Nadine MorseUnited States Eclectic Witch
6,853Donna MontgomeryUnited StatesShamanic Witch
6,852Lorenza ZebellUnited States
6,851Joshua HopperUSA
6,850Rose HopperUSA
6,849Stormy JohnstonUnited StatesEclectic/Celtic/Shamanism
6,848Neale RundgrenSouth AfricaNaturalistic pantheism
6,847Eva SarsfieldUnited States
6,846Pauline SchönGermany
6,845Tanya Barnettusa
6,844Erin SimmonsCanada
6,843Maiken NielsenDenmark
6,842Jens-Andre HerbenerDanmark
6,841Leslie ClarkUSADianic Wiccan
6,840Valerie KirkUnited StatesWiccan
6,839Chris WhiteUnited Kingdom
6,838Karen MinesEnglandDruid
6,837Kelley RiosUSA Pagan/Wicca
6,836cari hoodCanadawiccan
6,835Kathi LindenUnited States
6,834Stephanie Taylor United States
6,833Ben VolkmannUnited StatesDruid
6,832Kelly O'DellUnited States
6,831Jesse ReisdorfUnited StatesWitchcraft
6,830Peter SmagaczUnited StatesStudying
6,829Wendy Mitchell-RossUSAPantheism
6,828Veronica AmblerUnited KingdomDruidry
6,827Lisa ScudieriUnited States
6,826Isabelle Wheeler United StatesCuriosity
6,825Sarah BraundUnited Kingdom
6,824Renee MilliganUnited StatesEclectic pagan
6,823Sylvain BlanckaertFranceAnimiste
6,822Avery HaufUnited StatesSolotary wiccan
6,821Maciej PuzioPolandwell. Its complicated.
6,820Emily WyattUkWicca solitary and eclectic
6,819Ailena LightflySpainCorrellian Nativist Tradition of Wicca
6,818Jessamy CampbellScotlandweaver of ways
6,817Alex McLeanCanadaNeo-pagan
6,816Max HymesAmericaEsotericism/ Pagan / Wiccan
6,815James MorbidUnited StatesTheistic Ancient Naturalist (only the oldest and simplest traditions and energies)
6,814Dusty DionneUnited StatesWISE Tradition BTW ATC
6,813Poppy BancroftUKShamanic/Pagan
6,812Jason GreenUnited Kingdom
6,811Stuart McQuillanUnited KingdomDruid
6,810Amanda ChapinUnited States
6,809Andrew JonesUnited KingdomHeathen
6,808Circle of the Thrice Inspired (Coven)AustraliaNeo-Pagan
6,807Paul GreatheadUnited Kingdom
6,806Arian SophiaBrazilClã de Arianrhod
6,805Forest BauerUnited StatesSatanism
6,804Siarhei AstapchukBelarusPagan
6,803Susan CareyUnited Kingdomchristian/pagan
6,802Delma AdamsUnited KingdomPagan
6,801Kate GoldEnglandShamanic pagan
6,800Celtic Earth Spirit OrganisationUnited KingdomDruid
6,799Pedro Victor Cabral de FreitasBrazilNeopagan
6,798Guildo FawksUnited KingdomWiccan
6,797Rachel O'MearaUnited StatesDruid
6,796Lazaro Rodriguez United StatesPagan
6,795Spencer DiSpartiU.S.Green Pagan
6,794Samantha WilliamsUnited Kingdom
6,793Mallory PhillipsUnited StatesPagan
6,792Zerina XxBosnia and Herzegovinapower witch
6,791Harriett LedwidgeIrelandstill on the path!
6,790Emmalyne TruesdellUnited StatesWicca
6,789Maciej CzyżPoland
6,788Chris EndersUnited StatesReclaiming
6,787Rhadmos GroupUnited KingdomWe are a varied group
6,786Danielle MacDonaldUSA
6,785Kevin LaneUnited StatesWiccan
6,784Sharon MacUnited KingdomSpiritualist / Pagan
6,783Ivy MoonUnited Kingdomceltic pagan
6,782Jamie JensenUnited States
6,781Sarah RomanUnited States
6,780Christopher HoustonUnited StatesSons of Pan
6,779Jennifer MansellUnited StatesOBOD Druid
6,778Nicholas SmithUnited KingdomWiccan
6,777Sammantha AusUSAGreen Witch/Spiritual
6,776Kelly BurggraafCanadaCeltic Pagan Witch
6,775Norma Figueroa Rhode Island
6,774Elodie BreardFrance
6,773Bob MansfieldUnited StatesI don't know how to describe myself
6,772BARDE ArnaudFranceWicca & Paganism
6,771Karen WigginsCanada
6,770David GoodwinCanadaWicca
6,769Starstone Coven (Group)CanadaGardnerian Wicca
6,768Dante GuiñazúArgentinaWiccano Ecléctico
6,767Callisa LawnUSA
6,766RAUSHAN ALAMIndiaNight Foll
6,765Gayleen JacobsUnited StatesProgressive Wiccan ( Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone
6,764Carol EggletonUnited Kingdom
6,763Véronique THELLIERFrance
6,762Melwynn GwynneraFranceCeltic and ecopaganism
6,761Robert JonesUnited States of Americapagan
6,760Adrian TremayneUnited Statespagan
6,759gilbera saizUnited States
6,758James BattyUnited Kingdom
6,757Jean PaganoFranceDruid
6,756Amber ShuttleworthUnited KingdomPagan
6,755Fraser SmithScotlandAtheopagan
6,754Lillie GreenUnited States
6,753Christopher SwiftUnited States
6,752Jerry VulstekUSAGreenman
6,751Hui-min LoTaiwan
6,750Данченко Алексей Россия
6,749Ayla SikandarAustraliaSolitary, monotheist Hindu-European-syncretist pagan
6,748Chelsea OatesUnited StatesSolitary Pagan Witch
6,747Ellen MarshallAustraliaNew to Norse polytheism; taking my first steps into Vanatru (As of August 2015)
6,746Casey SutherlandUnited States
6,745Nocte HesperusUnited StatesCeltic Wicca
6,744Benjamin JacksonUnited StatesWicca
6,743Frances HillerUnited KingdomDruid
6,742C. ConnorRomaniaSolitary Wiccan
6,741Lucia RizzardoItalypantheism (sort of)
6,740Barbara PalermoItalia
6,739Jade GreenUnited StatesPagan
6,738Jim ShipmanUnited States
6,737S RobertsunSolitary
6,736Maria CainlubaiArgentinaWicca
6,735Annora d'Anann
6,734Katherine Viola
6,733Zoe MoroEspañaWicca
6,732Daniel GomesBrasilTradição Imortais da Terra de Bruxaria Contemporânea
6,731Pricila GonzalezBrasil
6,730Noelia BraleArgentinaWicca
6,729Mario KZBrazilFree thinker
6,728Tatum TullochAustraliaFaeryWiccan
6,727Micael RochaBrazil
6,726Wakanda Layuth MahtabBrazilImortais da Terra
6,725Matthew DrabekUnited StatesWiccan
6,724Kelly O'Keeffe
6,723Elizabeth MaloneyUnited StatesCeltic Paganism
6,722Charlie ArmstrongUSASolitary Practitioner
6,721Eurico AndradeNorthern Portugal (Callaecia)
6,720Fabrice LEBERTFranceDruidic
6,719Sue CavanaghUnited KingdomHereditary Witch
6,718Stephanie GriggsUnited States
6,717Bastin Bianca
6,716Chandra WortheyUnited StatesSolitary Pagan Witch
6,715Olivier PierreBelgiqueNous faisons partie d'un tout dont nous devons prendre soin, tel est notre rôle à nous, Humains.
6,714Pascal EloyMontréalDruidisme
6,713tordeux VirginieFrancedruidic order
6,712Françoise JeurissenBelgiumDruidry
6,711LAURE MARECHALFranceDruidism
6,710Herve PapinFranceDruid
6,709Ilona RandallUnited KingdomNaturalistic Pagan - Pantheist
6,708Allen HowellUSADruid
6,707Alex GuillotteUnited StatesAnimist
6,706Kim DobnerUkSolitary witch
6,705Katrina RayUSA
6,704Elisha McAteerUnited StatesGnostic Christian/celtic
6,703sheila helmTrinidad and Tobago
6,702Magyar László AttilaUSA California Los AngelesWicca Celta
6,701Ian MageeAustraliaÁsatrú
6,700Edie StoneUnited StatesDruidic, Shamanic, Celtic Spirituality
6,699Graciela HualdeUruguayEcléctica
6,698victoria perez Mexicowicca celta
6,697Starra Neely BladeUnited StatesWitch - Eclectic Spiritual - Polytheist
6,696Forrest WalkerCanadaNaturalistic Pantheist, Hedge-Druid
6,695Darcy StewartCanada
6,694Garth WardCanadaSelf initiated
6,693Diana LaczkowskiUnited StatesUniversalist
6,692Traci StarkUnited States
6,691Patchouli SkyUSAWiccan
6,690Judith FenleyUnited StatesSolitary Priestess -- Neo-Pagan/CAW/ecopagan
6,689Brittney BrackenUnited StatesNeo-Pagan
6,688Elena Ailinn ParediItaliaPagan (Belisama)
6,687Be-Witched Livingston / Wyoming Pagan society OrganizationUnited Statesall
6,686Melinda CarrUnited StatesEclectic
6,685Be-Witched GroupUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
6,684Tiné Estrella de la TardeSpainCorrellian Tradition
6,683Santuario EärendelSpainCorrellian Tradition.
6,682Vesper TalesSpainWicca Correlliana
6,681Tonna Harris-HallerUnited StatesLooking/Developing a Rational Pagan Path
6,680Francisco Basilio da Silva JuniorBrasil
6,679Sylvia LintonUnited States
6,678Y MayoUnited KingdomDruid
6,677Lynn RichardsEnglandDruid pagan
6,676Kate FreemanUnited StatesChristopagan
6,675Trillium Reclaiming (Group)United StatesReclaiming
6,674Ali Steinbergs Canada
6,673Mark CouncilUSADruid
6,672Giacomo SovranoItaly
6,671Heidi LaneUnited StatesEclectic
6,670Shawn AuneUnited StatesUniversling
6,669Mark KraussUnited States
6,668Sara Carolina EspostiItalyBanrui
6,667Delphine SerpentineFrance
6,666Brian SciaroniUSADruidry (OBOD)
6,665Barb CollettUnited States
6,664Stephanie WatsonUnited StatesDruid
6,663Linda Baker-BeallUKDruid
6,662Tim WoolmingtonUnited Kingdom
6,661DENISE O'NEILUnited KingdomChristian..tho'.I resonate with many Pagan beliefs.
6,660AGNES VivianeFranceéco-paganisme, chamanisme
6,659Livnam KaurNorgeOne with All Paths to the Divine
6,658Claire Pattison ValenteBrazil / England
6,657Gordon MonkUnited KingdomZen Buddhist/Druid
6,656Kieron de-CourciUnited KingdomPagan
6,655Graham RawlingsUnited Kingdom
6,654Sara KernohanUnited KingdomDruidry
6,653Anne ParkerUSADRUID OBOD
6,652Brian PerkinsUnited States
6,651Dominique GoedertFranceOBOD
6,650Viktor BraunGermany
6,649Andy Van NessUSA
6,648Margaret MacdonaldCanadaPagan
6,647Jacqui KeleherUnited kingdom
6,646brook tarrantUnited StatesPagan (Druidic, Toaist, Native American)
6,645Danna MesserUSA/UKWiccan
6,644Jeremiah MyerUnited StatesCeltic Wicca
6,643Jason HeppenstallUKDruidry
6,642mary kay kasperUnited StatesDruid
6,641Meredith JonesUnited StatesHumanistic Lightworker
6,640Karen MaxonUnited StatesDruidry, member of Green Mountain Druid Order
6,639Carolyn HooperUSADruidry
6,638White Pines Land Trust (organization)Canada
6,637Sharon GreenwoodUnited KingdomDruid
6,636amaneh alkilani-brownUnited KingdomDruid
6,635Sana WilkenDenmarkAse-vanetro
6,634Earl LivingsAustraliaDruidry
6,633Bed Prasad KojuNepalHinduism
6,632Nancy WestUSAChristian/Druid
6,631Elysha WeltersUnited States
6,630Daniela F. PozzerItalia
6,629Massimo MazzoniItalyDruidismo
6,628Helen ComptonUnited KingdomDruid
6,627Lone BangDanmarkshamanism and Asatru
6,626Caitlin 'Neri' SquiresUnited StatesEcclectic Pagan
6,625Martin LawrenceUnited KingdomFollowing my own path
6,624Sheree CampbellUnited States
6,623Kate NeubeckUnited States
6,622Norman DegelmanUSABuddhist
6,621Steven WhiteCanadaDruid
6,620shelley keneippUnited StatesDruid
6,619Jeanne TreadwayUSAPantheist
6,618Taylor Swaty
6,617Margaret GarbuttUnited KingdomDruid
6,616Fearn LickfieldusaDruid
6,615Green Mountain Druid Order (Organization)USADruid
6,614Ruth WalshUnited KingdomDruidry
6,613Hannah GnasUnited States Druid
6,612Heather McCandlessUSADruidcraft
6,611Mary Nuni LearmanUnited StatesEclectic druid
6,610Richard Kingus
6,609Jaimie PattisonUKEclectic
6,608Sherry DavenportUSAChild of Earth and Light
6,607Darcy MacPhersonUSA
6,606Nicholas FattuUnited StatesHenge of Keltria
6,605Steve ThomasonUnited Kingdom
6,604Alex PaapNederlandDruïde
6,603Maeve ReedUSA
6,602Heather KingUnited StatesCeltic Pagan
6,601Frank MaloneUSAOBOD & Core Shamanism
6,600S R MacLeodDruidry
6,599Jacqueline Freire-GorscheUSA/Austriapagan/spiritual
6,598birgit brabetzGermany
6,597J.D. StanleyCanadaSelf-initiated feral Druid, Bard, solitary practitioner, Ordained Minister (ULC)
6,596Catriona McDonaldUnited StatesDruidry (OBOD)
6,595Steve HobbsCanadaWholism
6,594Julie Bond OSN (also OBOD)United KingdomDruid
6,593Kathleeln SullivanUSADruidry (OBOD)
6,592Penelope YoungCanadaDruid
6,591René ChamboredonFranceDruidry
6,590Benjamin GarmiseUnited StatesDruidry(OBOD)
6,589Dario Musolinou.k.Gnostic Druidism
6,588Les PrinceUnited KingdomDruidry (OBOD); Taoism
6,587Karin BraunDeutschlandWitchcraft
6,586Sarah FuhroUnited States of AmericaDruidry
6,585Diana WackerbarthUKTaoist - 'hedge druidic'
6,584Stefano AlessiItalyDruidismo
6,583Ricky GellissenUKDruidry
6,582Claire WardUK
6,581Elaine RobsonEnglandDruid
6,580Harriet SamsUnited KingdomDruidry OBOD
6,579Igor GroseljSloveniaDruidic
6,578Marianne van der EsUnited KingdomDruidry
6,577Jessie ChristiansenUnited StatesPantheist Wicca
6,576Kirill TkachenkoUkrainePagan
6,575terri favuzziusawicca
6,574Summer Jennings- PigottUnited StatesEclectic Pagan Celtic
6,573Donna DelisiUnited StatesEclectic Solitary
6,572Pagans and Witches in Spokane, WA (Group)USA
6,571Manuel Enrique PeñaUSACeremonial Magick
6,570Heather ProffittUnited StatesWiccan
6,569Martha GallagherUnited StatesOpen
6,568Donna MooreUSA
6,567Amber MikesellUnited States
6,566Jessica JohnsonUnited States
6,565David B MooreUnited States
6,564Devin QuinceUnited StatesHeathen/Asatrur
6,563Adela Salomon Norway
6,562Karlene CumminsAustralia
6,561C. MartinUSAAll of the Above plus Christianity and others.
6,560Anna MatlováCzech RepublicLakota
6,559Alexandrea ReitzUnited StatesEclectic Wicca/ Neo-Druidism/ Faery Faith
6,558William Mark CasebierUSASouthern Baptist raised Atheist, Nature is sacred.
6,557Chris McMahonAustralianFree Thinker
6,556Kenneth BlakesleeUSANeo Indigeni
6,555elizabeth corcoranUnited States
6,554Lora SchmittUnited States
6,553Bobbie FlowersUnited States
6,552Raven PetersUSAUnitarian Universalist Pagan
6,551Sandi RobbinsUSPagan wiccan
6,550Laura CartwrighyUSAPagan
6,549Colette BoothEngland
6,548Saprenia MrozekUSAWitch, Shamanism
6,547Morrigan SmithNew ZealandSpiritualism (self discovery)
6,546DIANE COOKUnited Statespagan
6,545Matt zinkUnited States
6,544JANICE COOKAustraliaChristian upbringing, Pagan Heart / Love the Spirituality of Paganism
6,543Jeff JenningsUSA
6,542Lynna Hilbert United States
6,541Susan YounceU.S.A
6,540Phyllis FisherUnited StatesPagan
6,539Tracy LuttonAustraliaEmpathic
6,538Michele CherryNew ZealandInterspiritual
6,537Angela LytleCanadaPagan, Reclaiming, Dianic, Eclectic, Indo-Pagan
6,536Elizabeth DyerCanada
6,535Luka BurchUnited StatesChristo-Pagan
6,534Janet PaunCanadaWiccan
6,533William LigonUSAshamanism
6,532Cynthia PaulU.S.A.Labryntine, Pre-Hellenic Crete
6,531Sarah ErwinUnited Statespagan
6,530Nancy KentUnited States
6,529Christy McAdamsusaeclectic
6,528Jacob TupperUnited StatesEclectic Solitary
6,527Steven hernandezUnited States
6,526elizabeth hallowayUSABuddhist/Wiccan/Native American
6,525john johnIreland
6,524Jose HernandezUnited StatesWiccan.
6,523daniel tiagousalooking for a life...
6,522kimberley hawmanCanadaChristian
6,521Anthony GallinaAmericaSolitary
6,520Debra PayneUnited StatesPagan
6,519Zoey OnyxCanadaPagan
6,518Sheryl StidhamUnited StatesWiccan
6,517Ysabeault d' Valar-AlbaCanadaGessenian Religieuse
6,516Genevieve HankinsUnited StatesWiccan eclectic
6,515Anacleto JuniorBrazilWicca
6,514Letícia FlorBrazilWicca
6,513Letícia FlorBrazilWicca
6,512Shelley LimegroverUSADruidry (ADF)
6,511Melissa RowellUnited StatesNative American Celtic Faerie Shamanism
6,510Runa FuegoSpainWicca
6,509Pamela BeckUnited States
6,508Vonita CarrSouth Africa
6,507Jana StangeGermany
6,506m lyonUnited States
6,505Corrado FanelloItaliaPaganism
6,504Tim TitusUSATemple of Witchcraft
6,503Colleen McCaffreyUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
6,502michael keithQuaker
6,501William GrothausUnited States
6,500Claudia AraujoBrasil
6,499Julie MarinUnited StatesSpiritual Reconnection
6,498Wahine AhiUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
6,497melissa jonesUnited Stateseclectic pagan
6,496Stephanie HamptonUnited StatesCatholic
6,495Jennifer HanksUnited States
6,494Liliana Costa EvangelistaBrasil
6,493Isegrim IsegrimbondBelgium
6,492Yvette TillemaUSA
6,491Sandra ReidUnited StatesPagan
6,490Temple Of The Infinite Universe (Organization)United StatesInterFaith
6,489Ralph LindenbergerUnited StatesHermeticist
6,488Victor GibbsUnited StatesScience pagan
6,487Howard SmithUnited StatesIsha
6,486Desire GoldingUSAceltic peganism
6,485Shireen DeeganAustraliaPagan
6,484Patrina WilliamsUSA
6,483helmut schonwalderUnited States
6,482Kimber Gonyer 0USAGreen, Natural
6,481Kellee ByrdUnited StatesWiccan
6,480JEANNE CABLEUnited StatesWiccan/Green Witch
6,479Andrea McCormickUSA
6,478M. GonzalezFranceHellenist, Roman pagan
6,477Mikki FisherUnited StatesMetaphysician
6,476Aidan WellsUnited StatesWiccan
6,475Erma GosensThe Netherlands
6,474Patricia ScrivensUK
6,473Gail GoldbergUSAWitch
6,472Trish BoutwellUnited States
6,471Julie GroulxCanadaRoman Catholic
6,470Eva JakobssonSwedenwiccan
6,469Jordan WatkinsUnited StatesÁsatrú
6,468Fiona CaryU.K
6,467caroline vazquezPuerto Ricowicca
6,466Kate StregaUnited StatesPagan
6,465Kelmitt J. RodríguezPuerto RicoWicca
6,464Willow Roseunited Kingdomwiccan
6,463Joann DarlingUSA
6,462Hazel McBrideUSA
6,461Emma McBrideAmericaEarth-Centered Green Witch
6,460Clinton ChamberlainUSAUnitarian Universalist Druid
6,459Joaquin QuezadaChileDruidismo
6,458Karen LennoxCanada
6,457genevieve drutchasUnited States
6,456Lin BrownEngland
6,455Margo KroesNederland
6,454Cassandra Robinson USA
6,453Oskar KroesNederland
6,452Julie MarieAustralia
6,451Evelyn RiveraPuerto Rico
6,450Jessica IgartuaPuerto Rico
6,449Nikolas TorresPuerto RicoWicca, Shamanism
6,448Avalon Druid Order (Organisation)USAAvalonian Faery Druidry
6,447Enrique MartínezPuerto Rico
6,446Megan Molargik United States Sisterhood of Avalon
6,445Itzel Rosales CuéllarMéxicoEclectic Wicca
6,444Rowan HagenAustralia
6,443Dobroslav GirakUkrainenative, autochthonous belief Ukraine-Rus
6,442Azrael Arynn KUSAWiccan
6,441Michelle FoxNew Zealand Celtic pagan
6,440alpha dacostaunited states of americaeclectic pagan
6,439Valentina RomanovaUkraine
6,438Dan Petersonunited states
6,437Vicki PetersonUnited StatesPagan - eclectic
6,436Laura NortonUnited States
6,435Stephen Shrader
6,434Branwen MorganAustraliaCeltic pagan
6,433Bryan Parker U.S.Heathenism
6,432Scott ReimersUnited StatesIfa
6,431Amanda (AJay) GauciAustraliaPagan
6,430Alexander PoelsNetherlands
6,429Hans AgelinkNetherlandsDruidry OBOD
6,428Louise HarmonUnited States
6,427Christine CammAustraliaPagan
6,426Aljona HaritonovaUkrainepagan (ОРУ)
6,425Kara SonosUSWicca
6,424Fialkora MykytenkoUkraineSlavic Wicca
6,423Dick HenstraNetherlands
6,422Pamela MasonUnited StatesPagan
6,421Kallel PetersonUnited StatesSolitary Druid
6,420Brigitte LEURETFrance
6,419Aliciaa Patatunited statespagan
6,418Carol TaylorAustraliaPagan
6,417romie klingerUnited Statesspiritual
6,416Philip KanellopoulosUnited StatesDeiwosism (
6,415KAren UrquhartcanadaAnglican
6,414Earth Based Spirtual Awareness GroupUnited StatesEclectic
6,413Melissa geiger criseUnited States
6,412Lilith EvenstarUSAShamanic Wiccan
6,411Rachel PayneUnited StatesNorse Paganism / Spiritualist Practitioner
6,410Brigid MorriganAustraliaWicca
6,409Serena TrinderCanadaPagan
6,408April SecordCanadaspiritual
6,407Noah KisselUnited StatesWicca
6,406Doug Whiteusopen
6,405Tim ThrushUnited Statesheathen
6,404Tina R ParsonsPagan
6,403Tim ThrushUnited StatesHeathen
6,402Anne JamesonUnited StatesDruid
6,401Vanessa RuthCanada
6,400Tara CohenUnited States
6,399Axel HarveyCanada
6,398Karen PoppeUnited States
6,397Stephanie SlatlemUnited StatesSolitary Pagan
6,396Juliana Beatriz da SilvaBrasilWiccan Celtic
6,395Shauna HareUSAPagan, Wiccan, Naturalist
6,394susan perrotteUSA
6,393Ombretta GhermandiItalyEcletic
6,392Steven FennerUSAAtheist
6,391Bill WheatonUnited StatesWelsh Bardic Tradition of Wicca
6,390Sofia ValryggSwedenWiccan/Pagan/Goddess worshipper blend
6,389lori matususa
6,388Francisco JimenezNo Religious Preference
6,387Yoka v DijkNetherlandsPriesteres of Avalon
6,386Madison SpoorUnited States
6,385Steven KostrounUnited StatesShamanic Witch
6,384Randy JonesUnited StatesUnitarian Universalist
6,383Luisa LavelleUK
6,382Hazel MoonAustraliasolitary celtic shamanic
6,381Kate DoganUkraineWicca in Ukrain
6,380Katreen GroupUkraine
6,379Carla BabrickUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
6,378David LegarrUnited StatesWicca
6,377Rachel Bayes CanadaEarth based
6,376Jody TuttUnited States
6,375Jennifer KishpaughUnited StatesKemetic Othodoxy
6,374Giulia TurollaItalyTemple of Ara
6,373Richard DiCintioUnited States
6,372Dawn TuckerUnited StatesAthiest
6,371Carmen HollisterUnited StatesPagan
6,370Alison LoganUnited StatesPagan
6,369laquita stecUSA
6,368Mary SantoroUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
6,367Amanda HernandezUSAEclectic
6,366Joe VillanovaUnited StaesPagan Wiccan Humanist
6,365Garman LordUSATheodish Belief
6,364Tony TharpUSA
6,363Jonny Hutton Britain Eclectic Pagan
6,362Jon RoseUSA
6,361Noel DenblydenNew Zealand
6,360Hannah SkipworthAustralia
6,359Ira KovalevaUkraineWicca
6,358tina jensenDenmarkprogressive christian
6,357Carolyn HarfordSwaziland
6,356Gem StolfaAustraliaShamanic
6,354Carmel CatanutoAustralia
6,353Allison WinterAustraliaSanse
6,352Timothy HartridgeAustraliaPagan-Witch-Wiccan
6,351michelle whiteAustralia
6,350Zoe WyldefyreAustralianPagaian Cosmology
6,349Ariadne WeaverColombiaGoddess Path
6,348Elliot BarteltUnited StatesDruid
6,347Michael KnappUSAa mixture of several including Druid & Wicca with a touch of Coptic
6,346Roni LoveUSAJudaism
6,345Jay LynchUSANative American Iroquois to Ute
6,344Gary LesterUnited States
6,343Tracy AtkinsonAustraliaPagan
6,342Christopher BrowningUnited StatesUnitarian Universalism
6,341John HilgemanUnited StatesChristian
6,340Annamaria PirainoCanada
6,339Carl KronbergUSANatualist
6,338Noelle EberzUnited StatesMy own
6,337Shane LynnUnited StatesPagan
6,336Elizabeth Cluff
6,335Vaughn MilianBelizeAthiest/Naturalist
6,334Sarah BehrUSAWiccan
6,333David RobertsUnited Statesagnostic
6,332Gregory RothUSA
6,331jimmy abayonphilippines
6,330Calin RoatisUSAAtheist
6,329Linda EutslerUnited StatesWiccan
6,328Jason Wright
6,327Erin JohnsonUnited StatesSecular, eclectic, green witch
6,326john scanlanAustraliaUsarchist
6,325Constance KarrasUSA
6,324Sundra JungUSA
6,323Mills.Pagan Alliance (Organization)United States
6,322Roger AndersonUnited StatesBuddhism
6,321Russ BennettNone I'd claim willinglyConcerned mammal
6,320Deborah FrankelUSA
6,319Blue AndersonUnited StatesWitch/Eclectic Pagan
6,318Meg CaldwellUnited Statesagnostic humanist
6,317Nichole WesterveltUnited StatesCeltic Traditional Witch
6,316Luis MelendezUSAConcerned Christian.
6,315Michael OstertagUnited Statessteward
6,314Scott FernandezUnited States
6,313Brighid GaleUnited StatesWiccan/Witch
6,312Suzanne SaltUnited StatesAnimist
6,311Jonathan BarrettUnited StatesWicca
6,310Cory HutchesonUnited StatesWitchcraft
6,309Nicole BarrettUnited StatesEclectic Urban
6,308Janine BeckCanada
6,307Terri FennimoreusaLove
6,306Dennis WilliamsUSABorn Again Pagan
6,305Alexandra SchwarzUkraine
6,304david gustafsonusaUnitarian
6,303Laura Zereael
6,302Tetiana ZymaUkraineSlavonic Pagan
6,301Denise RibbeckeUnited States
6,300John SladeUSAReclaiming
6,299April Cursons
6,298Theo CzukorUSAZen Druidry, solitary practitioner
6,297Laurel HodgesUSAChristo-Pagan
6,296Anthony NielsenUnited Statesshamanic
6,295Juniper RoseUnited StatesReclaiming Witch
6,294Aurora StoneUnited KingdomDruid
6,293Dee AndersonCanada
6,292Gene SantagadaUnited StatesWiccan
6,291Medea KosianNetherlandsTree of Possibilities
6,290Jared RussellCanadaWicca
6,289Jackie OwensUSAearth centered
6,288Jasmine HerrickUSAReclaiming/ eclectic solitary practitioner.
6,287Joanna van der HoevenUnited KingdomDruid
6,286larry andrewsusa
6,285Rina Adames Rina AdamesBahrain
6,284Веяна ЛуценкоRussia
6,283Ekaterina MolchanovaRussiaRodnoverie
6,282Aine MacDermotUnited StatesCeltic
6,281Jo SchallerUnited States
6,280Lisa sowderuswiccan/pagan
6,279Jacqueline CharetteUnited StatesPagan
6,278Whale MaidenUSAEarthways Shamanic Path
6,277Adrienne ClarkUnited StatesHumanist Pagan
6,276Vicki SpitzUSA
6,275Nick OeffingerUSAElementalism
6,274Julie OeffingerUnited StatesWiccan
6,273Tristin RandallUnited StatesNorse Asatru paganism
6,272Filipa SousaPortugalWiccan
6,271Ana NavarroPortugal
6,270Patrick SimonsAustria
6,269Nube LazzoEl SalvadorGrupo de Estudio Wicca Correlliana Nativista El Salvador
6,268Dawn BaldwinUSA
6,267Derick Rochette French PolynesiaPagan
6,266Rev Pamela MagnusonUnited StatesGermanic Hereditary Witch
6,265Marcus HarnerUSA
6,264Sheri Kuticka
6,263bree stegmanusa and canadahumanist, spiritualist
6,262Giulia LalItalyPagan
6,261Madeleine JonesUSA
6,260Pedro PazPortugalRainbow Family of the Living Light
6,259Conney Freese-PosthumaUSA
6,258Michael TedrowUSAAtheist
6,257Lisa DaughertyUnited StatesChristian pagan
6,256Jonathon RogoffUnited States
6,255Nicole GrafUnited StatesCircle Forming
6,254Manuel MelitaNetherlands
6,253Helen MallinsonUnited Kingdom
6,252suraj massonUnited States
6,251Paulie DuhaimeCanadaTraditional Wicca
6,250Tara PriceUnited States
6,249Dee SimmonsUSAEarth-Centered
6,248Kelly ThebergeUSAWiccae
6,247Frances Blocker United StatesPagan
6,246Lidwine BASTIENFrance
6,245Michael ScarberyUnited Statesmy own of perpetually born again tao zen druid
6,244Rita PizarroUnited StatesPagan
6,243Louise WrenAustraliapagan
6,242Chrystal HaaseUnited States
6,241Cindy PeasleeUnited States
6,240Sage LundquistUnited States
6,239Bruce PhelpsSolitary Witch
6,238Ingrid VermeulenNetherlands
6,237Gaylynn CowanUnited States
6,236sue McConnellUnited Kingdom
6,235carol dinusawiccan - solitary eclectic, celtic pantheon and studying buddhist teachings
6,234Jason TremainAustralia
6,233Yanick MuntwylerSwitzerlandSpiritism
6,232Stela GeorgievaBulgariaEclectic
6,231Vanessa Casey
6,230Nathaniel RanostayUnited StatesShamanic Pagan
6,229Zachary SmithUnited StatesCeltic Faerie
6,228Lorraine Dimauro-WakeUnited StatesEclectIic
6,227kelly mcnaughtenusa
6,226Jessica WansiewiczUnited StatesLove
6,225Debra ArrowsmithAustraliaCeltic
6,224Beverly MotardUnited States
6,223Cara Lo IaconoAustralia
6,222Tanya WoodworthUnited StatesGnostic
6,221Sydney PageU.S.A
6,220Nancy KentUnited States?
6,219cynthia brimicombeUnited Stateswiccan
6,218Bronwyn betgeusapagan
6,217Rachel LevyUnited StatesEclectic
6,216Iva Mae Padilla United States
6,215Margie JohnsonUnited States
6,214Suzanne MannUnited StatesEclectic
6,213samantha harrisonAustraliaTraditional Pagan
6,212Lucia CiganUSAPagan
6,211Laura PendergrassUSAWICCA/ SHAMONIC
6,210Suzi PetitoUnited States of AmericaEnvironmental - "Tree Hugger"
6,209J Stewart
6,208Back-a-bush Guesthouse and farm.Belize
6,207Kym SwanCeltic wiccan
6,206Elsbeth LamBelize
6,205lettie kellyUnited StatesWicca inspired.
6,204James TaddeoUSAEarthman
6,203Deona HambyUnited States
6,202Candy FrunkUnited States
6,201Angela Pote
6,200Gunnar WickeGermanyshamanism
6,199pamela mcinnisCanadawitch
6,198Gavin KinninIsle of MannIrish Paganism
6,197Stephane van HardeveldNetherlands
6,196Nic CookeUnited StatesWicca
6,195Sandra MazzaItalyclassic religion
6,194Lisa BlandCanadaTemple of Witchcraft
6,193Magnus SödergrenSweden
6,192Ivano MaioneItaly
6,191Chiara OrusItaly
6,190Marijana StevanovicYugoslaviawiccan
6,189Niccoló De LucaItalyWicca
6,188Myth WoodlingUSAPantheism
6,187Spirit CenterUSAPantheism
6,186Sarah BerryEarth
6,185Le Lune Selvagge (Group)Italy / NaplesEclectic pagan
6,184Giorgia FaranoItaliaEclectic pagan
6,183Mirca RizziItaly DianicWicca
6,182federica Invernizzi Italy pagan
6,181Francesco GiansantiItalystregoneria tradizionale, pantheon volsco/romano
6,180sarah aanerudUnited StatesEclectic
6,179Christopher PenczakUSATemple of Witchcraft
6,178Temple of Witchcraft (Organization)USATemple of Witchcraft
6,177Stephen KensonUSATemple of Witchcraft
6,176Jamie PetersUSAUU Pagan
6,175Dee PartridgeUnited KingdomDruid
6,174Рожкова АлександраRussiaЯзычница
6,173Alisiya LoranRussiaslavic paganism
6,172Эния ВелеславскаяМосква
6,171Ivan TorgashevRussiaведовство
6,170Игорь ЗолотухинРоссияЯзычество
6,169Aleksandr YanchenkoRussia
6,168Xochiquetzal Duti OdinsdottirUnited StatesHigh Priestess: Treebridge Tradition, Lyceum of the Wayfarer. Self-avowed Polytheist.
6,167Kirsa van ScheepenAustraliaeclectic
6,166John ChubbUnited StatesEclectic Discordian Druid
6,165David HugheIrelandConservation
6,164Micheal ThePlaneswalkerPaganistanEclectic
6,163Devin JonesUnited StatesEclectic
6,162Carlos SalmãoBrazilWicca
6,161Shaoran - Daniel PachoMexicoWicca Eclectica
6,160Joyful YesUSAEclectic
6,159Sam HUnited StatesEclectic multiple
6,158Kit Mason
6,157Brenda BassonSouth AfricaAgnostic
6,156Esmee WoolcombUnited KingdomPagan
6,155John Sherman-JonesUnited Statesspiritual anarchist
6,154leticia guedes teixeira de souzaBrazilpagan
6,153Anna Lisa CasatiITALYPantheism
6,152Rosali GouveiaBrazil
6,151Andrew McQueenAuatraliaCeltic polytheism
6,150José Luis MoralesColombiaWicca
6,149José GomesBrazil
6,148Selene EillenBrazilWicca
6,147Ederson CarvalhoBrazilWiccano
6,146Scott CohenUSAWicca
6,145Hardy LoubserSouth AfricaAgrarian Heathen
6,144eliane gonçalvesPortugal
6,143Alberich MorganBrasilTeresina
6,142Santiago Alarcón SernaColombia
6,141Samya BarbosaBrazil
6,140Ana Letícia ReisBrazilwicca
6,139Su JacobUSAearth shaman
6,138Belogortcev OlegRussiaЯ поддерживаю данную идею полностью и являюсь сторонником пантеизма.
6,137Cassio FreitasBrazilWicca
6,136Varia MoonUnited StatesDianic HPS
6,135Leonardo BorgesBrasilwicca
6,134Damon AidenBrasilClã de Arianrhod
6,133Maria Felicia RegaItaliaEclectic
6,132Libre Assemblée Païenne Francophone (Organization)FranceSeveral
6,131Aisling HeatherBrasil
6,130cornelia sulis corneliasulisBrazil
6,129Denise ChavesBrasil
6,128Murilo CostaBrazilWicca
6,127Sandra MarquesPortugal
6,126Francesco VoxItaliawicca
6,125Sandra BuseyUnited Stateseclectic/native American
6,124Marianna C.ItalyAvalon
6,123Felipe LimaBrazilWicca
6,122Riccardo Fabrizioitaly
6,121Kimm FayUSAShamanism
6,120Alexandre HahnBrasilIrmandade da Floresta
6,119Bona Dea (Group)PortugalPolytheism
6,118Henry NickelsenBrasilPagan
6,117Ricardo Mario GonçalvesBrazilBuddhist
6,116Cathie RayesUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
6,115Vera AlmeidaBrazil
6,114Cláudio GonçalinhoPortugalIberian Witchcraft
6,113Daniele LinharesBrazil
6,112RWP CommunityPortugalWicca
6,111Inês SoaresPortugalPagan
6,110José LopesPortugal
6,109Maria MonteiroPortugal
6,108Amber TonerUnited States
6,107Thorg da LusitaniaPortugalAsatru
6,106Isobel AndradePortugalWicca
6,105PFI Associação Cultural Pagã OrganizationPortugalWicca
6,104Marta KoziełPolandWitchcraft
6,103Eva OBrienUnited StatesSpiritual
6,102Lisa DollarUnited StatesReverent Earthling...
6,101L.J. WalterUnited StatesNondemoninational \ Druidic
6,100Encuentro Radio Radio España, México, VenezuelaPaganos
6,099Rev. Patricia KashareUSAUnited Centers for Spiritual Living
6, ComunityEspañaPagans
6, Pagan ShopSpainWicca
6,096Rebecca Yeager-PiazzaUnited States
6,095Marsha McDonald
6,094Kathy Austin
6,093Marietta van der WerffZimbabwePath of the Universal Shaman by don Oscar Miro-Quesada
6,092Blythe PelhamUSA
6,091Efimov ArtemRussion
6,090Kate IvanovaRussia
6,089Olga DatsyukRussia
6,088Gwen AtkinsonEngland
6,087Mikhail SolovyevRussia
6,086Isilmë IlcalassëEspañaWicca Correlliana
6,085Mónica MartínezEspaña
6,084Dulce Morgana Cid Mexico
6,083Patricia WoodruffUnited StatesStone Circle Wiccan and Panentheist
6,082Pavel KorolevRussia
6,081Vitoria KhramenkovaRussia
6,080Tatyana ShulgaKazakhstanSlavic pagan
6,079Екатерина ТимохинаRussia
6,078Eve BoylanSwitzerlandPachakuti mesa tradition
6,077Anna BravayaRussia
6,076Anna Bravaya
6,075Igor BogachevRussia
6,074Vitaliy ManannikovRussia
6,073Danielle CouilletUSA Earth-centered spirituality ,Basque , universal shamanism ( Pachakuti Mesa Tradition )
6,072Edie StoneUnited StatesCeltic Spirituality, Druidic,The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Universal Shamanism
6,071Morrigan WiccaMexicoWicca Celta
6,070Jean GuzmanPeruSeax Wica
6,069Juan EspinozaPeruSeax-Wica
6,068Sara C.ItalyNature.
6,067Fairy Art Ring FARIrelandShamanic ART Way
6,066Mary WiorUnited States
6,065Ayra AlseretEspañaWicca Nativista Correlliana
6,064Templo de Hécate (Organization / Correllian Wicca / Temple)SpainCorrellian Wicca
6,063Jessica SanguettoliItalia
6,062Kurt GriffithUnited StatesNative American / Lakota
6,061Sondra HarnesUSAChristian
6,060Ciaran BonesUnited KingdomHumanistic Pagan
6,059Ricarda SepanGermany-
6,058FABIO ROSSIItalia
6,057Malatesta Mauroitaliafree spirituality
6,056Angela HendricksonUnited States
6,055Becca LeQuereUsaPagan
6,054Ilaria RiccitelliItaly
6,053Daniele PerlatoItaly
6,052Andrea Osella ItaliaDruidism
6,051Raffaella Matarrese Italia
6,050John DenkUnited States
6,049C. Dana EvansUSA Earthspirit Community
6,048Jacopo Paruzza Druido Italia
6,047Salvatore AzzolinaItaly
6,046Carolina Bedeschi ItaliaWicca
6,045Serena Marenziitaliawiccan
6,044Charity O'Donnell U.SPagan
6,043Jane perkinsaustraliaspiritial
6,042patrick ricetti
6,041Lucia ArenaitaliaDruidismo
6,040Templo Dragón (Organization / Correllian Wicca / Temple)MexicoWicca Correlliana
6,039Richard Joseph RelanoPhilippinesWicca
6,038Valerio ColomboItaly
6,037Opus Aima Obscurae (Pagan Temple & Farm)United StatesEastern Hellenistic: Neopagan, Hindu, Thelema, etc.
6,036Mark BigelowUnited States
6,035cristina torre
6,034Daniele TomeiItalyAsatrù
6,033Nichole BrunkUnited States
6,032Alessandro DruettoItalia
6,031Adriana MarmolejoMexico
6,030Sara GamberoniItalyDruidism
6,029Inácio PradaGalizawitch
6,028Bonnie LeeUnited States
6,027Lara RoggeroItalyDruidry
6,026Morwen Two FeathersU.S.Pagan
6,025Dan GoodfellowUnited KingdomDruidry
6,024Kim AdamsUnited Stateseclectic, non-wiccan
6,023Ossian D'AmbrosioItalyDruidry
6,022Cecilia AstolfiItalyWitchcraft
6,021Jonathan BollingerUnited StatesPagan
6,020Antonio CarboneItaliapagan
6,019Maggie LeeUnited StatesNaturalistic paganism - PaGaian Cosmology
6,018Candy (Milseain) Trevino USAPagan Celtic Witch
6,017Amy Luna ManderinoUSA
6,016lexi prater USA pagan green witch
6,015Amanda GentryUSA
6,014Carol DiederickUSAEclectic Witch
6,013Dawn FlattUSA
6,012Dawn FlattUSA
6,011Jennifer LestatUnited States
6,010Seana LamotheUSA
6,009Robert KeimUnited StatesEarth-Centered
6,008Bradley BennettUnited StatesPagan
6,007Amethyst RayneUnited StatesSolitary
6,006Ben MalloyUnited States
6,005Patti JenningsUnited StatesPagan
6,004Tony RellaUnited StatesWitchcraft
6,003JoAnn BeaudoinUnited StatesPagan
6,002Ghost Orchid Grove (Group)United States
6,001Amanda NobleAustralia Druid /Greenwitch
6,000Andrew ThriftAustraliaDruid
5,999Ann HarrisonUSA
5,998Amy ShelbyUnited StatesEclectic solitary
5,997Douglas TimmUnited States
5,996Lauren TaborUSAHellenistic
5,995Jason LabbeUnited States
5,994Kimberly LabbeUnited StatesSolitary
5,993Severin SpiritwolfusaEclectic Wiccan witch
5,992James HarringtonUnited StatesChurch of All Worlds
5,991Christine BergerUnited States
5,990Mark O'SullivanIrelandGreen healer
5,989Amanda JonesUSAEclectic Solitary Cottage
5,988Susan KeirUnited States
5,987'Madame Butterfly' Michelle DevlinCanadaI am one who is connected to the butterflies, birds and bees of the world, one who hears the messages from the animal and fauna worlds - a Pagan yes, a White Witch who beseeches all to adhere to this promise to do all we can to protect our sacred Earth!
5,986Susan KoenigUSAWiccan
5,985ellyn edwardsAustraliauniversal
5,984Janine BöhlGermanypantheist
5,983Wendy WIlsonUnited StatesEclectic Wicca
5,982sarah reidUSAsolitary/panthiest
5,981Conrad BeallUnited States
5,980Living Earth Congregational Pagan Church and Open Circle OrganizationUnited Statesunited Pagans
5,979David E. Wikoff Sr.United StatesPagan
5,978Lourdes MenesesVenezuela
5,977Darrin PedderUnited Kingdomhedge shaman
5,976Sarah Combsusa
5,975Xiao RongUSA
5,974Irina MaslennikovaRussia
5,973Lisa BaldusUnited States
5,972Dan FireheartUnited States
5,971Deb ReedUnited StatesGoddess spirituality
5,970Twana O'BERRYUnited States
5,969joseph mclaneUnited StatesWichita/familial
5,968Kelly Rainesusa
5,967Karen EhrlichUnited States
5,966Janice CollinsUnited StatesReclaiming
5,965Suzanne Bessent-RothwellUnited KingdomPagan
5,964Cynthia Hamblin-PerryUSASolitary
5,963Darleen AragonUnited StatesWitchcraft
5,962Theadeaus ShafferUnited StatesBrahmist
5,961Becky Shrimpton uk
5,960Alexis GordonUnited States of America
5,959Karen BrownUnited StatesCeltic Draconia
5,958Courtney ImholtUnited StatesWiccan, Ordained Minister
5,957Carlos RodriguezVenezuela
5,956Annika GarrattUnited KingdomPantheist
5,955Kym grimmus pagan witch
5,954Chris SheltonUnited StatesEclectic
5,953Jacqueline ClarkUnited StatesAll paths are one.
5,952Nofi Barak
5,951David ZunkerCanadaGoddess Primary eclectic, aka Isispriest
5,950Laura J MacCanadaOptional
5,949James CatlinUnited StatesWiccan/Pagan/Discordian
5,948Jacinto SergentVenezuela
5,947Claudia Brookfield-CogleyUnited States
5,946Susan WalshUnited States Witch
5,945Deryk LakatosUnited StatesHeathen
5,944Sandra GordonUnited States
5,943carmen cruzVenezuela
5,942Анна КрашникРоссиявикка
5,941Carl TillisUnited StatesDruid
5,940Giampaolo GianeseItalyWiccan - TempleOfAra
5,939Juho DahlmanFinlandÁsatrú
5,938Ashley TidwellUSA
5,937Sarah ChalfinUnited States
5,936Cindy Bidwell GlazeUSAIfa (African indigenous)
5,935Peter DeanEnglandPagan
5,934Soror AMSWUnited StatesKemetic/Ceremonial Magician
5,933Susan SandersUnited States
5,932Per Akhet Kemetic Temple GroupUnited StatesKemetic
5,931Amy SimeisterUnited StatesHeather Broom, Hedge Witch Healer
5,930Victoria CallejaUSAPagan
5,929Jennie JohnstonCanada
5,928Domenica HolmesUSAEclectic Wicca
5,927Susan SimpsonUnited StatesSolitary Witch
5,926Jorge AureVenezuela Spiritualist
5,925Verna LynchUnited Statessolitary witch
5,924Garry ShawEnglandWicca
5,922Megan EvansUnited States
5,921joel schonbrunnUnited StatesFoDLA Grove of the Bay
5,920Claire Chuck BohmanUsaReclaiming and Interfaith
5,919Stachia ChadwickUSA
5,918Kris BradleyUnited StatesWitch
5,917Kristen MartinUSAUnitarian Universalist
5,916Jordana DiazPanamaPagan
5,915Raven FabalUnited StatesJust Pagan
5,914patricia JonesUnited statesCeltic Pagan
5,913Gisela BaldaUnited State
5,912Julie Quinn-HuffmanUSAEclectic
5,911Alex ThomasonUnited Kingdom
5,910Олеся ЗинюкУкраина
5,909Jeri JonesUnited States
5,908Alix SalasVenezuela
5,907Chris WilsonUnited States
5,906Lisa WilsonUnited States
5,905Tanya yowusawicca
5,904bob lindellUnited States
5,903Jareth GoderisUnited StatesDiscordian
5,902Nicholas KempinUnited StatesHellenic Polytheist
5,901Jesse Shipley United States of America Ásatrú
5,900Kathe WaltersUnited StatesNROOGD
5,899Meg WaffUnited Statesmy own
5,898Joyce DrummondUnited States
5,897Amy GiguereUnited States
5,896irene garnerUnited States
5,895Catherine HenryUnited StatesHeathen
5,894Tracy TiwebemalUnited StatesWiccan
5,893Anastasia LacrimaUkraineEclectic
5,892Jeremy ReynoldsUnited States
5,891Lynda GoldingCanadaWicca
5,890Daniel WirthUnited States
5,889Thrullas HannasUnited StatesNorse Wiccan
5,888Carolee JacksonUnited StatesWitch
5,887George WhitneyUnited StatesEclectic
5,886Cassandra Weiss United States Solitary Eclectic
5,885laurie lacrosseUnited States
5,884Andrew GeroU.S.A.Wiccan
5,883Richard Wolfe IIIUnited States of America
5,882Rhonda WertzUSA
5,881Ellen WaffUnited StatesDruid
5,880Sara JosephUSA
5,879Maria WanderUSAAssembly of the Sacred Wheel
5,878Em NormanUSAEclectic Green Witch
5,877Pearl Fraley usa
5,876Angela MooreUnited Stateswiccan
5,875Anna WrightUnited States
5,874traci fitzsimmonsUnited Stateswiccan
5,873Frances BentonUnited Stateswitch
5,872Sam ShryockUnited StatesPagan
5,871Paula ParkerUnited StatesEclectic
5,870Pamela GeorgeUnited States
5,869Katrina HornungUnited States
5,868Michele HarcourtUnited States
5,867M.K. GenevaUnited States
5,866Stacey Le Roy-DysonNew ZealandAsatru
5,865Patricia MorganUnited States
5,864Holly KnissUnited StatesWiccan
5,863Rhiannon Watters
5,862Kunni bienerUSAunitarian universalist
5,861lisa harper-foxUnited Kingdom
5,860simon greenerengland
5,859Emanuel AfonsoPortugal
5,858Iris FirebirdUSANative American green Witch/ Priestess of Life
5,857lisa langstonUnited StatesEclectic
5,856Andy BurnsUnited StatesNative American Shamanic
5,855Suzanna WilliamsUnited StatesDruid
5,854Christopher GarciaUnited States
5,853Rachel PlattUnited States
5,852Marietta Williams (Witchy Words)United StatesEclectic Pagan Witch
5,851Vincent J DeFeo JrUnited States
5,850Nancy CriswellUSAEclectic Pagan
5,849Sandra StevensUnited States
5,848Maria MeyerUnited States
5,847Heather HarperNew Zealand
5,846Jeanne GraysonUSAAgnostic
5,845Barbara SmithUnited States
5,844heather marcusUnited States
5,843Sara BlauerEclatic
5,842shannon collierUnited StatesRavenwood
5,841Joseph DeNagyUSAAsatru
5,840Michael R. GormanUnited StatesDruidry
5,839Miriam MonroeUnited Statespantheist
5,838Abbey of Avalon (Abbey of Avalon)USAGoddess Spirituality
5,837Wisdom Circle of So. California (Wisdom Circle of So. California)USAGoddess Spirituality
5,836Eric Leventhal ArthenUSAEarthSpirit Community
5,835Brandi Jo PlasterUnited States
5,834phyllis brothersUnited Statespagain
5,833Amy SecrestUnited StatesHeathen
5,832Allan RamosUnited StatesNative American Spirituality/Shamanism
5,831Donna foust-criteriaUSA
5,830Barbara PeszUnited StatesSolidarity Pagan
5,829Waning Moon Circle groupUnited Stateseclectic Pagan
5,828Glenda ParcellUSApagan
5,827June ZennerUnited States
5,826Grey CatsidheUSADruid, ADF
5,825Dr Deb BelcherUSAPagan
5,824Bob FisherUSAUnitarian Universalist
5,823Mykal BrowneUnited States
5,822Jenn Dallos
5,821Teresa WinterUnited KingdomWiccan
5,820Mac SintesUSsolitary witch
5,819Tracy WrightUnited States
5,818Thirza JunkisonUnited Kingdom
5,817Deborah Mendez-BlaauwUnited Kingdom Solitaire European
5,816Carla woolfenglandnature lover
5,815Emma KeilEnglandSolitary Eclectic
5,814Lucie CullenEnglandSpiritualist
5,813libby brooksunited kingdomPagen
5,812Caroline Brooks England Solitary Eclectic.
5,811Janet HaddockUnited KingdomPagan/Wicca
5,810marie daviesUnited KingdomPagan
5,809Lynda FischerUnited States
5,808Erika PollakIsraelEcclectic
5,807Barbara WilczewskiUnited StatesSpiritualist
5,806William WelshAustraliaWicca
5,805Jennifer BrandleUnited Stateseclectic
5,804Ivo Dominguez JrUSAWiccan
5,803The Assembly Of The Sacred WheelUSAWiccan
5,802Robert Lopez USAPagan
5,801Gaia Community Unitarian Universalist (church)USAUnitarian Universalist Pagan
5,800Natalya Bernstein
5,799Hazel HillCanadaOBOD Member - Druid
5,798Marlana ZahnowUnited Statessolitaire eccletic
5,797Kimberly BeamUnited States
5,796victoria colesUnited Kingdom
5,795kathleen jordanUnited Kingdomirish catholic/pagan
5,794Alison SkeltonCanadaWicca/Shamanism
5,793Kim WalkerUnited StatesWiccan
5,792Melissa MickelsonUnited StatesEclectic
5,791Shelly FryUnited States
5,790Anette LasnEstoniaEclectic
5,789donna cheathamUnited Stateswitch]
5,788Denise NortmanUnited Stateswiccan
5,787Kayla AtkinsUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
5,786Katherine Babcock USAPagen
5,785Jill PersinosUnited States
5,784G MatharuSweden
5,783Ruth St.MarieUnited States
5,782J LeesUKCeltic Wiccan
5,781Shawna Mudaly United States
5,780Jill HansenUnited States
5,779Lisa PottsUSAWiccan
5,778Margaret ParkerUnited StatesWiccan
5,777Amanda GillettAustraliaPagan
5,776Jeffrey HavelockUnited KingdomWicca
5,775timmie smith
5,774jocelyn walkerUnited States
5,773Emily ShifferUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
5,772Bruce GerrardUnited States
5,771Robert MorrisUnited StatesAsatru
5,770Tawnia freemanUnited States
5,769angela wiesermanusadruid
5,768Ronda HagenUSA
5,767Heidi (Falcana) BitsuiUnited StatesEclectic Pagan (Cernunica)
5,766layla friedmanusa
5,765Pyromancer JackUnited Kingdom
5,764Simone SmithUnited StatesPantheistic
5,763trace petersonaustraliaeclectic
5,762Kyle CaporgnoUnited StatesWicca
5,761Randy FosterCanada
5,760tammy diego usapagan/wiccan
5,759Laura WilsonUSAWiccan
5,758Victoria SelnesUSADruidic
5,757Penny PotterUnited States
5,756vincent paganUnited Statespagan / wiccan
5,755Arnoldo MagañaMexico
5,754Natalia omUkraine
5,753Timothy ClayUnited StatesWiccan
5,752Alexa CanellUSAWiccan
5,751Steven SouthworthUnited KingdomNeo-Pagan
5,750Lori KrahnUSDianic
5,749Sandra Walus United Statespagan
5,748Cynthia HughesUSWiccan
5,747Angela BavarUnited StatesWiccan
5,746Mariah ShepherdUnited States
5,745Chelle SchlakeUnited StatesDruid
5,744Diane Awenydd-EvansUnited StatesAssembly of the Sacred Wheel
5,743Amy Cummings-AponteUSA
5,742Gina AUSADruid
5,741Cierra GriffinUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
5,740Shawn O'Day (Temple of Athena)United StatesDianic Wiccan
5,739Bonnie GirardUnited States
5,738Ellie Ursula HaltonUnited KingdomPantheist
5,737Sherry HarrisCanadaI am a natural pagan, i believe in Mother Earth .
5,736Julie WorsleyEngland
5,735Bochkarev DenisRussia
5,734Elhgar LodursonUkraineBhakti
5,733Melissa Johnson USA
5,732kim currierUnited StatesWiccan / Eclectic
5,731Cheri GoerkeUnited States
5,730Jennifer MadewellUnited StatesEclectic Pagan
5,729Wendy RobbinsUSAWiccan
5,728tiffany livelyUnited States
5,727Lisa GugarUSA
5,726Louise RaeNew Zealand
5,725Sara MiguelUnited StatesEclectic
5,724Wendy PattersonCanadaEclectic solitary
5,723lauri covilleUnited States
5,722Lorenzo MartinezUnited StatesCeltic Traditionalist/Luciferian
5,721Jeanne WalkerUnited States
5,720Bobby VarsalonaUnited StatesStregerhia
5,719Murray Lynes
5,718Robin TalleyUnited Statespagan witch
5,717Sue MonktonUnited Kingdom
5,716Betty Jean SmithUSAWiccan
5,715Polydoros SiligardosUnited Kingdom
5,714Wendy StankevichUnited StatesGranny Mountain Witch
5,713Chloe WebbEnglandWicca
5,712Kriss GrossUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
5,711Michael DornUnited StatesOrder of the Crane
5,710Heather Munro
5,709Annie MooreCanadamy own path
5,708Joseph CiliaMaltaDruid
5,707Brigid BarnerCanadaBlood and Bone Traditional Witch
5,706Morgan MacKenzieUnited StatesEclectic Wiccan
5,705Corvia BlackthornUnited States
5,704Debbie SearsUSA
5,703Tara JordanUnited States
5,702Jodi BarrUnited States
5,701Laurel RobbinsUnited StatesEclectic
5,700Nigel WardUnited StatesElectic Wicca
5,699Samantha ElizabethUnited StatesPagan
5,698Ben (Moonchild of Orcamoon) HowmanAustraliaOrcamoon and Orcamoon Wicca
5,697Tammy PriestUnited StatesHereditary Witch
5,696pagan community groupCanadawiccian
5,695Isabel GonzalezMexico
5,694 Justin BellUSA
5,693Angelica WeberUnited States
5,692Bobby RichU.S.
5,691Joaquin WindhamUSAGaianist
5,690Gina foardusawiccan
5,689Laura PerryUnited States
5,688Jacqueline SeymourScotlandSpiritual
5,687Evelina RønnesethNorway
5,686Chris WadeUnited StatesPagan
5,685David Ivan FordSouth AfricaLucerferian
5,684Gaia WaterlowAustraliaEmpath
5,683Ryan GiesingerCanadaWiccan
5,682Elizabeth Allen United States
5,681Olga BajorUSpagan
5,680Laurence FausoldUnited StatesPagan
5,679Shanti MaffeyUnited States
5,678Stephenie StalcupUnited StatesPagan
5,677norma lamersonUnited StatesPagan
5,676Helena Dolores Garces GarmendiaMéxico
5,675Kevin LaFluerUnited StatesPagan / Green Witch
5,674Erin MadsenUSA
5,673samantha robertsUnited States
5,672Anastasia BaranovaRwandaWicca
5,671Julian SouthwickUnited States
5,670Three Cranes Grove, ADF Ar nDraiocht FeinInternationalDruidry
5,669Steve PaquetteCanada
5,668KYRA ZANDBERGUnited States
5,667Jackie ShawUnited StatesPagan
5,666Albert CurtisUnited StatesHeathenry with leaning to Buddhist philosophy
5,665Galina KrasskovaUSApolytheist, Heathen
5,664Heather ReedUnited States
5,663Olivia VazquezMexicopagan
5,662Jessica LaReauUnited StatesGaianist Free Church
5,661Alan LeddonUnited StatesCeltic Reconstructionist
5,660Cheryl hackUnited Statesceltic Taoism
5,659Joel MilanUSASecular Amerindian Hindu-Buddhist Pagan
5,658Anastasia SproxtonRussia
5,657Joaquin WindhamU.S.A.Gaian
5,656Deborah StopyakUnited StatesWiccan
5,655chrystian gurski
5,654Phillip Yacovella
5,653JoAnne WoodworthUnited States
5,652Moon DancerU.S. Green Witch
5,651Deborah KnutsenUSAPanthiest
5,650Mary HockettUnited StatesPagan
5,649Oscar SánchezMexicoWicca
5,648Alberta RichardsAustraliapagan
5,647stu vickarsCanada
5,646Heather CunninghamUSAWitch
5,645terry sadler usaearth based
5,644Bernadine Gillette USA
5,643Rycharde WeyUnited States
5,642Aaron JohanUKBeyond all grouping
5,641Kitty Roxanna ConnellUSASolitary
5,640Ashley SmithUSAWiccan
5,639Amber CareyUSA
5,638Marco Antonio Meza CaballeroMexicoCeltic Wicca
5,637Katrina ManisUnited StatesNROOGD
5,636Sarah JacksonLos Lunas Heathen,pagan and more.
5,635Stacy CareyUnited States
5,634fawn whitleyUnited StatesSolitary witch
5,633Tara KrugUSA
5,632Krista MurrayUnited Stateskitchen witch
5,631Richard DalleeUnited StatesGreen Witch
5,630Patrycja CesnulevicieneUnited Kingdom
5,629Ecopagan GroupukPagan
5,628Roxy McCuskerScotland
5,627kevin gambleUnited StatesEclectic witch/pagan
5,626Michelle PearseIrelandWiccan
5,625Andrey ForestshadeUkraineThelema
5,624Valerie GurleyUSAWicca
5,623Davide RossiItalyDruid
5,622Anton GruzdevRussiaShamanism/Wicca
5,621kendra rocapusa
5,620Andreea SirbuCanada
5,619Laura KreschUSA
5,618Debra GrantUnited StatesEclectic Grey Witch
5,617stephanie woolfUnited Kingdom
5,616Penny Hummelusadruid
5,615Eve EveRussiawicca
5,614Jule BathersonCanada
5,613Nici DeGouveiaUKWitch/Pagan
5,612Teresa Williamsonusa
5,611Jonas De Souza BrazilWicca
5,610Barbara PrattUnited StatesWicca
5,609Polina Sividova
5,608Jane Karen Jones United Kingdom
5,607Peter VaczovskyUnited StatesWicca
5,606Nicole CruzUSA
5,605Anastasiya KlymenkoRussiaVicca
5,604Carol DennePanama
5,603Ann KorolevskaUkraine
5,602Olga VolodinaRussia
5,601anastasia liushynaUkrainewitch
5,600Tret'yakova NastyaRussia
5,599Clair Fox